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2019-01-15 01:06:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-03-17 22:00:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean, it's true, his name IS yoshikage kira.

2019-03-17 22:03:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But z, his name IS yoshikage kira.

2019-03-17 22:05:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean, he did stop doing it.

2019-03-17 22:05:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Unless I missed something

2019-03-17 22:05:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Nah, he's yoshikage kira, he's 33 years old.

2019-03-17 22:05:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

How could he be in kindergarten.

2019-03-17 22:05:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-17 22:06:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-17 22:06:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

He wasn't the one doing that.

2019-03-17 22:06:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

he did it once.

2019-03-17 22:07:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I was just stating facts, my dude. He wasn't the one spamming the copy pasta.

2019-03-17 22:08:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Oh my god, it's the REAL yoshikage Kira, age 33.

2019-03-17 22:10:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I can't wait to hear human sheeples robot voice.

2019-03-17 22:10:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Hahaha public complaints are "disrespectful"

2019-03-17 22:10:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean, most servers are happy to consider someone complaints in public, to show they actually do something about complaints.

2019-03-17 22:11:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

My fursona is citizen Z

2019-03-17 22:14:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I've been having serious conversations.

2019-03-17 22:14:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Especially with yoshikage Kira, age 33.

2019-03-17 22:16:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So, you know,

2019-03-17 22:16:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

My name is yoshikage Kira, I'm 33 years old

2019-03-17 22:16:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and I just broke my legs

2019-03-17 22:16:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Oof ouch ow my legs they hurt

2019-03-17 22:17:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

zombies are overused

2019-03-17 22:17:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I prefer more complex forms of horror

2019-03-17 22:19:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฌ ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ท

2019-03-17 23:29:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฌ ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ท

2019-03-17 23:32:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฌ ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ท

2019-03-17 23:34:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I finally caught my first simple flips stream. He sat there staring at a legend of Zelda randomized while jacking off to furry horse porn, then accidentally stabbed his girlfriend with a knife, while jacking off. What a great entertainer he is!

2019-03-17 23:53:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yeah, I doubt Ross is a troll.

2019-03-17 23:54:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

They've done nothing to indicate they are a troll

2019-03-17 23:54:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And them coming from memeulous means nothing

2019-03-17 23:55:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I don't think Ross was in detention, but okay.

2019-03-17 23:55:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It's the one

2019-03-17 23:55:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The only

2019-03-17 23:55:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Sans "Nigeria" Undertale

2019-03-18 00:19:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-18 02:24:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'm actually trapped inside a cock, which is oblong @realFlatEarther

2019-03-18 03:25:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean, they are a robot /s

2019-03-18 03:33:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I want to suck Jewish peepee

2019-03-18 05:40:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Dead meme

2019-03-18 05:40:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And why are you awake, Z.

2019-03-18 05:41:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-18 05:41:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I assumed it was late for him because he has been online since like, 3:00 PM

2019-03-18 05:41:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

3:00 PM EST*

2019-03-18 06:45:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

"Most people don't understand how to suck my cock"
-human sheeple 2019

2019-03-18 06:46:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Wait so I can say it in quotes but not in a regular message

2019-03-18 06:46:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-18 06:47:25 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

If my friend is across the street, he's gay, because the street he's standing on is gay.

2019-03-18 06:47:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Easy solution to this argument.

2019-03-18 06:49:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I have an entire discord dedicated to worshipping my genitals.

2019-03-18 06:49:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It's a religion

2019-03-18 06:49:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Based on my genitals

2019-03-18 06:49:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

On discord

2019-03-19 01:48:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'm free

2019-03-19 01:49:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

what are you, a boomer?

2019-03-19 01:51:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Boomer is a mindset, millennials can be boomers.

2019-03-19 05:16:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Smh @UltimateLifeformGappy you told me you were banned

2019-03-19 05:17:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Why were you banned

2019-03-19 05:19:04 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

They banned you...
For a math error

2019-03-19 05:19:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 05:19:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 05:19:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 05:20:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

How the hell can you get banned for a math error?

