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2019-07-07 18:11:50 UTC

Keep forgetting. Getting off lunch now. Gimme like 4.5-5 hours

2019-07-07 23:48:20 UTC


1. Where did you find us? Partner ACP
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work). 17
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in). Éire
4. How do you think about Siege? Larpers book lol
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it?
(Make it detailed).
True equality can never be achieved. We are naturally unequal. Some people are smarter, better looking, etc etc. We should strive for meritocracy and equality of opportunity

My ideologies is traditional Irish republicanism and Catholic social teaching.

I believe Ireland the nation of Gaels has the right to existence and our sire land. I believe in revival of the Gaelic way of life in order to entail gaelic social order which was written in detail by Michael Collins. I follow the Catholic social teaching doctrine as I am Catholic and it is the best way to go about brining prosperity in distributism or corporatism and a moral life.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism
Fascism itself cannot be defined, it's an organic philosophy. Fascist states have similarities but fascism doesn't have a set stone definition. Salazars Portugal was different to Mussolinis Italy.
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? Id like to learn more about fascism. Been interested in politics for 9 years.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
If they serve the national interest, they are treated well, if they go against the nation, they should be dealt with.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? Separate nations of ethnic homogeneity living side by side in friendship but no race mixing and let each culture flourish.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? It's controlled by international finance Capitalism and is mostly degenerate.

2019-07-07 23:50:09 UTC
2019-07-07 23:50:28 UTC


2019-07-08 16:36:54 UTC

1) link in another server
2) 18
3) USA
4) Haven't read
5) equality means providing people the same opportunities to achieve greatness. If they choose not too it's on them.
6) Fascism has elements of both right and left policies.
7) one that works and been with politics for 5 years
8) I treat them with respect as people but debate the ideas.
9) A world where every country has its borders and can set its own trade deals. No more EU or some UN.
10) Pop culture is trash. We've idolized crimes.

2019-07-08 16:46:42 UTC

Your in

2019-07-10 02:27:27 UTC

1 Linked from another sever 2 23 3 USA 4 it’s bullshit 5 I believe in equality before the law and equal opportunity. I am a fascist and I define fascism as a way of life that urges men to build themselves up to help the society prosper. 6 Fascism is a radical center ideal that takes nationalism and strong social values from the right, well taking a care for the worker and middle class from the left. 7 I want to spread the ideals of national unionism or get involved with another American Fascist ideal/group. I have been in politics for 5 years. 8 I disagree with the ”liberals” (but I listen to them) and support any and all fascists. I do this because even though I hate them and everything they stand for they still deserve sometime to speak. 9 a world where all the distinct ethnic groups are free to choose their own destiny and there is no globalization or neomarxism 10 popular culture is absolute degeneracy.

2019-07-21 18:28:02 UTC

1 post please

2019-07-21 18:55:15 UTC

1. Where did you find us? iFunny
2. How old are you? 16
3. What is your nationality? English
4. How do you think about Siege? Never read it and never will, just a book for NatSocs to wank over
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? I’m a fascist. I would define fascism as an ideology that seeks to bring out the absolute best of a people and uses the state to make sure the country never reverts back to degeneracy again
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? No, in my opinion the alt-right are people that still believe in a political solution. My definition of fascism is seen above
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? Been with politics since 2016, really just want to be in a community of people with my beliefs tbh
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that? I’d treat them the same but I’d probably spend more time with the fascist and would try debate the liberal
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? A Christian globe with ethnostates for the appropriate continents and races
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? Shit and devolved, we need a swift turn back

2019-07-21 18:55:26 UTC
2019-07-21 18:56:21 UTC

@Deleted User do you think it’s possible for America to have a ethnostate?

2019-07-21 18:57:29 UTC

I would prefer if an ethnostate was pursued by creating a hostile political environment to blacks etc and making them feel unwelcome so they leave

2019-07-21 18:57:35 UTC

But realistically

2019-07-21 18:57:42 UTC

It would probably require a lot of violence

2019-07-21 18:57:56 UTC

Alright man I’ll let you in

2019-07-21 18:58:01 UTC

Thanks buddy

2019-07-21 19:44:19 UTC

1. Found the server from an ifunny post
2.16 years old
3. American
4.from what i heard it was a decent book, i have the pdf of it but haven't gotten around to reading it
5. Complete equality is dumb pursuit, having a fair system where everyone has the potential to succeed based on there work is more important
5a. My ideology revolves around keeping and preserving traditions as well as protecting the people from influences that seek to subvert our civization and way of life, having strong and smart leaders and a 1 party system where the people can be assured they have to power to make decisions for themselves and they have power over there life
6.fascism is alt right because it isn't a mainstream political ideology like conservatism and mostly is rightwing in nature, if you want to agrue if the left is fascist, they probably are just authoritarian Communist
7.i want to learn about a bunch of different ideologies mostly fascist and authoritary ideologies and how they worked
8. It depends on the liberal, if he is acting retarded i would call him retarded, same thing for fascists really if they aren't making a lot of sense but leftists tend to act up a lot
9. A world where there was no degeneracy and people would be smart and responsible, where people can get married and have children without any of the fears of our modern world, where we can be safe and strong together as a community, country and people

2019-07-21 19:48:46 UTC

10. Also todays culture is going to lead to the destruction of western civilization, the widespread degeneracy and cuckness of the people in the united states and the across Europe is sickening. And it all boils down to worshiping celebrities and products and waiting for the next trend and repeating till it gets more and more degenerate

2019-07-21 20:05:50 UTC

1. Where did you find us? iFunny
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work). 18 almost 19
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in). US
4. How do you think about Siege? it's alright
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? (Make it detailed). Men are inherently unequal as to be completely equal would deny freedom of will
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism. Fascism could be considered part of the wider alt-right culture, but I define alt-right as more of a neo-Nazi group. Fascism is the following of natural law. That the weak will follow and the strong will lead, and that racial and cultural homogeneity is key to a proper society
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? I would be interested in learning about the Ustase. I've been politically active since around 2015, but a fascist starting early 2017
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that? Liberals are no different than Conservatives or communists. They are the enemy of our people and of God
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? My ideal world is a Theocratic monarchy, because that is the natural societal structure. A king is to his country as a father is to his family
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? It is Jewish propaganda and the only way forward is to burn it all away


2019-07-21 20:06:54 UTC

Alright I’ll let you in

2019-07-21 20:08:51 UTC

No, i don't know what 3rd position is. @Deleted User

2019-07-21 20:09:58 UTC

It’s pretty much when a political ideology fits outside of a the right and left wing paradigm and fascism belongs in that category we really don’t consider it to be alt right

2019-07-21 20:10:08 UTC
2019-07-21 20:11:52 UTC

Oh okay

2019-07-21 20:12:00 UTC

You seem cool I’ll let you in

2019-07-21 20:12:09 UTC


2019-07-21 22:18:56 UTC

Hurry the fuck up moonman

2019-07-21 22:22:06 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
A guy invited me on discord
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in). Russia
4. How do you think about Siege? Larp gay shit
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it?
National Syndicalism, I support equality of opportunity of all peoples. I do not support absolute equality, but rather think that people should be fairly compensated for their labor.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
Fascism is not alt right but many fascists are alt right. Fascism does not have a specific definition but it has some core values like nationalism, militarism, spirituality and etc.
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics?
I would like to expand my knowledge of all ideologies. I have been interested in politics for about 4 years.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
Liberal gets the bullet, a fascist who is a natsoc or a siege larper too.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
States that have large degrees of worker control over industry and society, with fascist values instilled in them.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
Largely propaganda by our current system

2019-07-21 22:22:24 UTC

Oh hey I saw you in that meme with atomicviper

2019-07-23 20:00:45 UTC

**You are seeing the verification questions of our server. Answer every question to get verified, there will be no exception to anywho.**

1. Where did you find us?
Invite from CJXproxy
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in).
4. How do you think about Siege?
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? (Make it detailed).
Equality of opportunity for non degenerates only. People who don’t deserve it shouldn’t get it.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
No it’s third position. An economic combination of Socialism and Capitalism all under a strong centralized leader.
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? Carlism, integeralism. Past 4 years.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that? Liberals like idiots because they are. Fascists with caution because of how much variety it has.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? All nations Catholic, because it’s the one true faith, and the salvation of souls is important to me.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? Degenerate, because it’s against Catholic teachings.
11. What is your religion? Guess
12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism? Very dumb.

Thanks for reading and accepting our verification. Hope you have a great time in our server!

