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2019-08-06 18:02:51 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

wait wat

2019-08-06 18:03:04 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

empowering russia

2019-08-06 18:03:06 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


lol nice user

wow so many socialists here e.e


#maysocialismburn #socialist🤡

Did they not learn history or somethin

Socialism never works

It didn't with Russia, Germany, East Germany, the rest of the 3rd world countries

Yeah Russia was socialist

Communism was based off of socialism

Plus look up what USSR means e.e

Eh the government exploiting the people through idealism....

I see no difference

And now these idiotic socialist democrats are making fools of themselves

"Can we all quiet down. I am having a sensory overload"

"I do not like the use of these gender pronouns"

p!catch litten


well nazism is bad

Anti semetics are bad

Well I haven't seen many protestors in leftist conventions

Because they are pretty crazy tbh

Oh and don't forget race

Well ya see in America many of the socialists here are um

If someone doesn't go with what they say they are called a racist or a biggot

I mean come on

Well I don't think pointing out problems is racist

How would you like a rat exploding in front of you on your desk

Well that city is run by a socialistic democrat

A worker's party

A party to voice the oppinions of the working class

And to have the government ruled by the workers

Well the gonvernment usually takes that away

because everything is usually owned by the government to split it up with others

Well communism and socialism are pretty close together

2019-08-06 18:24:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2019-08-06 18:24:16 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Although I don't think he will lose

yeah but usually the government exploits that

Yeah well people would want to keep their power

Then say that it is for the people

But it happens

If you are given power would you rather keep it or give it away

But we have laws

But norway isn't a socialist country

Sure it has socialist ideals, but that doesn't mean it is socialist

A little bit of socialism is good, but not too much

You can't have a socialist government

We are democratic

It was

It says it in the name

It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

That was because they had a dictator

It should.

And I don't like the idea of people working then giving it to other people to distribute it

to which one

Eh there would have been a mistake somewhere

And then that mistake would grow and take the whole thing down

Not so much as a socialist nation

Because then they can control what is being distributed



If the world needs to be dominated for something to work then that is bad

You need something good not bad

If something needs the whole world to work then it is pretty trash

Because that makes it weak

If it can't be dependent on its own then why is it being used

Yeah and those ideals will ruin a nation

Yeah if it is based off of luck then it would crash and burn

You need something that will work

not a chance of it not working

Who knows your luck can run out

And also plus we americans got help

Help from many people

And many people didn't like the british empire

America gaining its independence wasn't just by luck

And it has a huge access to the ocean

Well the french had to deal with a revolution

Yeah and America has a pretty good view of the ocean

Plus the british weren't on their turf

America didn't win its independence from just luck

What history is interesting

Especially when people are supposed to learn from their mistakes

Like socialists

no e.e

War wasn't a coincidence

Sorry I had to take care of a very very big bug

But thank you Boo for your wonderful history lesson

oh it was just a very very big mosquito

god that is a weird word



yeah and marxism had many German socialist ideals

And German socialism didn't work out e.e

Thanks hitler

I know

Eh nationalism is ok

It doesn't always work for some

Like America

Which is very diverse

ah that makes sense

well, I've seen many liberals bring cities down

Yeah they um


They just want everyone to come into the US

I don't really like the idea of bringing illegals into the country and treating them as our people

Eh it is being fought

and thank you mexico

For bringing more attention to the border

Well we did take spending from the pentagon

Well it does stop quite a few people

And there is not just news on the southern border

It is more el paso now

I think that's how it is spelled

Well at least he kept it

He does keep his promises

And I like that

Yeah he did

The wall is being built now

yeah it is

There's a video

look it up

And also he said he'd make trade negotiations with China

And he did

Also North Korea

He talked with him

No one did it before

ok name another American president who talked with N. Korea

In person

well jfk was a jelly doughnut

He said so himself

It is in mine

And I like how he dealt with the Israeli-Palestine conflict

N. Korea is being sneaky

And also he stopped the Iraq or Iran nuclear deal

sorry iran

sorry not Iraq

You mean the deal that was supposed to give nukes to terrorists

Which Iran was infested with Terrorism

Well there would have been a deal to give them nukes

Well I am glad that the deal didn't go through

That's a good thing

I don't want them to have any nuclear weapons

Well he is a better choice

Sorry I was ignorant about the deal

At least I am not a cortez supporter

or ilahn omar

and I am sure the world won't end in our lifetime

Sure the world can always be better

well it won't happen in 12 years

yeah e.e

But that doesn't mean that the world would end

oh no that's what the dems believe

Yeah but the world won't end in 12 years

that is wrong

But the world isn't going to end in 12 years XD

because of climate change

I bet you

In 12 years the world will be fine

Oh god

this is why leftists are not favored

because it is DOOM THIS DOOM THAT



Well people have said it before and they were wrong

There have been reports saying that we have a short time left and they were wrong

Well guns are used for protection

And look at leftist news channels


Oh and are you talking about bill nye

pffff bill nye

well that wasn't the whole thing

Those 4 are saying trash about america and how bad it is. He acctually said that they should go back to their own country to see how bad it is there

Well after Obama pretty much killed it e.e

Obama was bad

He let me down

Obama promised us all these things and did none of them

he wasn't that good

He was the first African american president though

he will be remembered for that

Trump has helped the economy

And many jobs were created

Well it is true

that prooves my point

that is unemployment

if unemployment is low then that means people are in jobs

And if more people are in jobs then that means more were created

yeah we do

Although if trump wasn't president then pence wouldn't be in office

Didn't clinton already have hers

Tim Kaine

Tim kaine was her vice president

And Trump was the leading Republican

Well he was a businessman

And he did have his reality tv show

is there a problem with that

Well he didn't fuck up america

No he didn't

How did he make it worse ]

By pointing out Baltimore?

Well we have pushed native Americans off for hundereds of years so

We've already destroyed their lands

So why when Trump does it, it becomes some big thing

We have done a lot to the natives

I feel semi-bad

Not everyone


If everyone wanted it to stop then it wouldn't have happened

My grandma was actually a jew

in Hungary

It already has

Although a nice country is now favoring us

well that is how it works

the powerful eat the weak

it is a sad world but it happens

Well that's because we are americans XD

I mean who wouldn't be angry

Just because we are angry doesn't mean we have empathy

I am here to disagree with open borders

and also those idiot socialist democrates

that are in america

Aka Ihlan omar

also cortez

But we don't support the people who call themselves socialists

and that want to adopt the green deal

I know what the people who want to do it told us

Well it is expensive

do you know how unreliable that deal is

solar energy needs the sun

wind energy needs wind

lol if one windmill only powers one classroom then how do you expect to power a city with it

well green energy costs too much

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