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that's why i was phsically attacked by antifa

that's on old neil young song

from the sixties

no i have learned my lesson

on bitten twice shy


maybe you guys ARE all autistic

strange question after that doxfest

it was only a sad attempt to fit in

hello fellow kids

omg @TGnome ! that is so mean!

anyone here remember the old

weev held court there

the seedy underbelly of irc

texhnolyze vs ergo proxy: discuss

i think i do not have the necesssary persmissions at the daily stormer discord server

certainly i would invite you there, if a. i was able and b. you hadn't said mean things to me

i am too sensitive perhaps

it's how i roll

er, fellow kids

it's how i roll

fake insults are as well met with fake sensitivity as with fake bravado

obv if i spent years at #gnaa i am not all that thinskinned

you see, none of you are real

so u can't really insult me

u r just bots


i am either the only human left OR the head AI bot

i haven't decided yet

idk who you mean

you are scurrilizing the name of Weev?

or insulting me again?

Weev isn't Jewish and he wasn't "associating" with them -- he was the President of the GNAA

I know people say that

generally not people i like

Auru is insulting people left and right

you don't think i am

42 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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