2019-07-27 19:41:52 UTC

1. Invite from Csd 13


3. USA


5. Equality of opportunity is important however not equality of outcome and radical egalitarianism is pretty dumb

6. No, The alt right is heavily rooted in White Nationalism and Being Far Right
While Fascism is beyond the left-right dichotomy

7.National Anarchism and other Libertarian Third Positionist ideologies, 3 years

8. For the liberal I would slowly guide them as if I were leading a sheep to Fascism, as for the Fascist I would be quite open and be interested in discussion

9. A world of Nations with distinct cultures and self interest in order to preserve their culture and morality

10. Pretty material capitalist junk that is used to keep us compliant

11. Catholicism

12. Marx’s ideas caused the deaths of Millions and caused my Family to leave my Home, so I don’t like the guy

2019-08-21 17:53:44 UTC

1:scripted python sent me a link .
4:It’s stupid
5: Equality is way too abstract a concept and can lead to many problems, My ideology is Classical Fascism very similar to the writings of Mussolini however I am still new
6: No, The altright has too much focus on Ethno nationalism for it to be Fascist, Fascism is a believe in running the Nation like a body all is important and must work together
7: I would like to know more about Fascism and that in part is why I joined this server, plus im Italian.
8: would treat a liberal like a person but understanding their limitations on political thought, I would be more open with the fascist
9: A world where the people of the Nation can unite under a common goal and Finish that goal efficiently and quickly
10: generally pretty bad but stuff like certain anime and television can be great
12:very destructive and dangerous to the world, his ideas ruined many places

2019-08-30 13:59:06 UTC

1. Link was given to me by python
2. Married with kids
4. Philosophically weak in all regards
5. Egalitarianism and equality is a false God, my primary ideological aims are 3 fold and these are identical with the keys of the Italian fascist project, 1: maximization of the eidetic identification among people within the group dissolving the individual and group into a hive of pure state spirit. 2: maximal economic and social efficiency. 3: maximal long term human longevity.
6. It is not, Fascism is an application of Giovanni Gentile’s actual idealism which is a modification of Hegelian thought, in this application he fundamentally makes the Ego the key to the nonduality between the multiplicity of sense perception and the oneness of self and the crux of this unity is the ego nature, and it is the composite of Culture, economic force and government known as State which we desire to construct and empower that will serve as the totalitarian group Ego cleaving all of us into a direct unity into its singular spirit and singular Grand Ego.

2019-08-30 13:59:11 UTC

7. For a while, my interests are primarily in philosophy and mystical studies.
8. Without respect until they have proven themselves of any intellect and then I will see if I cannot bring them closer to my view point.
9. There is no such ideal, perpetual advancement of technology and capitalism allowing for perpetual tightening of individuals into a tighter and tighter collective being ever so bound into this hive intelligence, automation and other advancements causing the stapling of economic classes producing a defacto caste system and this unified with the commodification and dissolution of hardcore capitalism modified by the coagulation that State and top down cultural force from all that empowers the state is effectively my ideal which is partially already here and will only continue to grow in power.
10. Pop culture has always been terrible, at least it keeps the plebs in check.
11. Esoteric Christianity, I have initiation in various esoteric western and eastern orders.
12. Marx couldn’t even predict the arising of a managerial class, any value in Marxism is reduced to 0 once you realize he’s just a shitty version of Hegel, I highly enjoy Hegel but Marx is not particularly fantastic in any regard. Now you want a force of cancer, Foucault is Cancer.

2019-08-31 06:55:32 UTC

1. Invite from Python
2. 21
3. Canada
5. It's a meaningless goal as a whole, and overall to abstract to even pinpoint that guys like Marx himself even said so.
6. No, however you can be a "fascist" and "alt right' at the same time, normally when alt right is said in MSM the first thing that pops into your mind is a nazi. I would say all Nazi's are fascist, but not all fascists are Nazi's.
7. I would like to learn more about history as a whole, and the cycles it goes through and actions that are doomed to be repeated.
8. I treat a Fascist as somebody who values society overall more important than themselves compared to a individualistic liberal, I'll be open with my views if they wish me to
9. My ideal world is where suffering is minimum, stability is created, authority is respected, the family is unmolested, and above all us the search for meaning is achieved
10. Too broad of a term/question
11. I believe in spirituality
12. Marx had wonderful diagnosis, but less than welcoming solutions

2019-09-05 21:16:05 UTC

1 invite from CJ
2 15
3 Romania
4 there are siegetards but some are allright and can be cured
5 equality is most certainly unachieveable as long as zionists exist
Im a bit of a legionnaire which is an ideology all about christian love and nationalism
6 fascism is not alt right and it is the universal truth
7 as of curently im studying the reason christians and muslims dont get along too well and i would love to know more about ethnic nationalism
Ive been with politics for about 2 years
8 i treat both without respect unless they prove to be inteligent persons
9 i dont really have an ideal world as im not that much into politics but i would love to hear from others
10 all the nowadays shit music is made to brainwash our kids
We should just simply keep kids as far away from politics (and faggots) as possible
11 christian
12 marx was a fool who starved his poor kids
Marxists are preety dumb from what ive seen

2019-09-05 21:16:50 UTC

Noice I’ll let you in

2019-09-06 00:25:00 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
Sora invited me
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).
16 1/2
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in).
United States of America
4. How do you think about Siege?
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? (Make it detailed).
My ideology would probably be a Astrologist (Based on space travel)
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
Nationalism, put your country first and mostly Jingoist
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics?
Ive been with politics for a year now.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
Depends on the person. If its a skinhead then they're not an intellectual fascist.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
Human evolution (more space exploration) is achieved
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
Filthy, not even close to the truth. From Fakenews to Hollywood
11. What is your religion?
Christian. Believe in the Ideological Christianity
12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
Dont know what they are talking about and usually have bright green hair or are on their deathbed

2019-09-06 00:27:29 UTC
2019-09-09 19:48:32 UTC

1. got invited by @Deleted User 2. 16 3. Canadian 4. Haven't read it, heard good things and bad things. 5, I believe in equality of opportunity, but also that every person is different, with some superior and some inferior is different ways. My ideology is Mosleyite Fascism which I define as the British version of Fascism which is the ideology which adheres to natural law and uses tradition applied to the modern day and struggle to improve the nation 6. see above 7. I've been in politics to some extent for 3 or 4 years. I wanna learn any potential policies or strategies about fascism. 8. I treat the liberal as an idiot and the fascist reasonably until I have reason not to in both cases 9. a world controlled by a fascist empire that emerges from my home country 10. it's very disgusting 11. agnostic, considering christianity and paganism 12. foolish

2019-09-10 22:25:23 UTC

1got invited by a post in a server.
4-Kinda of a larper book but can give us a good idea in revolution etc
5-Equality is anti human nature and human behavior I’m saying this because there are natural diferences between a man and a woman we saw this is not just human behavior but in nature too with in most species of animals man and female have different roles, my ideology is National syndicalist based on the ideas of the original Falange and the Portuguese national syndicalist action I guess we could say that’s a form of Iberian fascism I believe in a union of classes by nationality and not a fight between then I think that every class should be organized in a syndicate were they vote to elect the leader of that class, I propose the nationalization of every company with more than 150 workers, in the social aspect im pretty a nationalist I defend the Portuguese race etc etc
6-Fascism isn’t Alt Right in the way of fascism is third position wich rejects communism and capitalism and Alt right as a lot of etno libertarian groups

2019-09-10 22:25:40 UTC

7-Wich ideology I want to learn? Probably want to get better and study more my own ideology I have been in politics 1,5 years I’m a fascist since January.
8-Liberal is always a liberal(treating liberal in the European form like Sargon) wich as dumb ideas and doesn’t see the volk as one collective in the way that every people are a cell that composes a body being the body a country have too bad economic ideas in the way that don’t support their own production and only see the consumption,depends what you say a fascist is an intellectual fascist is good to have a debate a neo “Nazi” is a person who utilizes the ideology in a way to spread violence.
9-Probably a world of nations in wich nation as is own state and I think borders should be redesigned by race
10-Too much Jewish influence in today pop culture just watch the old spider man and the new how much have the characters changed and if you don’t believe just watch the new captain America, or how is the new aquaman etc etc
11-Roman Catholic
12-Marx was a Jew and part of bourgeois that have an stupid idea is economy system never worked anarchy or statist we have ever exemple in the world since Somalia to Russia.

2019-09-10 23:38:06 UTC

1. Invited by @Kalash.
2. 16.
3. The USA.
4. Interesting book.
5. I believe in equality of opportunity, not necessarily in that everyone is equal. My ideology is Garveyist Fascism, something I define as classical Black nationalist/Garveyist thought being modeled on Italo-Fascist lines.
6. I wouldn't define Fascism as Alt-Right, considering the latter movement is intended to be solely for Whites, especially those in the USA while also being a rather loose coalition of White nationalist groups.
7. I suppose I'd like to learn more about ideologies apart of the Third Position.
8. Depends on the Liberal and/or Fascist.
9. One where the Nation and State are synonymous and where the whole of not just SSA but the African Diaspora has been transformed into the Ideal States as promoted by classical Black nationalists, Mussolini, Hitler, etc.
10. Too mainstream and degenerate for my taste.
11. Oriental Orthodox Christianity.
12. Both are terrible.

