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Are any of you <@&346717678808858624> on?

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Give me a moment to connect my headphones

Student, I'm studying Biological Engineering

Political History - I started out a normie conservative, and over the course of the election I became redpilled on race and learned firsthand what is happening with the migrant crisis in Europe. I lived there for about a year, and experienced most of what Europe had to offer.

I want to join to learn more about Paganism as well as to be a part of a group working to help the environment. I love nature, and there is nothing more important than preserving our environment

I've been in martial arts for 8 years, am very capable of defending myself, and know a significant amount about biology and nature. I am moderately okay at visual design, and am excellent at playing French Horn.

Interests include environmentalism, working out, reading, science, descovery, music, engineering, and many others.

I'm currently trying to plan out a move to the North West, after I graduate, and to set up a some kind of permaculture to grow food to be self-sustaining. Currently, I'm working on political activism for Fascism/national socialism around campus

Contact info best for me is Discord.

I'm German, Nordic and Anglo

12 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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