2019-03-19 05:20:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

That's the stupidest reason for a ban I've been ever heard.

2019-03-19 05:20:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

oh no

2019-03-19 05:20:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We have to ban him

2019-03-19 05:20:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 05:20:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We gotta put the dog down

2019-03-19 05:24:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 05:57:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-19 06:44:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

>New Zealand

2019-03-19 06:44:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Imagine thinking that place exists.

2019-03-19 06:45:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The only part of earth that exists is Polynesia

2019-03-19 11:32:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Disney man bad

2019-03-19 21:05:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The earth is earth shaped

2019-03-19 21:05:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Thank you Lancelot, very cool!

2019-03-19 21:05:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We all see that you play furry porn games now!

2019-03-19 21:05:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 02:41:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

What if I'm god

2019-03-20 02:41:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'm god, you're god

2019-03-20 02:41:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Me she we god

2019-03-20 02:41:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 02:41:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The study of god

2019-03-20 02:42:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Eh, I'm thinking of more like
The Greek void, as in chaos.

2019-03-20 02:44:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

If I remember correctly, you'd see the universe outside the black hole going super fast.

2019-03-20 02:44:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Because of how black holes work and stuff

2019-03-20 02:44:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It would most likely hurt

2019-03-20 02:44:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Honestly, an ice wall sounds kinda stupid. How could a wall of ice form perfectly around the edge of the earth?

2019-03-20 02:45:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So the government
Has enough water
To create a giant ice wall
Around the earth

2019-03-20 02:45:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Keep it from freezing

2019-03-20 02:45:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Stop anyone from seeing it

2019-03-20 02:45:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Using the navy or something

2019-03-20 02:45:49 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and then stop anyone from talking about it?

2019-03-20 02:45:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It sounds very, very unlikely.

2019-03-20 02:46:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

What if conspiracy theories are just the government diverting our attention from the real things they're doing /s

2019-03-20 02:48:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But we ARE aliens

2019-03-20 02:48:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Assuming aliens exist

2019-03-20 02:48:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We're aliens to them

2019-03-20 02:48:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The concept of an "alien" could even not exist to them

2019-03-20 02:49:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Their society could be totally different from ours, in such a way that a concept similar to aliens never existed

2019-03-20 02:49:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Alien races could even not have a concept of religion, politics, etc.

2019-03-20 02:49:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Because we aren't some universal standard for civilizations

2019-03-20 02:50:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

if they had the means to find us, they definitely would NOT be scared of us

2019-03-20 02:50:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

They'd have the ability to travel significantly faster than light

2019-03-20 02:51:04 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

They'd be way more advanced than us, and could probably drop nukes on us for fun if they wanted.

2019-03-20 02:51:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Maybe even bombs more powerful

2019-03-20 02:52:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I doubt there's any adults who thinks Santa and unicorns are real, or at least not a big portion of adults.

2019-03-20 02:52:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Though maybe the unicorn part in north korea

2019-03-20 02:53:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

because of government propaganda literally saying that they discovered unicorns

2019-03-20 04:12:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 04:13:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 04:13:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

*a carriage is starting to form in your view*

2019-03-20 04:13:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

*you regain some senses*

2019-03-20 04:13:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You're finally awake?"

2019-03-20 04:13:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I bet human sheeple didn't just get my epic skyrim joke

2019-03-20 04:14:10 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Scroll up, my boy

2019-03-20 04:14:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Also, I just listened to a song called "beating up ni**ers who sell fake crack"

2019-03-20 04:14:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And honestly I'm scared

2019-03-20 04:15:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It was like a dying chimpanzee trying to screech at its fellow brethren to run away

2019-03-20 04:15:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

but ends up screaming like a banshee

2019-03-20 04:15:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

While bashing it's head against drums

2019-03-20 04:15:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

With the occasional n word

2019-03-20 04:16:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The photos of earth have to be shopped, my guy. They have to stitch the photos together to make a good full photo of earth. You can't just take a picture of a big sphere and expect to get a really good view of it

2019-03-20 04:16:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Especially from orbit

2019-03-20 04:17:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  
2019-03-20 04:17:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 04:17:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean, if you have the resources to make your own space station

2019-03-20 04:18:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'm not acting nor joking

2019-03-20 04:18:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 04:18:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I wish that worked ):

2019-03-20 04:20:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You see, I'm not NASA

2019-03-20 04:20:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But if you want to make your own space ship that can fly beyond the earths orbit

2019-03-20 04:21:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and get pictures from a distance large enough to capture a full side of the earth

2019-03-20 04:21:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Be my guest

2019-03-20 04:21:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Some round fruit?