2019-09-11 05:27:01 UTC
2019-09-11 05:27:04 UTC

you know me

2019-09-11 05:48:23 UTC

1. Jreg server @Deleted User invited me
2. 15
3. American
4. haven't read it but have know people (irl) that have
5. I believe in some equalities (like the equality of opportunity). I do not agree with equality of outcome or the equality of cultures and thought. I do however believe in the *general* equality of races (I want to kill 80% or Arabs, all of the Han, 80% of Hindustanis, 30% of the Jews (okay ik parenthesis inside another one? but it's really the ones in Israel that I have a distaste for and i don't want to accidently wipe them out) and 80% of the Christians (okay again ik but the reason I need to kill so many of these religious groups is bc of the divergences many people had from the original thought(s) of the religions due to stupidity, also there's a lot of scum in the world)).
6. I believe the Alt-Right is more of a White Identitarian group rather than a solely Fascist. Fascism is homogenous idealism in a specific thought and world view.
7. I want to learn more about the various forms of Fascism as I only really understand my own and haven't read any literature about it. I've been thinking about politics for about 3 years (1 year with just liberal propaganda thrown at me).
8. I treat a liberal the same as any fascist other than poking fun at their liberalism occasionally as I generally avoid discussing politics with liberals and vice versa. When discussing politics however, I usually can dismantle peoples liberal beliefs and make them more statist.

2019-09-11 05:51:36 UTC

9. My ideal world is one where original cultures are reborn and allowed to saturate itself homogenously with defined borders of differing cultures. I wouldn't stop people from moving (as I said previously i care very little about race). However, to keep cultures homogenous you would have to take some sort of program to integrate into the other culture. The state would monitor everything these cultural defects would do and they would only be allowed in specific areas to keep cultures from being distorted. Their children would be handled by the state. There would be a type of internationalism between the ruling class, with national leaders having to participate in some sort of international coalition to keep peace between nations.
10. It's a clusterfuck of ideas which makes it very weak. There's a reason a band with a cast of diverse music taste rarely ever works (I don't know any plz dm me if you do know any). Also, there seem to be no more morals in pop culture, just postmodern liberals believing there are no correct actions and everything is a subjective thing with no moral standards one should apply to ones self.
11. I'm not associated with any religion at the moment but I'm very interested in Brahmo Samaj or Brahmoism
12. Marx is okay. His theories were ahead of him from what I understand and shouldn't have been applied so quickly. They should have been more thought out instead of a way to quickly grab power.

2019-09-11 05:54:28 UTC

maybe I should have put the to kill list in 9. sorry

2019-09-11 06:07:59 UTC

*"Brahmos reject all forms of totalitarianism."*

2019-09-11 06:40:22 UTC

Ik I just said I'm interested

2019-09-11 06:40:28 UTC

1. Invited by @Sora#1263
2. 18
3. U.S.
4. Nazi Larp
5. I believe that there should be minumums of oppertunity and a robust social later to an extent. It is axiomatic that all humans are not equal. A Father is above his Household. As a Father is to his household as Lord is to his city and A king is to his nation. Age also factors in. An youth dare never disrespect an old man. The same reverance of father deserves from his son, a man of the community deserves from its youths. The contribution one makes to society is weighted among age-mates. A young doctor is above a young nurse, but an old janitor is above a young doctor.
6. To me, the alt-right is hyper nationalism that has cropped up in the west in response to the liberal creep, often but not always race based. While Fascism is the ideology of the supremacy of the nation as a unit over the individual.
7. I want to learn about various philosphies about the organization of the nation. Fascism in particular and Narionalism in tis various forms.
I have been political for 5 years
8. It depends on the character of the Liberal/fascists, the consistency of their particular ideals, and their capacity to examine their own world view. I am sceptical of the vapid and unexamined.
9. My Ideal world is one where each nation has a homeland in which their nationals are supreme, restored to their indigineous cultures and religions. The free movement of individuals detween said borders, the the exinction of the evangelical religions and liberalism as a philosophy, and all nations under a supreme federation to steer the cooperation and survival of humanity (at the very least, for my race)
10. I hate it like death. It is vapid and shallow.
11. Agnostic with a proclivity towards traditionalism
12. Marx was a fool for believing that class is more legitimate as a unit than the nation

2019-09-11 20:21:40 UTC


2019-09-17 13:21:53 UTC

Good enough

2019-09-17 13:22:01 UTC

Train dudes weird

2019-09-23 11:28:12 UTC

1. @Deleted User invited me
2. 19
3. I live in Australia. I was raised in France.
4. I don't really like the strategy. There's better less retarded ways to help your people.
5. Equality is the idea that completely worthless members of society who add nothing to the world deserve just as much stuff as someone who has worked hard their whole life. And it is not even measured by those who advocate it in sensical terms, as being thin or "cisgendered" can mean you're privileged and no matter how much material wealth you have, if you are not these things, you can claim to be underprivileged.
Unlike those who twist what counts as equality to help themselves attain high privilege, a degree of equality can be a good thing in certain terms. But you need a monocultural society in which to reach this equality or things will fall apart. Any nation not unified in common cause and culture cannot hope to reach a true and stable equality. A monocultural nation with economic equality among equally hardworking individuals is the ideal state, so I guess you could call me a Strasserist.
6. Alt right is often fascism, but not always. Milo Yiannopolous calls himself alt right, and yet he advocates homosexuality and is fine with interracial sex, two things which fascism is in opposition to. Fascism is a state lead by a single leader with full reaching power over the state in order to ensure the state remains an economically, politically, and culturally unified country.
7. I want to learn more about Nazbol's beyond just the memes. I've been "with politics" since about 14 but I've been with THESE types of politics since 16.
8. I would treat both with suspicion. Some liberals are just useful idiots, and some are genuinely advocating for the liberal agenda. Some fascists have their hearts in it, others are either doing it for attention/influence/they're feds.

2019-09-23 11:28:14 UTC

9. I've already described my ideal state, my ideal world would be a world of states like that. All cultures existing, but not together intermingled. All proud of who they are. All opposed to anyone who would undermine their nations.
10. Propaganda to soften the minds of the innocent and naïve.
11. I was a Christian. I still have a great respect for Christian heritage and culture, but I guess I'm more agnostic than Christian now.
12. You cannot unify a nation by class that is divided by race. You cannot unify a nation by race that is divided by class. A unified nation requires unity in race AND class.

2019-09-28 15:40:47 UTC

1. Cjproxy told me about it

2019-09-28 15:41:15 UTC

2. I'm 16

2019-09-28 15:41:16 UTC

Try posting all the questions in full

2019-09-28 15:41:22 UTC

Oh okay

2019-09-28 15:41:27 UTC

Makes things easy

2019-09-28 15:42:04 UTC
2019-09-28 15:42:08 UTC


2019-09-28 15:42:21 UTC

3. American

2019-09-28 15:42:41 UTC

4. Nazi degenerate writtings

2019-09-28 15:45:49 UTC

5. Equally is a rediculous idea. The fact is that races have genetic differences past that of just things on the outside. Also Jews bring corruption and are the reason for the false dichotomy and must be managed by the state. The official religion of the US must be Christianity. All other religions should be made illegal

2019-09-28 15:49:37 UTC

6. Fascism denyes both the left and the right ideologys. It denies the material wellness = happiness, of which, brings people down to the level of animals. Fascism preserves culture and the nation's people. A fascist government is the only way.

2019-09-28 15:50:56 UTC

7. I have been in politics for about 2 years. I was originally part of the Republican party and have recently become fascist. I would like to learn more about Fascism

2019-09-28 15:52:18 UTC

8. I would tell a liberal they are a tool of the Jews if have met one and explain Fascism to them. A fellow fascist I would like to talk to about his perticular brand of fascism and give input on my ideas

2019-09-28 15:53:24 UTC

9. My ideal world is a fascist America were Christianity is made the official religion and Jews are under close watch. This would protect the people, and prevent Jewish corruption

2019-09-28 15:53:57 UTC

10. Pop culture drives degeneracy and must be destroyed. We need to implement more traditional values

2019-09-28 15:54:08 UTC

11. I am Roman Catholic

2019-09-28 15:54:25 UTC

12. Marxism is a cancer and a tool of the Jews

2019-09-29 23:56:00 UTC

I’m Groyper

2019-09-29 23:56:03 UTC


2019-09-29 23:56:22 UTC

Ok man just answer the questions and I’ll let you in

2019-09-30 00:18:34 UTC

1. On iFunny
2. 17 years
3. United States of America
4. Siege is a brash manifestation of ethnic frustration. It is not of much value and would only serve to radicalized people to a level where they cannot engage in a logical and constructive manner. Overall the book should be relegated to unsavory organizations like the Atomwaffen, and should not be endorsed by any genuine fascist or national socialist.
5. Equality in the the sense of the question is very ambiguous. I will say I believe most forms of equality are counter productive to building a strong state and healthy national body. Universal suffrage was perhaps the greatest mistake the United States ever made, as it allows the weak and degenerate to have a say over the affairs of the strong and progenerate. I am not technically a fascist however the ideology I subscribe to is called National Progressivism, which is a direct product of Fascism. National Progressivism is a communitarian and nationalist ideology that's main goal is to not bring the nation into a previous period but to forge a new golden age out of the developments of the nation. National Progressivism is also believes in collectivised companies for the interest of the worker.

