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read the book cover

shes reading

why is she pretending to read?

you cant read either crownjo

why is she smarter than adults?

i dont get it



i hate him

hes a creepy

i guarantee it

they sure are living up to their name.

acting like communists

Now they are trying to start a civil war

They are doing a silent coup at fox news

The owner had dinner with obama few days back

megyn kelly is a cunt

she called out jack posebic

and said hes the shooter that went into comet ping pong

on his birthday too

shes going to get sued hahaha for defamation

hes getting mike cernovich as his lawyer

oh fuck these globalist and destabilization BS

this is their fucking goal

If i met trudeau

i would chop his dick off

stuff it into his mouth

tape it shut

then throw him down a cliff

they are just puppets of that hungarian nutsack


the nutsack with eyes

he is

english please

crownjo is a immigrant confirmed



i love hot sauce

I love when it burns

feels good

your daddy took you? 😮


no thats a muslim symbol

same thing

Communism etc etc

haha yea

joy behar that big hag from the view

Was saying trump should get the hammer and sickle off the flag

Im like ugh

Thats what democrats do

They are communists


so racist


Well to be hones the ones we need to watch out for are jeuists

They are baby eaters

I drink mouthwash



I wonder what noises she makse when she has sex


and you hear squishy noises

lol wtf


ohh meme channel

i see it now


i would watch all 3 hours

wouldnt even take a bathroom break

all in my pants


i know haha

close enough

I like Malik. he hates obama



jack dorsey wasnt invited to the tech meeting with trump because the table didnt have enough room.

He needs a heavy object attached to his gentials and thrown into the deepest part of the ocean. Bon voyage Jack Cuck Dorsey.

Btw facebook is using snopes to fact check for news

So funny

And snopes is owned by.....

take a guess

George Soros

That sack of shit has his fingers in everything

yea everything died

once it went left

Movies, games, tv shows, etc

Everything has a liberal agenda

i remember finding porn on my brothers pentium 2 computer, i think it had 64 KB of ram

it was a banner of a girl holding a giant black penis

not enough pixels to render all of it

it was that big

RIP pentium 2

RIP 64KB of ram

obama is such a fucker, this is a psy op.

Yep, he wants to leave a piece of poop in the white house toilet and not flush it


so when trump uses the bathroom

He'll see his shit staring at him

Allah akburrr



Theres nothign secret about the name HUSSEEEINNNN

I hope michelle obama fucks the shit out of obamas ass in hawaii

for their xmas vacation

Teach him a lesson

I feel sorry for his fake daughters, i bet they were forced to watch them have sex


Yea she looks like a sack of hot shit

Like you can even see the steam lines

From far away

Dont you love it when people call him beautiful?

oops i mean her.

or whatever it is

how many pro nouns are there now

Now urinals in womens bathrooms....

have you heard of that site salon?

They are promoting articles about pedophilia

And saying its ok

and they're not monsters

I think the Salon CEO has skeletons in his closet confirmed

Hes obviously trying to normalize it

wtf serious?

must be a typo

even the name is fucking stupid


this is journalism

21st century journalism

I love how MSM is digging their graves more and more.

Yea this one kid wished to meet the pope

Hes a globalist puppet

a jeuist

They're satanic

Then this new pope said something about eating feces

you have a nice voice mr goat

Reminds me of bill mitchell

sounds professional and clear

You sound like a real man

bill mitchell?

Hes originally from germany

found that out yesterday

He esecpaed merkels wrath


yea thats him

He has great one liners on twitter

owns so many dem's

yep agreed



haha hes german...

it happens

Tucker is awesome

He even owned the keith guy in an interview

Keith got triggered

Then someone sent him a seizure inducing picture on twitter and he called the cops

But according to keith it wasnt him it was his 'wife' using the twitter account


yep hes a total pedo

this is why MSM and a lot of em are against trump, they're all part of that pedo ring

the CEOs etc

Mentally wired wrong

fucked up

Its not just pedophilia. Theres been rituals done to these kids

Look up castle of amerois

In town of Muno in belgiu

They dont show it on the google maps at all

The minute you appear on the property cops show up

Occult elites gather there and have children there

fucking sickos

Theres an electric fence around the entier property

And land mines

small ones

And they sacrifice one child a day at this place

a day..

You know that one UK star? javile i think

they covered his pedo ring up

until he die

He was apart of this 9th inner circle cult

The ritual is so fucked up

And the queen of england is apart of it

Along with soros etc

all the rich assholes

Ban all the elites

basically all the jeuists, they are the ones that believe in this

the vatican etc

bomb it all

rosthchilds, kissinger etc

BUt i think queen is the leader

of it all

Bilderberg definitely

Did you see the map that came out of their meeting from Rio?

it was a map of the states, and it showed how they want to depopulize

Basically kill people off

for fun

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