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2018-01-03 06:27:34 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

2018-01-03 06:27:40 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

What's up

2018-01-03 06:28:17 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

What's the signals channel for?

2018-01-03 06:28:25 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm new to the crypto thing.

2018-01-03 06:28:43 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Currently mining AEON

2018-01-03 06:29:51 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

another one?

2018-01-03 06:30:42 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Are those normie servers? I'm gonna stick to /ourguy/ channels only on my account

2018-01-03 06:30:48 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-03 06:31:14 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-03 06:31:20 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'll stay here

2018-01-03 06:32:21 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

do you guys know a lot about crypto stuff?

2018-01-03 06:32:37 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I was thinking about buying some Ripple when I get the chance.

2018-01-03 06:35:01 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

That's what I was hoping. I don't have the kind of funds to invest in something like Monero that has already gone up a ton

2018-01-03 06:36:49 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I see

2018-01-03 06:36:55 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Sounds like a daytrading type of deal

2018-01-03 06:37:10 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-03 06:37:19 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

That's insane

2018-01-03 06:37:40 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@Deleted User its really that effective?

2018-01-03 06:38:05 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I can't decide what trading site I should get on (like coinbase or whatever). Suggestions? Has to be a place I can get Ripple tho

2018-01-03 06:39:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Yeah it definitely seems like Ripple is a long term thing. I think it has a chance to go mainstream. Especially since those Japanese banks or whatever are involved

2018-01-03 06:39:34 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Ah yeah I heard

2018-01-03 06:41:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-03 06:43:07 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

on coinbase should I use a bank account or debit card

2018-01-03 06:45:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  
2018-01-03 06:46:02 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

just scanned my ID and waiting on confirmation

2018-01-03 06:46:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I have that app

2018-01-03 06:47:52 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

oy vey

2018-01-03 06:49:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'll use the link

2018-01-03 06:49:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

who is it

2018-01-03 06:56:00 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-03 07:22:17 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Let's hope liberals take this investment advice to heart.

2018-01-03 23:01:45 UTC [BOWL COIN #binance]  

Thats your ref right

2018-01-03 23:01:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #binance]  

I still need to set up my account

2018-01-03 23:33:26 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm on my second attempt of trying to get coinbase to accept pictures of my drivers license

2018-01-03 23:33:28 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

what the fuck dude

2018-01-03 23:34:10 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

whats coinsmarkets

2018-01-03 23:35:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Is coinbase usually this much of a pain in the ass about the verification thing

2018-01-03 23:36:18 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I tried the thing where it just asks your information including SSN stuff, and it said "Cannot find you because you have no public records" or something. And its like, yeah, I know, just how I like it. But how do I into coinbase lol

2018-01-04 03:36:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

is gatehub a shitty exchange

2018-01-04 03:36:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm sick of fucking waiting on coinbase

2018-01-04 03:38:17 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

are they going to require some ridiculous identity verification also?

2018-01-04 03:38:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

and can I get Ripple on that?

2018-01-04 03:39:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I already signed up on binance tho so I guess it doesn't matter

2018-01-04 03:45:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

yeah I sent it to them last night, a picture of my ID, and they said they couldn't verify and to try again. I sent it again today and haven't heard back

2018-01-04 03:45:40 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

fucking annoying. meanwhile Ripple is mooning

2018-01-04 04:06:20 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Just signed up for Gemini

2018-01-04 04:06:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Hopefully they do a better job

2018-01-04 04:06:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm getting real tired of giving my personal info to every exchange on the planet and no results

2018-01-04 04:07:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Fuckin a

2018-01-04 04:09:18 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Apparently CoinMama doesn't require identity verification up to a certain amount but they charge 6.15% fee per transaction and a 5% fee on debit card

2018-01-04 04:10:00 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Are those fees high?

2018-01-04 04:10:22 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Seems that way

2018-01-04 04:12:55 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-04 05:11:03 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-04 05:20:01 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  

I don't think so.

2018-01-04 05:20:11 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  

Others on here will probably know more though

2018-01-04 05:20:38 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  

That's what I've been told aswell

2018-01-04 05:25:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  

XMRig stack is way better than minergate bro

2018-01-04 06:00:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Have you guys looked at Enigma?