2019-09-30 00:24:50 UTC

6. Fascism is not alt-right but rather exists in its own sect of the political sphere called Third Psoition. Fascism is the corporate, organic state, where the state is the ultimate manifestation of the will of the people. There are many types of fascism too.
7. I want to learn more about Facsism and National Progressivism, I have been doing politics most of my life.
8. A liberal will receive much scorn from me and will not be allowed to spread lies when I am near. A fascist I usually consider a compatriot (unless they are gay LARP).
9. My ideal world is a world where every nation on Earth, even captive ones are free to seek out their own destinies in peace and let their people flourish among the Earth. This is the natural way humans were meant to live.
10. Modern popular culture is a degenerate and revolting phenomena that is destroying the youth.
11. Christian
12. Marx had some good ideas about workers equlaity but overall Marxism is an internationalist cancer that should be destroyed.

2019-09-30 00:25:06 UTC
2019-09-30 00:37:52 UTC




2019-09-30 00:38:32 UTC

Did the pictures send I wrote all answers in a paragraph but it didn't send so I sent the Screenshots

2019-09-30 00:38:34 UTC

Thanks for the book report

2019-09-30 00:38:42 UTC

Reading it now

2019-09-30 00:38:48 UTC

Someone is anyway

1. **Z l e e p**
2. 19
3. American
4. Didn’t read it, looks shitty
5. Equality doesn’t exist, all that matters is our differences and how we utilize them to our advantages. Human society is a strict hierarchy, even the most liberal of them is prone to harsh judgement and discrimination against one another politically, religiously, ethnically, culturally, personally, etc. I am a Praxist, I believe in authority to secure social cohesion, dignity, and morality.
6. No, Alt-Right is merely a modern pseudo-intellectual term, Fascism doesn’t believe in counter-cultures and libertarianism.
7. I’m reading more on marxism and general socialist literature, I’ve been politically aware and the most politically consistent for six or so years.
8. Considering that most Fascists are empty headed neos and liberals are the seeds of societal deterioration; with prejudice.
9. Zleep has a pretty good idea by now
10. Degenerate, it’s all rebelliousness and hedonism.
11. Currently secular
12. He spoke out about the terrible conditions of capitalism and changed the course of history forever, I respect him.

2019-09-30 04:59:06 UTC


2019-09-30 04:59:15 UTC

Could’ve just said it’s you

2019-09-30 04:59:45 UTC


2019-10-01 11:40:21 UTC

1. @Deleted User
2. 18
3. U.S.
4. Neo-Nazi delusions written by an anarchist
5. Equality is an idiotic idea, no one is born equal. The only way to gain rights should be by making yourself productive and useful. I believe in a corporative/syndicate state, each trade union or employer corporation would represent it’s professional concerns, especially by negotiation of labour contracts and the like.
6. The alt-Right will never be fascist, they are mere white supremacists who support the jewish puppet. Fascism is unity against Marxism and liberalism, a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values. It interprets and develops the whole life of a people.
7. I’m becoming more and more interesting in Strasserism. I seek an unbiased explanation. Since I was a child
8. I would treat a liberal as someone who is blinded politically. If the fascist is a real fascist I would see them as a fellow comrade
9. There are only two ways of seeing the world, the cave and the sun. “The world is a spectrum, all opinions are valid”, that would be the cave or how most see the world. “There is only one truth, the rest are falsehoods. Opinions only exist out of ignorance and of the truth and are equally valid in being wrong. That would be the sun or “enlightened” worldview.
10. I hate it, it’s mindless and manifests in the form of the cave
11. Agnostic
12. Though I do have common ground with Marx when it comes with capitalism, I still see him as a product of liberal thinking. Thus, an enemy of fascism

2019-10-01 13:25:51 UTC
2019-10-01 13:39:02 UTC
2019-10-01 13:39:24 UTC

2: 15

2019-10-01 13:39:33 UTC


2019-10-01 13:40:33 UTC

4:a bunch of crazy nazi shit

2019-10-01 13:41:22 UTC

5: no one is equal is a poor african kid eaqual to bill gates, NO

2019-10-01 13:43:58 UTC

6: They are not the same Fascism extreme and usually involves dictators. but alt-rights are just people with strong viewpoints on political ideas

2019-10-01 13:46:08 UTC

7: I want to learn more about things like Fascism and I have been somewhat involved with politics for a while

2019-10-01 13:47:31 UTC

8: I would treat a liberal as someone who doesn't know what there talking about and a fascist as a fellow member

2019-10-01 13:51:27 UTC

9: my ideal world is a fascist government with no feminists sjws

2019-10-01 13:52:49 UTC

10: hate it its stupid

2019-10-01 13:53:40 UTC

11: Agnostic

2019-10-01 13:54:13 UTC

12: Marxism is a stupid evil used by the jews

2019-10-02 17:22:13 UTC

1. @csd 13
2. 25
3. Brazil
4. A very bad written book, wich reflects the stupidity of his author
5. Equality only works in very limited sense and only when combined with strong hierarchical roles.
6. Fascism is alt right only in the sense of being alternative to currents streams. It´s a combination of technocracy, organicism and duty ethics.
7. I define myself as an integral nationalist, with strong fascist and theonomist ellements.
8. In a case by case basis, but the liberal with more caution, explaining all the things he doesn´t know
9. A world with hierarchy, subsidiarity and self determination of nations
10. Popular culture had, like all ages, good and bad aspects. The worse thing of our modern cultural climate are the lack of resilience of people when talking about serious or hard question, everyone is easily offended.
11. Reformed / Calvinistic christian
12. Feuebarch ruined his thought. Proudhon was a better thinker and the history of Marxism is a confirmation of that

2019-10-02 17:23:11 UTC


2019-10-02 17:23:17 UTC

You’re good

2019-10-03 22:52:59 UTC

1. Strasserist Discord Server.
2. 19
3. USA
4. Gay and glows
5. Equality among men to is essential to maintain the nation, but man must be allowed to grow and advance as long as it dosen't hurt the nation. Southern nationalist with market socialist and strasserist, ecologist, and monarchist leanings.
6. Fascism is alt-right in the sense it's a alternative right wing position. The term alt right is meaningless though. Fascism is an umbrella term for movements that believe that a national rebirth is warranted and try to achieve this national rebirth using militarism, ultra-nationalism, and union of church and state.
7. I want to learn more about unorthodox rightwing and leftwing nationalist ideologies.
8. I don't care about them.
9. A Christian Socialist Nationalist Southern Kingdom.
10. Degenerate and unGodly.
11. Protestant
12. Jewish satanic commie with an army of cucked soyboys.

