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1. Where did you find us? Monarchism server
2. How old are you? 20
3. What is your nationality? USA
4. How do you think about Siege by James Mason ?- Sadly haven't read it yet
5. What is your opinion on equality? Hard to achieve because of personal bias
6. What is your ideology? Is it socially conservative and economically leftist or center? More socially Right and economically leftish
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn and how long have you been with politics? Mostly Any Worldview, I have been super into politics for 6 years
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that? Like regular people
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? One where there is respect for culture and traditions
10. What do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? It promotes Degenerative sexual culture that hurts the youth
11. What is your religion? Mormonism
12. What is your opinion on marx and Marxism? Could see the the damage done by the capitalists and wanted to help, not a big fan though
13. What’s your thoughts on race? Would you call yourself a civic, cultural, or ethnic nationalist? It is the first thing that people notice about you and all races can help further society
14. What’s your opinion on imperialism? It built basic infrastructure for the developing nations, but didn't guide them on how to lead
15. Are you willing to work with people that are different from you ideologically? Of course

Dude got ears like Dumbo

What part of the valley are y'all from

Any of y'all Mormon?

Rexburg half the year here

Other half Arizona

My ex is from Show low @bruhbruh13 lol, I am from Gilbert

Exmo's usually have a bad taste in their mouths

Yeah I'm good

What is happening

Hey yall I am a part of a Deseret independence movement, on discord, if any of yall want a link let me know

11 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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