2019-03-20 04:22:05 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Like a blueberry

2019-03-20 04:22:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You know, blue.

2019-03-20 04:22:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Whoever pinged me is the homo

2019-03-20 04:23:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Good job, you caught the homo

2019-03-20 04:23:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You have it now

2019-03-20 04:23:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Haha kek

2019-03-20 04:24:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-20 04:24:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

None of that was duplicated but okay

2019-03-20 04:26:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The globe earth makes you believe in the flat earth which makes you believe in the globe earth which makes you subscribe to the sim earth theory which leads to the discovery of the cube earth theory which makes you a minecrafter. True government conspiracy

2019-03-20 04:28:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So, you know, there's something called a joke

2019-03-20 04:28:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Jokes don't make you a troll

2019-03-20 04:29:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Unless you're a humorless ape

2019-03-20 04:29:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

In which case I see why you'd dislike humor

2019-03-20 04:30:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I predicted it

2019-03-20 04:30:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The sim earth theory would lead to the cube earth theory

2019-03-20 04:30:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The prophet has come

2019-03-20 20:43:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Because you're gay

2019-03-20 20:44:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Next question

2019-03-21 03:24:22 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yes, because the Jews somehow made their way to east Asia, got to Japan without getting murdered, or sent back, and helped create the Japanese alphabet.

2019-03-21 03:24:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Sound logic right there

2019-03-21 03:24:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I see no flaws whatsoever

2019-03-21 20:46:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But uh
That line is planted

2019-03-21 20:46:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:46:22 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

That would indicate it's curved

2019-03-21 20:46:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:47:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But, why would the earth be flat, yet all the other planets not be flat?

2019-03-21 20:48:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Why would ONLY the earth be flat?

2019-03-21 20:48:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:48:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You didn't.

2019-03-21 20:48:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You just said "earth is different"

2019-03-21 20:48:24 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

That's not a reason

2019-03-21 20:48:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Why would earth form to be flat?

2019-03-21 20:48:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yet all other planets be round?

2019-03-21 20:49:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Just because earth has life doesn't mean it's completely different different.

2019-03-21 20:49:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Oh cool so we're denying gravity now.

2019-03-21 20:51:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So what's your explanation for magnets?

2019-03-21 20:52:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Magnets are metal

2019-03-21 20:52:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We can safely assume molten metal has similar properties to regular metal

2019-03-22 04:01:04 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Probably because nuclear war could destroy all those species

2019-03-22 04:01:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-22 04:02:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

well I mean, even if some things are fake, it's definitely obvious nukes do exist.

2019-03-22 04:02:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

How could Nagasaki or Hiroshima get destroyed like that?

2019-03-22 04:10:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So... The polish worked with hitler, China worked with Japan during WW2, and America worked with Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis?

2019-03-24 03:54:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Don't be stupid
Be a smarty
Come and join
The nazbol party

2019-03-24 03:55:51 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Don't talk to soldz, they have a contagious disease. It's called "big gay"

2019-03-24 03:55:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I bet soldz will agree

2019-03-24 03:56:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

!p I went back in time and voted for hitler

2019-03-24 03:57:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

He might, in fact, not be good

2019-03-24 03:57:49 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Ah yes, music brainwashed me into believing anarcho communism

2019-03-24 03:57:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Especially the anime songs.

2019-03-24 03:59:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

I got brainwashed into believing anarcho communism after I listened to panzerlied

2019-03-24 03:59:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

And fighting gold

2019-03-24 03:59:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Very sad

2019-03-24 03:59:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It's 12:00 where I live, liberal.

