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Good earlier morn all 😃

in what way? Being saved from a migrant take over?

no don't give up

The US doesn't like to report to much on what is going on in other countries

I think Germany maybe lost, if Merkel gets back in the only hope for others in the EU is to get out of it as quickly as possible

I know thank god for Donald Trump

My heart goes out to all those people in Europe being invaded like that.

All the covering up for the migrants they do is sickening

That she did

no wonder Obama and Clinton like her so much

birds of a feather flock together

that is why they love the Saudi's as well. Only the US would kiss the ass of Saudi scum that funded 9/11

no one that I know of

I prefer libtard

I usually am. Then again they usually just start stomping around having a temper tantrum

Speaking of stupidity these idiots calling for white genocide are white so why the hell don't they just kill themselves ?

can not longer be a hypocrite either

I swear it just for attention

KolyaZy you still around?

I am not sure that is a good question

I have to admit I don't understand that lol

That statement confuses me of what his definition of neo-Nazism is

omni-nationlism I don't know - here I'll google it

I could only find one reference to it here

it means nationalist of all nations

well I kind of took it as globalism itself being universal but it could be that all nations before nationalists

it is so hard to keep up with all these terms people make up for every dang variation of things

I mean how many different terms do we have for gender/sexuality now - like 50

everyone has to be a snowflake

I know and then they get ticked off if the whole world doesn't recognize what they are calling themselves that day

its like that gender fluidity crap - sometimes they feel like a nut sometimes they don't

What kind of life would that be, to be so obsessed with something that most people don't even think about

and they call Trump a narcissist

exactly they obsess over themselves

Guess that is what happens when they have things like gender studies in universities. What kind of job do you get from that? Besides professional victim


KolyaZy thanks that is a good answer

Oh god did you guys see the article Salon put out that if you don't agree with white genocide your a racist

I seen it on Gab someone put a link up to it.

that was the jist of it

So I guess I'm a racist because I don't think I should be murdered for no reason, you can't make this crap up

you got a point there KolyaZy

That is why I won't go near CNN MSNBC snopes ect

One time I walked out to the kitchen the radio was on and some idiot was spouting nonsense, it ticked me off. Then I found out it was Glenn Beck

Needless to say I don't leave the radio on anymore

That guy is a loon

I am hoping some great person comes up with a Facebook alternative so I can stay off of there

I mainly only use it for networking but I'd rather say bye bye to it

I like social media as far as getting info fast, what I don't approve of is the censoring and dictating of what I can and can not look at

I like gab, drudge is ok, I have to be honest 4chan confuses me

I know KolyaZy what is why I would like an alternative to Facebook

maybe I'll give it another try. Now what is the difference between 4chan and 8chan?

setup the same?


it does have an old style forum feel to it, its the navigating and searching that I didn't get the hang of.

like example allot of people talked about this FBIAnon on 4chan but for the life of me I couldn't find any posts

just being a spectator doesn't bother me, I just want to know what going on. Especially since lame stream media is about as trustworthy as USSR propaganda

then again it is propaganda now the whole thing

i will do that thanks 😃

shoot KolyaZy

I will just have to do more digging

I did I asked you lol

I just wanted the basic navigation thats all

basically to bankrupt us

oh yeah and their lovely carbon tax

yep globalism

a global communism that is

With the US they have to chip away at us. They have to take us down bit by bit

It is kind of sad how brainwashed the left is. Some did wake up but unfortunately others are a lost cause

it is but its more noticable on the left

I think the difference is those on the right brainwashed are basically sleeping, the ones on the left think they are awake but they are in some sort of robotic cult like state

Morning uranobu

but some are not acting that is what the difference is

I prefer those that just want to be left alone

If shit gets nuclear, parts of Africa and South America maybe the only part left

Oh and of course the elites because they have their underground bunkers

now that we know how to make them it won't stop, no one follows laws anymore. Except us everday joe's

they wouldn't anyway. It wouldn't matter no one enforces it anyway

also make everyone more suspicious of the other as well


could you see that KolyaZy hand held nukes

if we could have that in the US just think all the ghetto would be gone


Oh good lord LOL you guess are talking video games

hell i wanted one of those fat man things

I guess if I played the game I would get one.

I'm more of an adventure/questing kind of gal then war

ok I'm old here what is fnv

that sounds more like something I would like

it it all guns? I'm more of sword/bow kind of person.

