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Hey folks

How are you all?

I am good thank you

What does rep do?

Kaiser what does rep do


Marry his corpse 💀

What's elite squad?

I'm interested

How can I become best of the best

Ok then

I haven't been active on this account for a few months

Ok sir

I will do so

@Herr Blau you've only sent around 300 messages

Not a lot

You are not active

Just saying

Wait how

It's him.

You are the kaiser clone

@John Brook is real kaiser

Oh very nice!


What is that emote

Who is rorschach

He's here?

@rory hello sir

It is very nice to see you

I have been awaiting your arival

ror is a legend in his own right


Yes sir

Sir don't leave

Please sir don't leave

Who is michael. Is that rorschach?

Oh hi mike

Mike from monster inc.

Mike please

@rory mike please

@rory we love you

@rory please sir

@rory sir 😭

@rory please sir 😭

Mike is back

@rory mike please

Gay boy


@Herr Blau do you like spam

Oh dan

That guy

That chad

Dan is a chad

Hello sir

Sir why no greeting to me?

Who needs church when you've got your guns and your horse

Yee haw partner

Hello sir

How are you

I'm not about that life

Angie now.

Don't be so mean.

Who sent the picture of the nipple being devoured by some lady

Thanks zano

You are a nice partner

Angie is maple?

Hey maple


What happened last time angie

Tell me

I'll hunt down the criminals that traumatized you

Damn partner

I never said they can't

Who the hell is that partner?

Ok partner

Damn partner

Hard pass partner

Big boys?

Age sex Location

Why do I not have image perms?

T!ratewaifu @angie!!

t!ratewaifu @angie

Shouldn't this be done in bit commands?

Ok sir

Can y'all do this in bot commands?


Partner for muted

Why though?

Oh haha

Texas #1


Texas for life

Well I'm gonna head out partners. It's been lovely talking to y'all.

Hello partners

@Herr Blau can your penis be unattached partner?

It's the questions we all need to know

Oh no

Zano don't

Partner pleasr

I'm not afraid to use my big iron partner

Partner please

Partner hold it.

Partner no

Partner hold it in





Hey sir

How are you partner

Partner wot

@angie!! no dying on my watch

Partner why you do this?

Partner we all need guns

Yes partner

I'd be pleasured to

Hey partner

Who needs the fucking death penalty when you can shoot them yourself?

Just pull out a big iron and shoot em up

Oh no.

Oh no

Hail texas

@Markie hey partner

Partner what the hell

Y'all gonna get muted

That's nice partner

-define ngra

Damn partner


So do I buddy

Ok partner

Ok edgy 12 year old

I'ma pull up to your house with my big iron and shoot you up before you can clear leather.

I will partner

Give me your address partner

Mixed feeling partner

To be honest I prefer the oldern Texas. The days where you could pull up to your neighbours house and shoot him up for stealing your milk and hay.

The days where you could deliver justice on your own record.

Hell yeah partner

You can ride that beauty down town with a big iron on your hip to your neighbours house shoot him and take his cattle. I miss the good ol days.



Leave the tiny partner alone


Partner do you really want me to ride down to you too

Angie would never say that

@Deleted User you need one partner

You can ride them down to your neighbor and show him justice

Fuck I hated my neighbor

@Deleted User who you married to partner

Thank you so much partner

Texas #1

Partner that's funny as hell

Big pass partner




Texas is a great place

Wait is that ur dog partner?

Wow what is this ranger doing with your dog?




Anyone that doesn't love Texas can receive my big iron in their mouths

Why can I not send pictures


I can't send images

Very sad and unfortunate

Hey partners

@lady bird can I be your gentlebird

Wow partner

That's something

That's definitely something

I have no words partner

No words at all

At this point I'm just sending nonsense so I can level up

Billy is the name of my neighbor

And u so badly wanna deliver justice

To him

Why is it not working


When you disrespect Texas

Oh hey no pfp partner

You are no partner

Sponge man


2019-09-22 19:52:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Kaiser is not a chad

2019-09-22 19:52:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Why is this going on in <#513098339961798676>

Who's preston?

Oh ok

Partner she would never


Partner don't be racist now

Angie are you okay partner?

Do any of y'all wanna see my knife?

Ew furry


A knife

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