2018-01-04 09:42:00 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-04 20:05:42 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-04 21:10:00 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

everything is delayed its a complete shitshow

2018-01-04 21:10:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that is fucking pointless to watch the markets right now cause I can't even get into an exchange

2018-01-04 22:02:16 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  
2018-01-05 00:48:03 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Do you guys think Bitcoin will go back up and hit $20,000?

2018-01-05 13:18:01 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

this is why it was wolf of wall street not gash of wall street my dudes 😂

2018-01-07 08:49:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

holy fuck bitcoin is up to over 16k again

2018-01-07 08:50:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I hope it dips when I'm ready to buy

2018-01-07 08:50:37 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

etherium is over 1k damn

2018-01-07 08:50:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

maybe people are right about it maybe going to 50k

2018-01-07 20:03:32 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Who is @newbowl ? ✋

2018-01-08 07:55:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-08 07:55:45 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

get a load of this guy

2018-01-08 07:55:49 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

styx is that you?

2018-01-08 07:55:57 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

dont summon a demon on me bro

2018-01-08 07:56:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

🤔 might b 2 spooky 4 me

2018-01-08 07:59:04 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-08 07:59:48 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

idk he better be careful with that edge, looks sharp

2018-01-08 08:02:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-08 08:04:14 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-09 08:30:50 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Hey guys

2018-01-09 08:31:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm thinking about buying a fuckton of KIN

2018-01-09 08:31:12 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-09 08:31:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

If it goes to even 1 cent that would be a 10x

2018-01-09 18:33:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

What do you guys think about UFR

2018-01-09 21:55:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #signals]  

TRX is dipping.

2018-01-10 14:05:42 UTC [BOWL COIN #signals]  

I agree

2018-01-10 17:28:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Well, I did it. I'm officially no longer a nocoiner. Just bought $500 of ETH

2018-01-10 18:58:23 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

accurate as fuck lol

2018-01-10 18:59:09 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I have to wait 8 friggin days to get my ETH from Coinbase

2018-01-10 18:59:16 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

fuckin a

2018-01-10 20:07:28 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Will do

2018-01-10 20:41:48 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

What does all this spiking mean? Seems kinda odd but idk. Its been fluctuating rapidly +/- 0.0001$ in the last several hours

2018-01-10 21:40:12 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Green line is dollars, yellow line is bitcoin

2018-01-10 21:40:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

The period in the picture is over a 10 hour period

2018-01-10 22:00:50 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@comcast Thats right

2018-01-10 22:01:09 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@FullMetalFash I'm at work lmao. And the coin is KIN

2018-01-10 22:03:28 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm gay for girls lol

2018-01-10 22:04:01 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@Deleted User stuck waiting on a bank transfer to get my ETH in 8 fuckin days lol

2018-01-11 04:20:43 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-11 05:56:19 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I fucking bought ETH before it dipped

2018-01-11 05:56:33 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-11 06:00:18 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Take a look everyone. This is a broken man.

2018-01-11 06:03:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-11 06:03:36 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-11 06:04:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I hope this dip keeps the shitcoins I have in mind down so I can invest before they moon

2018-01-11 06:09:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-11 06:46:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

The usual suspects strike again.

2018-01-11 20:36:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]

2018-01-11 20:36:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

>TFW you're gonna go all-in on shitcoins and hope for the best to take advantage of dip

2018-01-11 21:32:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  
2018-01-13 20:02:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

DeepButtCuck coin strikes again

2018-01-14 18:52:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  


2018-01-14 18:53:38 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

^you may want to take a look at that one y'all.

2018-01-14 22:45:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

it seems pretty stable tbh

2018-01-15 07:06:23 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

@Deleted User will ETH pump?

2018-01-15 07:06:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

that's all I have right now

2018-01-15 07:06:47 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

shit isn't liquid yet

2018-01-15 07:07:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

still waiting on coinbase bank transfer thing, I should get my ETH on the 18th

2018-01-15 07:07:11 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

5k damn

2018-01-15 07:07:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

I was thinking about getting into a few ICOs actually.

2018-01-15 07:09:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]  

Okay will do thanks!

2018-01-15 07:44:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

what do you think raiblocks will be eoy?

