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Here's a GREAT PROOF for red pilling folks about controlled media message. https://youtu.be/eHDDQVZ-A98

This is a GREAT video to red pill proof of controlled media messages and propaganda https://youtu.be/eZVv2AOCnaA

I was doing some research on Don Lafontain, the voice over artist on the "Pledge of Allegiance" Q video, while searching Wikileaks . As I read about him, I learned that he did hundreds of movie trailers over the years...some of them for famous movies and commercials. Ironically, the very last movie trailer that he produced before he died was a documentary called "Call and Response". When I clicked the link to that movie, it took me to another Wiki page about it and I saw that it was about human trafficking and slavery...and guess what? The film featured Madellen Albright, Ashley Judd and some of the other "usual suspects" from the crazy left! May be nothing but it is Ironic just the same. I found this trailer on Youtube (it's 2 minutes)...check it out! https://youtu.be/mS-0CHXfyIk

Why were they driving on a small dirt road in the middle of the woods in the first place though?

ALL MUST LISTEN TO THIS!!! @ALL IN YT >>>> Must listen for MK Ultra! THIS IS KEY https://youtu.be/9FUersarZuo


We are a field of cultivated plants!


I also wonder if Trump hs been threatening them all with what we know. I mean, the look on Theresa May's face while sitting with Trump at Davos was priceless! She looked scared.

Who is speaking please?

Regarding the portrait unveilings...The Obamas' are now aware that we are aware of them...the portraits have given them away to us and they now know it to!

All of the symbolism in their portraits were very clever and the Obama's were arrogant while they were being painted, not expecting to ever be held to account about them. But after they lost, and as people are learning about all of this crazy garbage, they are crapping their pants! They were both nervous at the unveiling for sure!!!

I expect we will see many more of these shootings coming closer together! They want the guns!!!!!!!!!!

LOL...right there with you mi amigo!

They are NOT protecting us...that'sο»Ώ what we know!!!!!

Who is speaking please...does anyone know?

I think this was why Trump signed the EO about reducing regulations! He said that this was the most important thing that he did! By cutting the regulations, they cut the CPA out of the control grid!

NO...Mueller was APPOINTED Special Council...he would have to be removed first!

Greenwald is involved with The Intercept, which was financially supported by Pierre Omidyar, a Persian born entrepreneur and the founder of ebay and First Look Media, which is the publisher of the Intercept.

Q said that there would be attacks of misinfo!

He also said that he would help us prove them wrong!

Expect Q tonight...I bet he reacts to the Mueller thing!

@ALL NEW Qο»Ώ on Great Awakening!!!!!!!

This Was found in the "Answers" section of Q post 247

Stanislav Lunev/John Kerry connection perhaps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABu5QjFIcWk

Ohio Class Subs stationed in Bangor Washington : USS Henry Jackson, USS Alabama, USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada, USS Kentucky, USS Nebraska, USS Maine and USS Louisiana http://www.navy.mil/navydata/fact_display.asp?cid=4100&tid=200&ct=4

40 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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