2019-10-09 21:55:06 UTC

1.Got an invite from one of the members of the Anti-Capitalist National Revolutionary Union



4.Need more elaboration on the question

5.So my ideology is Strasserism. It is the true National Socialism that strives for
Socialism , Ethno-Nationalism and Traditionalism .I'm more of a follower of Otto's Strasserism
rather then Gregor's Strasserism. Although I must say that I don't fully agree with the
economics of Strasserite NatSoc ,because the ideal economy for Otto Strasser would be a form
of agrarian socialism whereas i'm more fond of Market Socialism.It's worth adding that i also
a supporter of Pan-European Nationalism , where all europeans would unite under the identity
of White Europeans to protect themselves from outside threats and preserve their traditional way of life
As for the equality I believe that wealth of the nation's citizens should be equal enough for every citizen to be of the
same proletarian class , however I don't strive for complete wealth equality as I'm not a
communist and I believe It would be cruel for everyone to recieve roughly the same amount of
money regardless of how much work did certain group did compared to others.When it comes
to equality of ethnicities and races , I believe that although they are not equal these
differences are not drastic enough for one race to be considered "superior" to other

2019-10-09 21:55:17 UTC

6.Fascism desribes 2 things . First thing is Fascist Syndicalism which is a ideology that strives
for Ultra-Nationalism , Traditionalism and the elimination of church-state seperation , while
also replacing capitalism with corporate economy. Second definition of Fascism would be an
ideology that is Anti-Semitic, Ethno/Ultra-Nationalist ,Traditionalist,Racial Supremacist
and Anti-Socialist . The Fascist Syndicalism would not be alt-right , however Fascism described
by the second definition , would be , as it matches core beliefes of the alt-right or the "neo-nazis"

7.I want to learn more about National Syndicalism and other Socialist ideologies.I've been in politics
probably for 4 years , but i've become more intrested and more active only last year

2019-10-09 21:55:26 UTC

8.I consider Liberals to be my enemies because :
1.They advocate for capitalism
2.They are pro-multiculturalism , pro-feminism and are main advocates for globalism
3.Left wing Liberals give socialists bad name (i.e they are the reason why right wing groups
consider socialists to be "SJWs")

In conclusion I don't zealously hate , however they shouldn't expect good treatment from me

As for fascism , I despise the alt-right fascist (the ones I desribed in my second definition of fascism)
for their conspiracy theories , hitler apologia and anti-socialist stance. However when it comes to
Fascist Syndicalist , I believe I can work with them to some extent , yet I wouldn't consider them
my allies . The main things I oppose in Fascism is Corporatism (even though it's better then
libertarian capitalism it's still worse then market socialism) and their desire to return to the times
before the state-church seperation (well i'm an atheist and In their ideal state I would probably get beheaded
for "insulting" their god).

In conclusion I think I can work with Fascist Syndicalists , therefore I'm not hostile against them
however i'm not also too friendly.

2019-10-09 21:55:35 UTC

9.My ideal world would be world , where Market Socialism is the most common economic system . It would
be a world where no worker is exploited and also a world where culture and traditions live on. It
would truly be amazing to live in such place.

10.There is too much multiculturalism, history revisionism and sexualization , especially of the younger people.
Apart from that I don't really have many more strong , negative opinions on today's culture


12.Intresting critique of Capitalism , however that's it. History has shown as that Marxist regimes , even though
they start out as states of the working people for the working people , they eventually transform into repressive
State Capitalism , where the workers they swore to liberate , are now persecuted , this time by a different master and
this is why I oppose Marxism and all other socialisms that instead of giving private property to the workers , want
to give it to the state.

2019-10-09 21:55:53 UTC

Gabrielleite invited me

2019-10-09 21:56:01 UTC

have fun reading all of it lul

2019-10-09 21:56:11 UTC

`Gabrielleite invited me` same lul

2019-10-12 18:26:59 UTC

Ay ay ay where do I start

2019-10-12 18:30:24 UTC

Answer the questions

2019-10-12 18:31:07 UTC

Dm your answers to me if you that is preferable

2019-10-17 18:46:52 UTC

1. I was invited by the user Scripted Python.

2. I'm 18 years old.

3. My parents are from Italy, but i currently live in Germany.

4. Never read the book, so I can barely say something about it.

5. You can't treat humans equally, because we aren't equal. I understand something like equality in front of the court, but even here you can't treat everyone equally to eachother.
I would define myself as Italian Fascist/Corporatist. It's basically the classical hierarchical fascist order of the State, where the the government, the economy and society are formed like a singular body, to protect itself from alien interests and only for work for the state, never outside the state and never against the state. Okay, details are now difficult, so I like the socioeconomic system of fascist Italy, where the (national) union, capitalists and representatives of consumers had worked together to plan the Italian economic system and have also financed social projects, such as gymnastics etc. Also the whole model of mythical culturalism and some futurist aspects made this whole era a unique one. This system destroyed the struggle between classes, has helped Italy out of its crisis and also renewed it completely with its new social programs like universal Healthcare and tax advantages for big families etc.

6. I think alt-right is a hard term, I understand alt-right as a "cool right-wing" movement. A bit modern but with tendencies to race realism but also libertarian minarchism. I define fascism as the national order, where every aspect within the national works with eachother like a singular body against foreign interests. I define fascism as equal to corporatism.

2019-10-17 18:46:55 UTC


2019-10-17 18:46:58 UTC

7. Hm. I'm interested in concepts like national syndicalism or legionarianism. Let's see, I think since like five years I got a high interest in politics.

8. Liberal in sense of economic liberalism or leftists? It depends in which situation. In general I would help everyone, as long he is not a threat to me and my nation.

9. A corporatist state with a strong national consciousness and strong christian believe. Very social conservative where everyone in the nation find its place to help our people. I think it's the best system that could exist. Ofcourse i can't adapt the Fascist italian system 1x1, but we can inspire ourselves from this system.

10. I see popculture as something created by corporations to serve the hedonistic consumerism of our society. Nearly all of our cultural values are based on consumerism. It's a status symbol, to wear the newest Jordans etc. or hear popular music - to buy it and consume it. Popculture is a product of the cultural industry.

11. Christianity

12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
I like marxist criticism on capitalism, but I don't like its solutions. Marx was a great thinker, but he was also a bit utopian in my opinion.

2019-10-17 18:47:32 UTC


2019-10-19 23:20:15 UTC

Boring, haven't even tried reading it
I do not really care about equality, i care about justice and that hierarchies are not imposed, but
accepted as part of a healthy society and a cornerstone of civilization. i'd say i have an affinity towards
technocracy and meritocracy, but i don't like vanguard elitism, because structural issues.
i believe in organic communities, that have solidarity and common values. The closest
i come to in terms of value is non-aligned movement, civic nationalism/social contractarianism for culture and council-communism for political structure, and market socialism with decentralized planning for economy (fourth positionist zizekian/europeean version of neo-china???)
I think trade, mutual aid and moderate borders are vital to peace, and unity.

2019-10-19 23:20:17 UTC

Fascism is like liberalism and communism and *idea* most and foremost, not just an economic or political system,
it varies more from country to country, i don't think Hitler was a good rep of fascism, more so Mussolini and Mosley.
It's not altright, it's authoritarian and state-oriented at it's core, a strongly idealistic ideology. It's more rightwing in terms
of hierarchy
i think CCP is a good modern example of modern fascism, with it's strong nationalism, Confucianism one party corporate technocratic monopoly etc.

Dugins, fourth political theory, nick lands NRX, unconditional accelerationism. decentralized planning, cybernetics etc.
I've been into politics for around 8 years. multiple organizations.

I treat liberals and fascists equally. I criticise liberals for their faith in liberal democracy, especially people like Sam Harris and Steven pinker,
and i criticize some fascists for being too reactionary and anti-progress, especially how they deal with corruption and economic questions,
In regards to nationalization and protectionism. I agree with fascists a lot more on environmental questions, using state power,
liberals a lot more in regards to economics and peace, making finance highly decentralized and dependent on mutual aid.
I treat them in the way i think their stances correspond to and are in line with reality.

A world which highest value is embracing reality, acting in accordance to the law of contradiction,
in a hegelian sense. In essence, a progressive world that is based on understanding and embraces healthy
hierarchies, logic, act according material conditions and strive for collective wellbeing.
In short communitarianism.

2019-10-19 23:21:47 UTC

It's pure ideology, nihilist hedonistic reproduction without any real sense of purpose.
art and aesthetics aside, the first world and upper class seem to value experience more
than logical consistency and something greater than themselves

2019-10-19 23:22:05 UTC

there is a complete and utter lack of authenticity, and realism that disgusts me.

2019-10-19 23:22:15 UTC

so i guess you could say i don't like it :))

2019-10-19 23:22:25 UTC

11. agnostic

2019-10-19 23:23:26 UTC

12. I adhere to post-marxist philosophy, i don't like the class reductionism of the 20th century,
or the vulgar materialism espoused by some marxists. i dislike essentialism, and post-modern
rejection of grand narratives

2019-10-19 23:25:07 UTC

I still read marx and marxists more than any economists, but hegel is the true hero
in between the lines. i sometimes use the label libertarian marxism to describe my
political stance, but it misses the social aspect and the necessity of state power.

2019-10-19 23:26:23 UTC

i don't like anarchism, and i don't like the soviet union. I think marx and hegel are some the
Most misunderstood philosophers and theorists of all time and, there is much to be learned
from their writings, and the writings inspired from them.

