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2018-11-22 17:22:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-12 01:19:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

were being chill

not even shitposting

we arent shitposting


<:ClownFlushed:552585951101321246> @Ned Kelly

canada would be much more easily integrated into america than mexico

i dont want more spics in america either

annex canada and autonomy for quebec

canada being annexed by the Us i could see

not really support it though besides taking the western border strip

we dont need more spics from mexico

guadalajara could be feasible (maybe)

but no mulattos

Hitler had honorary Aryans

Some of which were Jews.

The real question is

How big is your nose @Deleted User

I'm half Scott and half Prussian.

Breed out the kike.

>implying there was anything wrong with a general plan Ost

@Ned Kelly the fuck u want

im kidding

ive been banned from 3 fascist servers already

@Ned Kelly now do one on the holocaust

holocaust ^^

Yes they do they’re all ancom furries

Some kind of communist or far leftist

It’s a Jew

Because they’re based

I truly hope no one here is 30 @maos slut

It will in time

2019-09-23 19:07:05 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  


2019-09-27 22:45:09 UTC [333 #lobby]  

2019-09-27 22:45:35 UTC [333 #lobby]  

vet me

2019-10-19 18:32:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  


2019-11-13 17:01:48 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  


2019-11-13 17:02:28 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

!national socialist

2019-11-13 17:02:41 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-11-13 17:02:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


jewgirl is missing her curly ass hair

2019-11-14 03:56:25 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #meme-competition]  

why are so many of these just awful

@Ned Kelly dumbass fucking fake southerner

zac brown incoming niggas


neck hugging is better than regular hugging prove me wrong

new server icon

can you ban ned kelly

@Ned Kelly fake southerner




come to texas

ancoms stop me from hugging women

when is our fight

i will beat you bro

ive gotten /fit/

i will fucking dominate you

very sexually

no one understands

how much i want to kill you

are you making the slightest implication that you arent white???


i wish i were an otaku

i wish i could jerk off to loli hentai daily

most of my time is spent threatening wyatt

I am the Talmud.

i feel this man

ive wanted to have sex with many a 2d furry

i end up endorsing fascism and killing nonwhites instead

i need better time management

anyone who isnt completely anglo is ubermensch

this is a fact

all search engines are jewish

reject the false dichotomy, embrace bing

judging people by their skin color is based

i wish we still did that as much as we used to


tan people should die

they get the fucking rope first

cracker isnt offensive, really

ive seen more of my fellow whites laugh at it than take offense

its a stupid insult

even that isnt too offensive

words for nonwhites have so much more power behind them

whites should be able to use any word since they're inherently superior

strongest thrive

aka whites

fun fact, legally on a federal level, if you can legally prove to a court that someone is an "imbecile or a moron," you can have them castrated

you could have retards castrated

its an old law now so im sure it would be overturned

which one of you is supporting whites as superior

texas will be majority hispanic by 2022 i believe @not fumez

i wish i could sit in the grass on the border on a ranch with an AR15

spencer was born in my neighborhood

or old one rather

fuentes > kirk regardless

they're both retards

fuentes just less so

the closer we bring the alt right to true nationalism the better i suppose

no zoomer over 16 supports capitalism

as long as you genocide and colonize the conquered land

fuentes has *some* based shit

paleocons need to just take a few extra steps

isnt he a quarter spic?

but hes also italian

it comes down to whether hes northern or southern italian

eh americans have become their own thing imo

its a new identity with predecessors of european origins

neither do i

but i identify as an american first and foremost

even though im half german and half scott

not trying to intrude but can you stop with ad homs and actually debate @Prometheus

except the macedonians

america still stands at #1 for being the worst country to invade

Yeah I know.

But if that's the case it'd be better to recant or go offline instead of insulting you.

Economically the US could recover regardless imo.

Fuck, I wish we could revive the Rust Belt.

I want to nuke China.

future of warfare is either solely spec ops insertions and proxy shit

better a hit and run w/spec ops than invasions

easier to get classified data too

plus its aesthetic as fuck

Are you a libertarian?

Epstein did nothing wrong.

@Yung_$ouichi AmNatSoc > European fascism

Furries are a biproduct of capitalism prove me wrong.

well that was a large backtrack

I'm a devout Catholic but I'm not an incel kek.

Yes I'm coping <:Rage:552581416022704132>

You caught me

@Rex Monte Why do we keep running into each other on servers lol

All Anglos are chads

So basically

Kill Jews????

Wtf who knew

Oh shit oh fuck

Epstein at my house guys what I do

Anyone know what to cover a poster with so you can’t take it down?

Epoxy yes

My life is a green text

Fucking taigs

I’m going to fuck the Irish blood out of my family so my kids won’t have to be the white equivalent of a nigger for the rest of their lives

<:BluePill:575371918434369557> = you @Ned Kelly

Why did you really leave catholicism bro

Well yeah

But why do you say you don’t consider yourself a catholic anymore

Because you’re gay

@Ned Kelly what is wrong with that stuff

It’s literally a small sect of Catholicism

I feel like you’re just confirming because anarchists give you shit

Plus the Church’s focus disagrees with you ideologically

You’re forgetting tribal religions outlined in Black Panther

It’s literally small sects @Ned Kelly

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