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Gab is a bit slow on my end but is working well otherwise

The government is excellent and uses your tax dollars efficiently.

Someone should do a holocaust denial presentation for the stream

It's that Tucker Carlson?

The video

The guy interviewing

It was his show. Almost the only watchable thing on fox

Other than Hannity

Sweden's cops are covering up all the attacka

I seen a report of it earlier today

They're probably using code 291 like the rest of Europe

The invasion was planned so they had the opportunity for matchless law and permanent State of emergency

So what happens when a country invades?

Oh wait...

This whole mess is social engineering by the CIA

We don't discriminate here.

The only reason people here care about each other's differences is to make fun of them.

Noting is racist, it's all a joke. Get over it.

19 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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