2018-01-15 07:45:03 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

cause what I'm noticing is that the supply is low

2018-01-15 07:45:08 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

which I figure is good

2018-01-15 07:45:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

but the market cap is $3billion which isn't small

2018-01-15 07:47:09 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

What about this one?

2018-01-15 07:47:43 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

even smaller supply, only $28mil market capitalization, and only $0.37

2018-01-15 08:02:33 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'll take it

2018-01-16 00:39:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #wojacks]

2018-01-16 14:59:36 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm so rustled, if I had just waited to buy ETH...

2018-01-16 18:16:47 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Is Raiblocks (XRB) a good investment right now during this huge dip? If it rebounded to its ATH that would be about a 2x increase.

2018-01-16 21:58:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-16 21:58:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

holy fuck look at ETH right now its $946 on coinbase

2018-01-16 21:59:14 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

If it goes below 900 I'll have no choice but to buy more

2018-01-16 22:28:11 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

ETH at $860 and dropping holy fuck @everyone THIS IS NOT A DRILL

2018-01-16 22:56:50 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Just dropped $200 on perfectly timed buy for ETH. Got it at $891 and now its going back up. Feels good man.

2018-01-17 14:03:46 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-17 14:03:55 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

<:pinkwojack:401275495045398529> <:pinkwojack:401275495045398529> <:pinkwojack:401275495045398529> <:pinkwojack:401275495045398529> <:pinkwojack:401275495045398529>

2018-01-17 14:09:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Eth... its... its gonna come back... r-right goys? 😂

2018-01-17 22:13:16 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

watching BTC and ETH climb

2018-01-18 11:28:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I still cant believe actual people got advice from this lmao

2018-01-19 15:51:39 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm going all in on ChainLink guys.

2018-01-19 15:52:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

The project looks really solid and seems to be one of the few alt coins besides the big boys like ETH/XMR with an actual use case

2018-01-19 15:52:57 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

In fact I think this could be a big deal in the future

2018-01-20 22:10:12 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-20 22:10:25 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

t h e f i r e r i s e s

2018-01-21 05:39:45 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Listen guys

2018-01-21 05:40:21 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

🅱 ecome L I N K M A R I N E S

2018-01-21 05:40:32 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-23 05:14:30 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Well, I did it boys.

2018-01-23 05:14:37 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I went ALL IN on ChainLink.

2018-01-23 05:28:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'll have you know

2018-01-23 20:46:11 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-23 21:13:13 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-24 18:18:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-24 18:18:52 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-24 18:18:57 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-26 21:36:02 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  


2018-01-27 23:16:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-27 23:16:56 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-28 02:07:55 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-01-28 02:08:19 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

From /biz/

2018-01-28 02:09:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

The document I linked to was filed yesterday

2018-01-28 02:11:16 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

This could be a big deal for ChainLink

2018-01-28 02:11:44 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up.

2018-01-28 02:12:44 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I think this project is going places. I currently don't hold any LINK because I'm trying to chase a moon mission or two so I can buy a bigger stack of LINK. That's gonna be my long-term bet.

2018-01-28 02:14:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

By the way, February 16th might also be a big day for ChainLink, as Sergey Nazarov is going to be speaking at the bitcoin conference

2018-01-28 02:26:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Yeah lol

2018-01-28 02:26:32 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-28 02:26:39 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Trump was memed pretty hard on 4chan too my dudes

2018-01-29 02:06:38 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Its always good to be first on something. I've been looking at WISPR. Its not even on coinmarketcap yet.

2018-01-29 02:06:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Very nice use case as well.

2018-01-29 14:47:07 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-01-29 21:33:39 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

That supply is fuckin ridiculous

2018-02-01 13:25:44 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-01 13:26:12 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Good opportunity to get this at half the price I bought it at AAAAAAAAAAA

2018-02-01 13:26:15 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-02 12:07:28 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>wake up
>kinda hungover
>see this

2018-02-02 12:07:32 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-02 13:07:45 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-03 01:25:52 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-03 01:31:21 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I'm pretty mad tbh fam. I used new altcoins to daytrade my way from 0.59 ETH up to 0.71 ETH over the course of about 5 days and then made one wrong move and lost all the gains and then some. Now I have 0.45 <:pinkwojack:401275495045398529> I'll get it back. Thats the last time I trust a shitcoin with a 12 billion supply. What was I thinking? Learned my lesson.