2019-03-24 04:00:05 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Did you know, soldz?

2019-03-24 04:00:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:00:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

I bet you remember me very much

2019-03-24 04:01:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Also, I totally got brainwashed by ACDC

2019-03-24 04:01:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

They told me about communism

2019-03-24 04:01:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

And forced me to be an atheist

2019-03-24 04:01:24 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Very much truth

2019-03-24 04:01:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Dude shut up

2019-03-24 04:02:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You're like, sucking up to the man, man,

2019-03-24 04:02:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Just like, wake up, dude.

2019-03-24 04:02:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

I was the favorite

2019-03-24 04:02:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Soldz loved me so much they never unbanned me from Feminism isn't a bad word

2019-03-24 04:03:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

I'm forgettable cri

2019-03-24 04:03:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Can't you remember muting me for no reason multiple times

2019-03-24 04:04:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:04:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Whatever you say,

2019-03-24 04:04:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:04:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:04:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

People use Kek more than lol

2019-03-24 04:04:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Kek is actually used more now

2019-03-24 04:04:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:04:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

"This, in [current year]?"

2019-03-24 04:06:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Yes, all music is sponsored by the man, man.

2019-03-24 04:06:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

especially those anime theme songs

2019-03-24 04:06:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

Like the ones without any lyrics, they have backwards saxophone messages!

2019-03-24 04:06:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

You can hear "hail satan, take vaccines" being said using the saxophone!

2019-03-24 04:07:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

!play death parade opening

2019-03-24 04:09:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

I would queue the deadman wonderland opening but I don't know if you're edgy enough for that

2019-03-24 04:10:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The earth is earth shaped

2019-03-24 04:11:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

!search deadman wonderland opening

2019-03-24 04:11:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 04:14:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  


2019-03-24 16:18:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Tmw a flat earth server pings me for an anime server.

2019-03-24 16:18:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Big pharmas bad but not because vaccines tbh

2019-03-24 16:19:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I don't like it because they pumped pills into West Virginia like it was a nymphomaniacs loose behind

2019-03-24 16:47:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yeah, anybody heard about that new polio epidemic /s?

2019-03-24 16:49:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The earth is earth shaped @walkefr

2019-03-24 16:49:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

the debates already been shut down smh. That one sentence solves everything

2019-03-24 16:50:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

>earth square
>earth is earth shaped

2019-03-24 16:50:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Thanks idiot, very cool!

2019-03-24 16:50:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You obviously didn't read what I said!

2019-03-24 16:51:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

earth is earth shaped doesn't imply I squared the earth

2019-03-24 16:51:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I would have said
"Earth is earth times earth"

2019-03-24 16:52:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Oh my god I'm so surprised

2019-03-26 22:22:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@ChromeTheGnome I have no idea who you are, kek.

2019-03-26 22:23:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Lol no I haven't raided any servers

2019-03-26 22:23:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You got the wrong guy, my dude.

2019-03-26 22:24:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The governments putting chem trails in the sky to turn our birds gay

2019-03-29 04:08:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'd rather my kid have polio than autism /s

2019-04-05 01:35:25 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You know...
one time I wore a sweater
then my father wore it better
It was blue, with a purple dinosaur,
and then he hit me, now I am sore,
then he said,

2019-04-05 01:36:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But can YOU provide any SOLID evidence that NASA isn't credible?

2019-04-05 01:36:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Or is it just pictures of weird looking equipment

2019-04-05 01:37:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean if I pulled out the inside of a computer it'd look wonky but that doesn't prove its fake

2019-04-05 01:38:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I laugh when people don't provide any evidence besides pictures of things that look a bit off ๐Ÿค”

2019-04-05 01:38:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I like how I continue to ask for solid evidence but you continue to post pictures of weird looking equipment

2019-04-05 01:39:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I mean if you'd actually post evidence of WHY ITS FAKE then I'd debate you

2019-04-05 01:39:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But at this point it's pointless because you refuse to

2019-04-05 01:40:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'm still waiting for you to give evidence that they're fake

2019-04-05 01:40:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

But go on I guess

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