Lets put it this way I like Age of Conan

Kolya what about you? Are you a gamer or nah?

I am not really every once in a while then again I'm getting old

yeah the pics I just seen of skyrim look more my thing

not interested or just getting old like me

oh good lord I am the oldest by far

I am getting close 26

oops I mean 36


well I don't have either

I have no religion or skin color.

I'm white as snow

not according to some we shouldn't exist

I hope I don't find those people in this chat, if I do I won't be coming in here

So If I bake myself in a tanning bed do you think I would be accepted by the far left?

oh god. I live in the woods so the only thing I hear are animals

lol not sure if they are can't see them

I live in a 99.9% white area, low crime here

central PA

all the scum live in phili and some in pittsburg


5:45 am

it is Posporo and with the way things are I am glad I live far from them

wow Damien where you at?

the internet we have

how can people live like that and not try to better themselves and get out

That would be like me moving to the ghetto chicago, I think not

or philly, we don't call it filthy philly for nothing

like duels?

do they still have their mobile execution vans there?

could you imagine walking the street minding your own biz and one of them rolling up on you

As far as violent crime I think Chicago maybe the winner now

anything good that was in philly left years ago

as long as they don't escape and think they are coming here. I shoot on site

It amazes me how people who get free housing just destroy it

there is a low income housing building a couple of miles from me and it is kept nice

you find graffiti or people pissing in the hall ect. But the ghettos are disgusting. Get something given and look how they take care of it

i'm not talking about maintenance I'm talking about not destroying it.

like not putting graffiti all over, don't piss in the halls, throw stuff in the garbage in stead of the floor

no that is disrespect and laziness

the low income housing up the road here is kept nice they don't do that shit and they are poor. My guess is they were brought up with better manners


no all white around here

basketball americans lol

not really

not out here maybe some in our closest "city"

altoona the pop. is only like 45k

there are some black people there

not allot though

lets put it this way allot of them were sent up here from philly to half way houses rehab ect so you decide


yes posporo some of them are and some of the whites that come from philly

they mainly get drug busts in Altoona, shocker right?

I said all they did with that program was expand their drug market

All I have to say is Obama better not even think about flooding Pa with migrants because Pa voted for Trump

We have enough illegals floating around

they are stragecially putting them in red states because they want to turn them blue

Pa hasn't went red since Reagan and I want it to stay red.

bye Pospror

What about Montana Kolya

they sent a decent amount to texas to

see what i mean they are doing it on purpose

All people are to them are voting blocks

yes Sheriff Joe held a press conference about that

9 point of foregery

well they got the experts to take a look and wala Trump was right again

we all knew there was something fishy going on


makes you wonder if these idiots are being fed drugs via their water or some crap

he does Kolya and he has pointed out allot of things that ended up happened. Either he has esp or he has some damn good contacts

it had to start somewhere

where is that time machine so we can back and find out

oh the whole thing was masterful and yet allot of people just never got it

Here is the problem if the libtards write em he will be portrayed badly

I gotta say I am more optimistic now than I have been my entire adult life. With him getting down and dirty in the economy things will be lookin up for everyone

I heard rumor he also has people in the military feeding him info to

I heard there is a big conflict going on in the FBI all over that CLinton BS and I heard rumor the NYPD were threatening to release info about weiners laptop and the DOJ threaten them with Eric Garner

I think Trump was also warned not to trust the CIA, remember when him and Clinton got their security breifings and afterward Trump said he didn't think he would be using them much

It goes far and wide

most people can either be bought off or blackmailed into submission.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the election was going on just to see Hillary loose it

Pretty much and they would, they are all in the same circle

I heard she flew off the handle, I heard she hit someone didn't know it was him. If it was good for him. Then I heard she starting bawling hysterically

Its that kind of behavior as to why I didn't want her in office. She is know for being unstable

you mean a life of crime down the drain

I don't even want to imagine what it would be like with her. 2A gone 1A gone, WW3 the possibilities are endless

the way Obama is working now he may get us in WW3 before he leave office

Yeah I seen that, there is allot of shady shit trailing those two

heck just look up the scandals while Bill was in office

I mean travelgate, waco, all his raping

hell he was thrown out of college for assulting a woman

oh yeah I saw that, I heard a secret service guy saying that Hillary was a huge bitch but when the cameras were on her she would flip a switch just like that

Christ the stole shit from the White House

bye Kolya

I think I should get off myself I have been awake all night

bye bye Damien have a good one 😃

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