2018-02-03 01:31:35 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

ARY only has 63 mil in circulation

2018-02-03 01:31:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>scary arys

2018-02-03 02:50:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@comcast It was on Kucoin and there aren't stop loss orders on that exchange. Sucks.

2018-02-03 18:35:18 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-04 18:40:48 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I thought garlic coin was for reddit

2018-02-04 22:05:57 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Guys the market is a fucking shoah right now

2018-02-04 22:05:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Feels bad man.

2018-02-05 01:43:36 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

well shit, is it still profitable to mine?

2018-02-05 03:54:44 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Its bad.

2018-02-05 03:55:10 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-02-05 03:55:37 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-05 03:56:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-02-05 04:04:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Arms too busy holding heavy bags to buy anything.

2018-02-06 02:02:24 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-06 02:02:55 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

So did you guys read the SEC chairman's statement on crypto that he's supposed to read at the hearing tomorrow?

2018-02-06 02:03:02 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

He talks positively of it

2018-02-06 02:05:16 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Jews know ahead of time of this
>Spread FUD
>Orchestrate a (((crash)))
>Wait until the SEC finishes their hearing
>Shekels pour in from (((institutional investors)))
>Bitcoin is accumulated at discount prices
>Price starts climbing
>Goyim FOMO back in
>Jews win again

2018-02-06 02:05:46 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-06 02:05:56 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I ain't selling shit.

2018-02-06 02:09:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

If I had the money I'd be buying. That's just me though. Idk. It could go lower. I just don't buy the whole "aaaaa crypto is kill" meme.

2018-02-06 02:10:07 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I do think the flippening between BTC and ETH could happen, though

2018-02-06 02:21:58 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-06 02:22:25 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

The way I see it, if you sell, someone is willing to buy. Think why they'd buy it if its "crashing to zero."

2018-02-06 02:23:42 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Also, regarding the flippening thing... at some point if BTC goes down below a certain price, won't it become basically impossible for any miner to make a profit, no matter how powerful their rig? And doesn't mining confirm transactions? So...

2018-02-06 02:24:53 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Personally I think ETH becoming the new king is inevitable.

2018-02-06 05:55:54 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-06 07:01:00 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

saw that live lol

2018-02-07 01:30:31 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Looks like its already rising goys

2018-02-07 01:30:51 UTC [BOWL COIN #mining]  


2018-02-09 05:00:52 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I know a guy who sold 9 ETH at fucking $688 😂

2018-02-09 20:32:33 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

please tell me none of you bought telcoin

2018-02-09 20:32:39 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

CEO is literally a nigger

2018-02-09 20:32:43 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

also has anyone seen these

2018-02-09 20:32:48 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]

2018-02-09 20:33:03 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>urg! biz say shiny rock go to 2 meat cloth

2018-02-09 20:33:17 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>now shiny rock 4 meat

2018-02-09 20:33:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>why trade shiny rock yesterday?

2018-02-09 20:37:19 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>big nose tribe cheated urok again

2018-02-10 17:48:51 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-10 17:48:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

is not mammoth market ug

2018-02-10 17:49:06 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

is sabre tooth market

2018-02-10 17:49:40 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

I no fall for long nose tribe tricks again

2018-02-10 18:45:21 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Sometimes its about the little everyday JUSTings

2018-02-10 18:45:38 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Bought ARY at 0.000258 ETH

2018-02-10 18:45:56 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Set sell order at 0.00028 ETH

2018-02-10 18:46:18 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Thanks to a huge wick on a green candle it goes through

2018-02-10 18:46:25 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Buy back at 0.000195

2018-02-10 18:46:34 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Think I'm all smart and shit

2018-02-10 18:46:41 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>It drops to 0.00018

2018-02-10 18:46:53 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

>Today its still at 0.00091

2018-02-10 18:46:56 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Fucks sake

2018-02-11 15:21:29 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-12 16:00:14 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

Thanks man

2018-02-14 13:50:19 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

(((J-Curve))) lol

2018-02-16 16:38:34 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  


2018-02-17 05:58:59 UTC [BOWL COIN #general]  

@ZFurg damn I heard about that, can you get it back?

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