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2020-02-05 23:26:49 UTC [The Donald #general]  

@Omegaraptor brave move if on r/politics

2020-02-05 23:44:33 UTC [The Donald #general]  

wow thats low

2020-02-05 23:44:50 UTC [The Donald #general]  

My comment is at -104

2020-02-05 23:44:52 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:45:06 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Get fucked reddit soys

2020-02-05 23:45:08 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:45:56 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I wouldnt want to hear that tbh

2020-02-05 23:45:57 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:46:18 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:46:23 UTC [The Donald #general]  

If they wanted one they would have one by now

2020-02-05 23:47:17 UTC [The Donald #general]  

none, a lot of people on discord are annoying mouthbreathers

2020-02-05 23:47:23 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:52:23 UTC [The Donald #general]  

vetting is closed I think

2020-02-05 23:52:28 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:53:02 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:53:26 UTC [The Donald #general]  

a little misleading then lol

2020-02-05 23:53:47 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-05 23:54:54 UTC [The Donald #general]  

"Set an example for the future.

Republican are fucked now."

2020-02-05 23:55:03 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Lol, these politics people are wild

2020-02-05 23:59:26 UTC [The Donald #general]  

/r/politics has some hardcore censoring lol

2020-02-06 00:00:07 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-06 00:13:16 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-06 00:13:31 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  


2020-02-06 00:20:02 UTC [The Donald #memes]  


2020-02-17 17:35:30 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

@mrbigman are you lying on purpose or?

2020-02-17 17:36:53 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

Just run of the mill concern troll

2020-02-17 18:19:06 UTC [The Donald #general]  

uh huh

2020-02-17 21:35:32 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Are trump socks enough to get vetted?

2020-02-18 01:40:30 UTC [The Donald #general]  

If you dont like the process you dont have to join

2020-02-18 01:41:38 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Sharks, I am upset at my team's (wild) performance against the sharkies

2020-02-18 01:41:40 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-19 22:42:41 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Holy fuck Yang is a loser

2020-02-20 01:19:52 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I see no sticky about julian

2020-02-20 01:20:20 UTC [The Donald #general]  

But the donald also doesnt show up in my list of "communities" so

2020-02-20 01:20:27 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Fuck cuckit

2020-02-20 01:21:53 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I think it was a comment from Assange regarding the 2016 leak source

2020-02-20 01:25:02 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Im too lazy to take pics of my trump socks rn

2020-02-22 16:40:01 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

stop posting your shitty gofundme

2020-02-24 22:28:41 UTC [The Donald #general]  

lol the_donald domreddit is fucked

2020-02-24 22:28:49 UTC [The Donald #general]

2020-02-24 22:32:40 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

How long until the domreddit is gone?

2020-02-25 00:01:44 UTC [The Donald #off-topic]

2020-02-25 02:09:30 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

Whats with the recent hit pieces on her?

2020-02-25 02:11:04 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

Reasons like this is why spiritual family is important IMO

2020-02-25 02:11:41 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

A "friend group" with a foundation of a strong shared belief

2020-02-25 02:16:12 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

Unescapable student debt is so big brain

2020-02-25 02:22:01 UTC [The Donald #serious]  

Sounds about righjt

2020-02-25 02:22:22 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

She seems pretty based to me

2020-02-25 02:22:23 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  


2020-02-25 02:30:24 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

Wouldnt it be on you to prove it is?

2020-02-25 02:34:48 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

Im not seeing anything off tbh

2020-02-25 02:35:21 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]

2020-02-25 02:35:37 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

Compression or something maybe?

2020-02-25 02:45:47 UTC [The Donald #general]  

lol this new reddit wrongthink cleansing is wild

2020-02-25 02:53:50 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Who do I send my trump socks picture to to get vetted

2020-02-25 02:56:44 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-25 02:57:58 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Evolving into green text

2020-02-25 02:59:20 UTC [The Donald #hotties-for-trump]  

What is annoying to you about her?

2020-02-25 03:13:30 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I’m down

2020-02-25 03:13:41 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I’m upvoting everything

2020-02-25 04:41:47 UTC [The Donald #general]  

@Inconcinnus Is discord nitro worth it?

2020-02-25 04:43:54 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I want to support discord as I use it a lot and it may be one of the only platforms that doesn’t oppress trump supporters

2020-02-25 04:45:45 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I don’t know what that does

2020-02-25 04:47:27 UTC [The Donald #general]  

What are β€œchat perks”

2020-02-25 04:48:16 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-25 04:50:29 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I’ll be honest I’m conflicted about giving furries money

2020-02-25 04:53:55 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I vaguely remember them shutting down that Charlottesville server or something too

2020-02-25 04:56:17 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-25 04:56:30 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I use discord a lot tho not just for tdd

2020-02-25 04:56:41 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I remember when it was just a baby 😒

2020-02-25 05:08:10 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Not a single woman in sight

2020-02-25 05:08:23 UTC [The Donald #general]  

The one in the background doesn’t count as she clearly does not want to be near them

2020-02-25 05:10:44 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Baltimore or Chicago

2020-02-25 19:13:57 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-02-25 19:14:39 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I’m reporting to discord as well

2020-02-25 19:16:18 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Never mind you have to do 100 million things to report to discord....dumbass furries

2020-02-25 21:13:02 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Trump will crush him

2020-02-25 21:13:19 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Also there’s no guarantee Bernie will even survive until the election

2020-02-25 21:13:28 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Given his health issues

2020-02-25 21:14:46 UTC [The Donald #general]  

49/50 perhaps?

2020-02-26 01:13:16 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Fuck leftists.

2020-02-26 01:14:10 UTC [The Donald #general]  

@Samurai89 Blaire Whire is a grifting troon

2020-02-26 04:59:55 UTC [The Donald #general]  

I sent a pic of a pair of my trump socks to get vetted

2020-02-26 05:00:29 UTC [The Donald #general]  

You should get some πŸ˜‰

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