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2018-07-04 02:25:12 UTC [NSL #general]  

2018-07-04 02:27:31 UTC [NSL #general]  

What happened niggers

2018-07-04 02:27:49 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 02:28:15 UTC [NSL #general]  

I thought Odin was the leader before

2018-07-04 02:28:24 UTC [NSL #general]  

And he’s the leader now, so what changed

2018-07-04 02:28:42 UTC [NSL #general]  

What why

2018-07-04 02:28:50 UTC [NSL #general]  

What did Vulpes do wrong?

2018-07-04 02:30:33 UTC [NSL #general]  

Did he build the organization? Did he start it?

2018-07-04 02:32:35 UTC [NSL #general]  

No I just want to know the story

2018-07-04 02:32:45 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 02:33:05 UTC [NSL #general]  

Whomst is medic

2018-07-04 02:33:41 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 02:34:15 UTC [NSL #general]  

@Tupac, But In Serbia there’s no spray can in there

2018-07-04 02:34:26 UTC [NSL #general]  

If there is one it’s empty

2018-07-04 02:34:43 UTC [NSL #general]  

Will Vulpes be allowed to return?

2018-07-04 02:34:50 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-08 16:11:13 UTC [NSL #reading-and-discussion]  

@AllFather I run a natsoc server with around 40 members. If you’d like we could have a partnership to boost nsl members

2018-07-09 03:41:04 UTC [NSL #reading-and-discussion]  

@AllFather can I post the link to my server in here?

2018-07-10 04:15:31 UTC [NSL #reading-and-discussion]  

There’s a guy named Jericho in my server that might be interested in joining @AllFather

2018-07-13 04:35:38 UTC [NSL #discords-to-recruit-from]  

Join up

2018-07-13 04:36:08 UTC [NSL #discords-to-recruit-from]  

Odin and another guy and I are discussing siege and the tuner diaries

2018-07-14 23:34:19 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

I’ve got a ghillie suit. Do you guys think it’d be of any good use?

2018-07-14 23:36:25 UTC [NSL #cryptocurrencycryptomining]  

@Casper don’t you think that gold and silver will be more valuable than crypto currency for when the internet goes down

2018-07-14 23:53:33 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

I live in a suburban area, but I’m not far from deep woods

2018-07-14 23:55:50 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  

I have a lot to learn about what this groups exact plan is

2018-07-15 01:14:42 UTC [NSL #cryptocurrencycryptomining]  

So is the plan to cash in the crypto currency soon before it crashes

2018-07-15 08:53:48 UTC [NSL #reading-and-discussion]  

Why did we break up with vanguard

2018-07-15 19:48:32 UTC [NSL #bot-commands]  

!play Panzergrenadierlied

2018-07-15 19:49:02 UTC [NSL #bot-commands]  

!play Panzergrenadierlied

2018-07-15 19:49:27 UTC [NSL #bot-commands]  

!play Panzergrenadierlied

2018-07-15 19:53:09 UTC [NSL #general]  

!play als die goldneabwndsonne

2018-07-16 02:22:06 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-16 14:30:23 UTC [NSL #general]  

Were you able to seize the old domain

2018-07-16 14:31:50 UTC [NSL #general]  

This is a problem

2018-07-16 14:32:22 UTC [NSL #general]  

People interested are going to go to his site and not ours

2018-07-16 14:34:22 UTC [NSL #general]  

What will the name of the new site be

2018-07-18 19:40:10 UTC [NSL #general]  

Is it really though

2018-07-18 19:40:52 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Is this for real

2018-07-18 19:41:13 UTC [NSL #general]  

Maybe within the next 50 years

2018-07-18 19:41:42 UTC [NSL #general]  

The Yellowstone eruption

2018-07-19 00:58:51 UTC [NSL #general]  

Is like the snake mouth

2018-07-19 00:59:07 UTC [NSL #general]  

But it’s not as good Camo as the green

2018-07-19 05:10:35 UTC [NSL #general]  

Why do we say he’ll yeah instead of hell yeah

2018-07-19 05:27:15 UTC [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]  

Eat protein

2018-07-19 05:31:07 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-19 05:57:07 UTC [NSL #bot-commands]  

!play als die goldneabendsonne

2018-07-19 05:57:43 UTC [NSL #bot-commands]  

!play als die goldneabendsonne

2018-07-19 18:31:53 UTC [NSL #homestead]  

Happy chickens

2018-07-20 04:55:55 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-20 04:56:43 UTC [NSL #general]  

It’s more important to diet than to exercise. Exercising is good, but remember, a single cheeseburger takes a 10 mike run to burn off

2018-07-20 15:33:30 UTC [NSL #general]  

Well done on gab @卐 Iron Eagle 卐

2018-07-21 05:59:31 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-21 05:59:33 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-21 05:59:35 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-22 18:56:25 UTC [NSL #guns-and-gear]  


2018-07-22 22:59:59 UTC [NSL #outdoors]  


2018-07-25 17:01:43 UTC [NSL #general]  

Is there any way to hack powerball to get us perfect funding

2018-07-26 04:09:20 UTC [NSL #general]  

@The AUNI the IRA was really good at what were going to have to do soon

2018-07-26 04:09:47 UTC [NSL #general]  

Their songs are the best as well

2018-07-26 04:10:58 UTC [NSL #homestead]  

Pampered chicken

2018-07-28 07:39:51 UTC [NSL #homestead]  

Your chickens live the high life

2018-08-15 04:29:34 UTC [NSL #general]  

@KAMERAD REICH my living room goal. Whos room is it

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