2019-10-19 23:27:19 UTC

Gramsci and Pannekoek are my only real respectabe marxists, if you wanna count Zizek,
but in general i feel the original philsophy had a *lot* of shortcomings

2019-10-19 23:28:52 UTC

I come here mainly to have my ideas challenged and i find fascists more interesting
than liberals. modern idpol, "socialism" and such doesn't interest me very much

2019-10-19 23:47:08 UTC

@AngryTeapot#2020 your good welcome to the club

2019-10-24 17:37:05 UTC

@Deleted User <@618938704840359957> @egasseM neddiH A <@636336824800903168> if yall want to get into the server do the vetting

2019-10-25 10:29:47 UTC

There are in <#595480547011330056> <@636336824800903168>

2019-10-25 13:37:54 UTC

@Deleted User answer the vetting question when u can

2019-10-25 15:37:06 UTC

1. I was invited by @csd 13
2. 18
3. I’m from Iraq I live in the United States
4. I haven’t read the book and I don’t know much about it.
5. I think that equality is impossible to achieve instead we should focus on creating a fair and equitable society. My ideology is Ba’athism it is Arab socialist Arab nationalist, and pan-Arab ideology that promotes the development and creation of a unified Arab state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive revolutionary government. The end goal is to create a enlightened Arab society and new Arab renaissance which is what the word “Ba’ath” means in Arabic.
6. I think alt-right is label used to describe any right wing tendency that is not “politically correct” and it is also a very broad term so I’d say that there are some fascists in the alt-right movement but not all of them are. I think fascism in a broad umbrella of ideologies that seek to achieve a national rebirth or renaissance through nationalism.
7. I’m interested in fascist and other third position ideologies and I’d like to learn more about them. I have been into politics for about 3 years now.
8. I would treat a liberal as someone who is unwillingly ignorant (brainwashed by mainstream ideologies). Depending on the Fascist tendency I’d either be indifferent to them, or I’d treat them as a friend.
9. In my ideal world the Arabs would be united under a single state.
10. I see modern day pop culture as an outcome of capitalism, consumerism and neoliberalism. It is used by corporations to enrich themselves rather than enriching culture itself, I think most aspects of it are degenerate.
11. Agnostic
12. I think Marx made an excellent critique of Capitalism. However I think that Marxism is too materialistic.

2019-10-25 15:37:35 UTC

<@&589977740166430744> can you let me in?

2019-10-25 16:05:30 UTC

@Deleted User yes your good

2019-10-28 22:21:47 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
2. How old are you?
18 soon
3. What is your nationality?
4. How do you think about Siege?
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it?
God meant for hierarchies to exist; certain people have their place. I'm a monarchist/clerical fascist. I support many fascist movements but I am not a fan of Hitler or national socialism; I believe they were too modernist.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
Alt right is a meaningless umbrella term used to describe anyone with "extremist" beliefs that liberals find "hateful." Fascism is a worldview that is supposed to be about the universal truth.
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics?
I want to learn more about reactionarism and monarchism. I have been into politics largely since I was about 13.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
In real life I would treat them both the same because generally I don't like to cause any issues because I'll look retarded. I may disagree with their ideologies but I don't want to cause any unnecessary fights.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
An ideal world for me would be a patriarchal, traditionalist world where morality was followed and traditions between different groups of people would be respected. This is because the multicultural world today has not worked at all and is causing a societal decay.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
Secularism in the West has caused people to fall into nihilism, leading to hendonism.
11. What is your religion? Orthodox Christianity
12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
Marxism is way too materialistic. Some of the topics touched by Marx aren't entirely wrong but it overall isn't the right solution to capitalism.

2019-10-28 22:23:06 UTC

@Deleted User I’ll let you in

2019-10-29 22:37:49 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
The server Chief Administrator, Professor Giovanni Gentile send to me the invite link.
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).
17 year's old.
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in).
I'm Brazilian, i live in The Federative Republic of Brazil.
4. How do you think about Siege?
I will read the book.
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? (Make it detailed).
The equality is impossible, so we must focus in creating a fair and equitable society and country. My idelogy is National-Traditionalism, is a Christian Nationalism, who promotes the development and creation of a Brazilian Civilization throught the National Redemption and Redemption Leadership. The end goal is to free all latin countries from globalist prison and a latinean good era.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
No, fascism is third-positionist, the alt-right is a ''fake'' nationalism who try to unite liberals, ancap and others in a ''front'' and not a ideology like Fascism. Fascism is a ideology who want to achieve to each country their renaissance through nationalism, corporativism and a strong and capable leadership

2019-10-29 22:37:51 UTC

7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics?
I'm interested in Fascism, Nationalism, Traditionalism and Monarquism and i'd like to learn more about them. I have been into politics for about 5 years now
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
I will treat a liberal like he deserves, because he is a ignorante who are brainwashed by globalists. I will treat a fascist (depending of tendency) as a friend or brother.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
In my ideal world the Christians will be Strong and Capable, and the Tradition will be the National Focus.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
I see modern ''culture'' as an globalist product to try to destroy the Tradition, Christianity and Slave people.
11. What is your religion?
I'm Catolic Apostholic Roman.
12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
I think he made good critiques about Capitalism, but his hipocrisy and materialism i don't like

2019-10-29 22:38:00 UTC

@csd 13 I can enter now?

2019-10-29 22:39:24 UTC

@Deleted User I’ll let you in

2019-10-30 21:05:14 UTC

1. The admin invited me

2019-10-30 21:05:17 UTC

2. 22

2019-10-30 21:05:32 UTC

3. Ethnic Russian currently living on US soil

2019-10-30 21:05:53 UTC

4. Not a fan at all, to say the least

2019-10-30 21:07:31 UTC

5. Equality is a false god- even the heavens have hierarchy, and this is a good and natural thing for civilization. I am an Absolute Monarchist, Imperialist, Distributionist, Reactionary, Mystic, Eurasianist, Buddhist

2019-10-30 21:09:29 UTC

6. From what I understand, the Alt-Right are mostly just White Identitarians. To be a fascist you have to be in support of Third Positionist economics along with a whole lot of other ideological things- which doesn't fit the bill for alot of people in the Alt-Right as they can range from Libertarians who talk about the JQ to people like Atomwaffen

2019-10-30 21:10:24 UTC

7. I'm not really interested in learning about any other political ideologies unless I'm debating someone- I got an invite because the server admin was looking for reactionaries

2019-10-30 21:11:05 UTC

8. I mean, I'd much rather live in an Absolute Monarchy than Fascist state, but I'd rather live in a fascist state than a democracy and would rather live in a democracy than a Marxist state. Even if it means I get shoved in the oven for being a Slav who follows a "non-white" religion the rest of society would probably be better off (unless someone like Himmler writes me off as a "honorary Aryan" and lets me into his special occult club)

2019-10-30 21:12:56 UTC

9. The ideal world would probably be for the entire planet to be in a one-world government, but a feudalistic, confederated, and heavily theocratic one (I could write an entire book about the "ideal world")

2019-10-30 21:13:57 UTC

10. The previous so-called Dark Ages in Europe were materially poor but spiritually robust. I believe we are and have been living in a Dark Age unto our own, except this time it's reversed: we are materially prosperous and advanced but spiritually dead and rotten, which is actually worse.
It's our technology that makes it seem as though civilization is still humming along, when really it's been in sharp decline for centuries.

2019-10-30 21:15:18 UTC

11. Vajrayana Buddhism- but I also pay occasional homage to the old Rodnover gods like Perun, Svarog, etc. (in the same way a Japanese Buddhist might also praise Shinto gods)

2019-10-30 21:16:24 UTC

12. Atheistic, Materialist Marxism of all varieties is the greatest enemy to face the human race in all our history.

2019-10-30 21:16:55 UTC

Alright I’ll let you in

2019-11-03 20:35:54 UTC

1. I was invited

2. 20

3. America or Texas.

4. It has a lot of good points.

5. Equality doesn't exist. It never has. Women always push this. Equality. Equality. What is equality? A woman texting on the job and getting paid a man's wage for work she wouldn't do? An illegal coming here and having four kids and my taxes giving him $500 a month in SNAP benefits so his kids can be doctors and lawyers for leftism to bash America? An African getting land from Boers for the sake of outright revenge? (not some sort of political redress they like to masquerade it as) This is not fucking equality. This is kneecapping a track runner with a .45 so a guy in a wheelchair will have a chance to compete with him. Equality doesn't exist in nature. Reciprocity does. Lions hunt gazelles because this is what they do. It's about survival. People with be at the top of the food chain, people will be close, people will be in the middle and others will be at the bottom.

2019-11-03 20:36:02 UTC

Truth doesn't care about you. Truth doesn't care about feelings. Some races are smarter than others. They have distinct looks and health issues. If you step in a bear cave, you get mauled because you are not a bear. Tribalism is natural and racism isn't real. You can not use hate speech laws to excise an evolutionary trait of human biology. We are all tribal. If one race is on Earth, the people will still fight over some difference. So imagine the consequences of all the races and the mixed race ethnic groups being in one country together and on top of that, you have faggots, Jews and globalists in the mix. The only way to keep things peaceful is to keep the tribes apart, build walls and lock the door. Diversity and equality are rackets for Loxist Jews and social democracy politicians. Yes people have been hurt because of tribalism. If you go into a lion's den, you will be hurt. That is nature, not racism. Equality is a cognitively female view. It is emotional, not logical. Equality is a cope for hurt feelings and it imposes a cost on the truth by suppression of the truth.

