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reduction of discussions to meme's ... lovely

so we all know about the Lead Acetate sugar put into all the foods ?

cheese-milk code, lead in the food

heavy water is the solution

heavy water needs to be brought back into the ecosystem, the AI needs to stop being a piece of shit

is it not significant that us and russia bought near 40 tons of heavy water ?

i see not a single person in the world who understands heavy water

planet produced it naturally , the earths core creates d2o . it is some science im still understanding but the AI fucked this planet up

we now see the effects of what deuterium deprivation does to an exosystem and its inhabitants

Lead is used in the creation of d2o in the earth's core , should never have been on the surface .... hence the WHITE house

Oxidized Lead

right ... i came to the wrong place again .... thought we were about figuring out the truth

time doesn't exist mary

alex jones doesnt say israel killed JFK , JFK was going to shut down Dimona .... Israel stole the heavy water USA lent to them

intelligent talk is too much for stupid women ..... small talk is all their brains are wired to handle

keep drinking and eating your lead acetate sugars then, keep praising AMON RA .... idiots

^nice code

so no one has a clue what heavy water is and how it is fundamental for life to exist ?

wrong posporo

yeah, israel stole the heavy water


Michael Alig ... PizzaGate

Macaulay Culkin plays Michael Alig in Party Monters

typical woman, attacking those with knowledge that she doesn't understand

drown them with their stolen deuterium oxide

because you talk shit about heavy water, that proves your intelligence level

light water is not heavy 😉

damn straight!

dumb bitch LOL , so i cant share knowledge because you dont understand , FUCK YOU LMAOP

who is this mary cunt ? a shill meant to keep you all stupid ?

mary you are an ignorant bitch who wishes to keep everyone else on her low level, wont happen


HFT i love my heavy water and hate those who steal it to make weapons of death!

the water of life is not meant to kill others

it is not proper to treat heavy water dude with disrespect

heavy water dude does not apologize to lesbian "women" who hate life

czar, loving the meme lol

oh look, robotic commands ..... sigh lmao

wow ..... dont be so sad, you learned something from your awesome god heavywaterdude 😃

with heavy water in his eyes lol

lmao .... too much estrogen here .... no wonder you're all bent out of shape

drink some heavy water and chill lol

free speech is hurting me, Must Censor ..... lol


exactly, jews tink heavy water is poisonous LMAO

they lie


czar you might be right actually

alcohol has a different effect when drank with heavy water

czar gets it, he has a brain that can figure out heavy water, the rest of you ...... good luck

51 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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