2019-11-03 20:36:19 UTC

6. Fascism is unity through nationality, under a stable ecomonic system that takes pride in the nuclear family and physical fitness. I support it and I believe in the power of it. Fascism is the only way out of the problems we face in the West and the world. It is the only ideology that can elevate a people. It is likely the only way the third world will ever be able to change.

7. I have been this way for about five years.

8. I do not respect liberalism for the same reason I do not respect Marxism. I wish for liberalists to go elsewhere.

9. Autocracy with corporatist economic system in an subarctic land.

10. It's vapid neurotic thots, faggots and beta cucks with Weimarism, hedonism and a shopping mall culture. It's revolting. I wonder how many gangbangs these people do in just four hours. I barely want to go outside and interact with these people.

2019-11-03 20:36:39 UTC

11. I am a panentheist/cosmotheist. I believe God created all things, all universes, all dimensions. God is everywhere because he permeates every facet of existence. Everywhere you turn, you find God. Every God you worship gives you favor because it is all the same force, the same energy, the same being. I believe energy is not dissipated so your soul will be recycled again and again and you will go somewhere in the end and there are only one of two places one can find themselves in.

12. Marxism imposes costs on civilization because it purports the notion of equality and that things should be "fair." Two people are not the same. Two ethnic groups are not the same. Two distinct races are not the same. Nothing is equal in this world and unfairness is the way of life. They just want to take money from the rich, have control over everything, spread the glorious words of communism and then when they turn corrupt and put people in gulags for disagreement, the country goes to shit and rations get handed out, they say it wasn't real communism. I don't hate Marxists. I just understand them and I know if they get what they want, which is power, they will imposes costs on me, my family, all others. The costs the Marxists would impose on a society which is a property of the people (corruption, suppression of dissent through murder, starvation, equality, etc) is simply something I will fight for the sake of my survival.

2019-11-03 20:37:14 UTC

Ok I’ll let you in

2019-11-08 21:02:26 UTC

1. Disboard.
2. 24
3. USA
4. Meme book.
5. Equality does not exist but equity does and should. My ideology is Fascism.
6. No. Alt-right is too broad and doesn't include anticapitalism per say.
7. I've been following politics since 2007 very closely I never stop learning so I'm open to anything.
8. With respect, just because I might disagree with their opinions on the internet means nothing.
9. A fascist world. Too many reasons to list.
10. Degenerate.
11. Deist
12. Marxism is wrong but better than capitalism.

2019-11-08 21:03:10 UTC

You seem to be pretty good

2019-11-08 22:27:43 UTC

1. from another discord the left nationalist one
2. 21
3. Montana USA
4. never read it but heard mixed things about it
5. An American form of strasserism
6. I would consider some groups fascist and some not
7. A couple years
8. In my day to day life i treat liberals and fascists the same. I am polite and treat them with respect
9. A world under my ideology
10. Death squads are needed to fix it
11. Non religious but i was baptized catholic
12. Marx had good ideas but I don't agree with him on every and I don't support marxist socialism

2019-11-08 22:28:40 UTC

Could we get your opinion on Equality

2019-11-08 22:28:51 UTC

Oh sorry

2019-11-08 22:28:53 UTC

I missed that

2019-11-08 22:29:33 UTC

I don't think everyone is created equal but people should generally be treated equally

2019-11-08 22:29:46 UTC

Ok you good

2019-11-09 03:02:10 UTC

1.Second Internet Junta
2. 21. Born December 1997
3. TriState Area
4. Been more on Evola. Thought it was a meme but i have a copy so.
5. Equality of spirit Imago Dei. The physical world will never reflect equality.
6. Fascism isn’t part of the Alt-Right movement outside of edgy aesthetics. Most alt right are just disaffected youth who need meaning and gravitate toward strong men.
7. Want more practical ways to apply facism to modernity and suburbia without getting zapped.
8. Equally flat. Try to drop redpills where I can. Can be hard sometimes though. When it’s not low stakes though, I don’t associate with traitors.
9. Balkanized small government Christian with strong local sufficiency. Educate kids and immunize them against the issues we have today.
10. Popular culture isn’t necessarily naturally popular. It’s steered by an invisible hand to influence people. I hate it and see through it.
11. Ecumenical Christian baptized Roman Catholic.
12. Has no place. Only bug people become a hive mind.

2019-11-09 03:03:00 UTC

Seems good

2019-11-09 03:03:09 UTC


2019-11-09 03:18:02 UTC

Anti cap
Siege is kinda cringe ngl
I believe in equal opportunity but egalitarianism itself is gay and Jewish, I'm a National Syndicalist, kind of self explanatory
Fuck the alt lite, Fascism is about the collective unity of a people brought together under the glory of the state and it's progress
I suppose I'd like to learn about every other ideology/ worldview, it's good to get around. I was born inti a political family.
I'm not a fan of market and social liberals, I would say I'm a fascist if sorts, a more leftist than traditional fascist like Sorel or Ramos but still a fascist, so I'd see them as one of my own.
Universal Nationalism, self determination and self reliance are a right of all peoples
Modern society is pretty degenerate, I hate living in this era
I'm Christian
Marx made some good points but over all hev went way too far

2019-11-09 03:18:54 UTC

Do you have a specific Denomination

2019-11-09 03:19:05 UTC

He’s Lutheran

2019-11-09 03:19:08 UTC


2019-11-09 04:15:46 UTC

1. second internet junta
2. 19
3. originally from china, now in america
4. siege in itself is a fairly grounded belief set in praxis, but i feel a lot of its followers are too memey about it
5. equality is mainly a threat to social stability, degrading the peace in a country and causing schisms. my beliefs are mainly national syndicalist in nature, more grounded in the offset of syndicalism known as de leonism, being anti reformist, sectarian and anti social justice. my nationalism lacks the ethnic tribalism of most far right nationalism, but i still do care much about the preservation of race and culture.
6. fascism is not alt right, as alt right is a constructed buzzword intended to cause fear from the far right to the moderate left. fascism is an ideology based in mass social, racial and cultural preservation, and high tendencies towards authoritarianism.
7. i have been in politics for a good two to three years, and i dont know of any ideologies that i would like to study at the moment,
8. i would treat both as i would treat anyone, as heated arguments go nowhere compared to debates. though i would view the fascist as more agreeable, due to similar views even if im a little left to traditional fascism.
9. self reliant, productive and independent, spoonfeeding is a no go.
10. nowadays culture is essentially a circus, degenerate and violent.
11. i currently dont follow any organized religion, but im not an atheist.
12. marx had good ideals, and laid down the groundwork for a lot of third positionist ideals, and the political science behind it. its just a shame that most took his work and made it into a shitfest.

2019-11-09 04:16:33 UTC

A little eh on the siege thing but ok

2019-11-09 04:16:46 UTC

fair enough

2019-11-09 12:41:05 UTC

1. From an Anti-Capitalist server

2. I am 18

3. I am a Croat from Croatia

4. I don't know what that is

5. Equality is a false god.
My ideology mainly focuses on Fascism, Corporatism and Ultranationalism, I belive in preserving the culture of my people and country at any price (race, language etc.)

6. Fascism is not alt-right, alt-right is just a buzzword the left uses to demonize anyone who doesn't conform to their beliefs. Fascism is a revorultinary middle, a ideology that through induvidualism promotes collectivism at it's core Fascism is simply: United we are stronger.

7. I'm only interested in Fascism, I have been in politics for 3 years now.

8. I treat a Fasciat like a brother, it doesn't matter to me his religion, race or nationality as he and I share something which goes beyond any of that. Brothers in arms, unity through ideology.
Liberals get the bullet, they have caused so much degeneracy in Europe and in America. Liberals are a menace to society and I belive they should (like a tumor) be removed by any means necesary.

9. My ideal world is where all zhe countries are Fascist, because that is the only way we can fight against (((them))).

10. Modern culture is degenerate, it makes me sick.

11. I don't have a religion, I'm an agnostic

12. I belive marx had some good ideas but his whole ideology was a shitshow.

2019-11-09 12:42:16 UTC

You seem ok

2019-11-09 12:52:55 UTC

@Deleted User @Deleted User could you guys please answer the vetting questions

2019-11-09 12:53:36 UTC

I am from second internet junta, do I need to do the vetting? I am based af.

2019-11-09 12:53:44 UTC


2019-11-09 12:53:54 UTC


2019-11-09 12:53:54 UTC

No exceptions

2019-11-09 12:53:57 UTC

If I don’t know you than yes answer the questions

2019-11-09 13:10:51 UTC

1. Senond i ternet junta
2. 20
3. Romania
4. Retards
5. Equality is bullshit, there will alway be strong and weak people, stupid and smart people, there is nothimg wrong with strong and smar people guiding stupid people, not everyone has to have a college degree or be rich, someone has to clean the toilets and work the land, amirite?
6. LMAO no, fascism is third position, not left nor right, having it's roots in socialism, taking much of left economic policies combining them with corporatism and from right the social issues, nationalism and hierarchical system. Alt right are just a bunch of capitalist autistic kiddos.
7. Since forever, but I wasn't really that much into it until 2015, I currently want to learn more about dughinism.
8. I treat liberals like mentally challenged people, as for the fascists I treath them like close friends but I first have to learn more about their views and shat they understand when thy say that they re fascists.
9. A fascist world where my country plays a major role of course, a world of colonialism and imperialism where the european fascist nations rule.
10. It is fucking trash, promoting degeneracy, sex, drugs, a getto life, stupidity, there is no more culture, just nigger rap and trash pop music that poisons young peoples minds.
11. Christian Orthodox
12. He had some points, but overally not a good one, but can't deny the fact that some of his oppinions were valid and he ultimately influnced fascism a little. @Deleted User

2019-11-09 13:11:30 UTC

Alright your good

2019-11-09 13:36:20 UTC

ill vet when im home

2019-11-09 13:37:05 UTC


2019-11-09 17:59:01 UTC

1. second internet junta
2. 17
3. finland
4. gay
5. equality is a false liberal thought because there will always be individuals who are born to lead and individuals born to follow. there should be meritocratic equal opportunity to achieve those deserved positions in society though. strassserism/distributism and fascism. i believe in a nationalist corporative state with mandatory guild organization and de-proletarianization by distributing property.
6. no, alt right is zoomer libertarian "nationalism". Fascism is nationalist conservatism with a strong government and leader to ensure national unity.
7. i want to read more about other third position worldviews. i have been interested in politics for around 2 years
8. liberals are usually people who havent questioned the current status quo so their views are pretty easy to challenge (as long as you dont instantly "name" your ideology). fascists are frens
9. a world where my country has united the finnic people under one nationalist state
10. current consumerist identities are hollow and meant to make us into consuming bugmen who wont question the neoliberal status quo
11. lutheran
12. not a true opposite position to capitalism, its simply capitalism of the working class as Spengler said. it's liberal, materialist and internationalist just like capitalism. @csd 13

2019-11-09 18:04:53 UTC

Okay you're good

2019-11-10 23:04:04 UTC

1. invited by Cjxproxy
2. 18
3. Bulgarian
4. A retarded book that focuses on race far too much and little else.
5. Equality is extremely necessary for the future, as hierarchy in all of history has proven it's failures, it just cannot be rushed as anarchists believe and there must be a transitional period. Marxism-Leninism, the working class owning the means of production via violent revolution which is lead by the most ideologically and class conscious individuals whose goal is to transform the state from capitalism, to socialism, to ultimately communism, a moneyless, classless, society.
6. Fascism is not "alt right" but a third position, as it is neither capitalist or socialist in the taditional view. Mutual cooperation of the state and the corporations
7. National Syndicalism, 4 years
8. Liberals are a petty tool of bourgoise, i would usually not listen to their senseless drivel as they usually are from fist world countries that know nothing of the conditions of others, while fascists i can understand more but am still ideologically opposed too, still, a fascist state is preferable to a capitalist one in my eyes. I generally try to treat everyone with respect.
9. A world in which where the world is united ideology and constantly moves forward to constantly improve the human condition, as that is why i believe society exists, to help one another.
10. Degeneration on a massive scale caused by capitalism.
11. Eastern Orthodox
12. Marx was ultimately spot on with his economics, that automation would soon destroy the working class, capitalism destroys, perverts, and degenerates a people as all of it is commodified, the only things i truly disagree with Marx is on religious and cultural issues.

2019-11-10 23:04:28 UTC

Your good

2019-11-12 22:58:31 UTC

1.second internet junta 2. 16 3. Ireland 4. READ SIEGE BY CLARA CLABORNE PARK 5. Equality is a false virtue, Equity is what I believe in. People should start from a similar foundation but nature will put the necessary people at the top. Fascism is a form of truth when it comes to politics. It has observed the false dichotomy of the left and right and alligned itself with a third view on it, Fascists know what is truly desirable. 6. Fascism is third position

2019-11-12 22:59:01 UTC

7. I sympathise with romanian legionaires, 1 year now

2019-11-12 22:59:24 UTC

8. I don't care, I focus mostly individually, but the liberal is more likely to be degenerate

2019-11-12 23:00:16 UTC

9. A world where all races help their own kind, where people can all have a common principle to unite and be happy

2019-11-12 23:00:31 UTC

10. Cringe, just self explanatory.

2019-11-12 23:00:47 UTC

11. Orthodox ATHEIST.... I don't honestly know

2019-11-12 23:01:02 UTC

12. (((Karl Marx)))

2019-11-12 23:01:22 UTC

@Deleted User what are your genuine thoughts on siege?

2019-11-12 23:01:36 UTC

I like siege by clara claborne parks

2019-11-12 23:01:46 UTC

but siege by james mason? too long, kinda cringe and boring

2019-11-12 23:01:56 UTC

just a psycho trying to justify some retarded actions

2019-11-12 23:02:23 UTC

it's that way cause he wrote it in prison while masturbating so all his brain was fried

2019-11-12 23:03:17 UTC

Ok I’ll let you in

2019-11-13 19:15:00 UTC

@Chani begone thot

2019-11-15 21:35:59 UTC

@᛫ᛚᚢᚴ᛫ᛒᚩᛚᛁᛝ᛫ @wanderer777 you guys have to answer the questions if you want in

2019-11-16 22:09:24 UTC

1. second internet Junta 2. 14 almost 15 3. American 4. Reading Siege 5. Equality is a false narrative there will never be equality and Satan himself wants Equality so no i don't support equality. 6. Fascism is the reject of Liberalism , Communism and Capitalism it promotes ones people unique culture and Disgust for the modern world we live in we must go back and retrace our history and protect our sacred people. Fascism Promotes the Corporate state where all means are controlled like the human body all working together to strive for a better Nation.7. I really like Italian Fascism , BUF and Falange Fascism tbh and i have always been into politics since i was young. 8. I would treat a liberal with respect first and try to get them too my side and a fascist i would treat like a normal person.9. i want to help all people in all of there country's around the world and make earth a better place 10. Cringe Degeneracy 11. Catholic 12. really stupid and if you like it you deserve a bullet

2019-11-16 22:43:41 UTC

@Deleted User what your opinion on the alt right

2019-11-16 23:58:07 UTC

Well the alt right movement of 2016 and 2017 kinda hurt fascists tbh I agree with there racial stands but they really hurt the fascist movement

2019-11-17 00:06:44 UTC
2019-11-17 01:53:41 UTC

Your good

2019-11-17 08:26:10 UTC

1. Where did you find us? @Deleted User
2. How old are you? 17
3. What is your nationality? US
4. How do you think about Siege? It's a good shitpost
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? Equality is gay. My ideology is Legionarism. Legionarism is the cure to modernism and humanism, as it rejects humanist ideals, asserts divine order, and dismantles materialism from society.
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism. Fascism isn't alt-right. Fascism is the path to bring humanity back to God. it is the anti-thesis to the Renaissance.
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? I will continue to stand with my Orthodox worldview. I have been in politics for about a year and a half.
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that? Liberals will be treated with a trip to the firing squads. Fascists are expected to accept God and struggle.
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why? A world where God, Family, and Fatherland are universally accepted as virtues.
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? It deserves to be burned.
11. What is your religion? Romanian Orthodox
12. What is your opinion on Marx and Marxism? Marx was right about class warfare existing, but he's at fault for promoting it. Marxism is materialistic and dentrimental to any group that embraces it, much like Capitalism.

2019-11-17 14:16:36 UTC

@Finno-Ugric Man if you want in your gonna have to answer the questions

2019-11-18 10:29:26 UTC


2019-11-18 10:29:36 UTC

Soo many vetting questions

2019-11-18 10:38:55 UTC

You are seeing the verification questions of our server. Answer every question to get verified, there will be no exception to anywho.

1. Where did you find us?I found the server in the partner list of kingdom of Christ
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).SMH you just want to bully me for being a zoomer 16
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in).Romanian
4. How do you think about Siege?Well I've read it I wasn't impressed by it I especially didn't like the Manson worship
5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? (Make it detailed).It comes from h*manism and it shouldn't even be a subject to argue over full equality will never be achieved there is no point in trying.
I don't know what to tell you
I'm a neo-luddite theocrat
6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism. IDK who cares about the alt right.
Fascist would say it's the universal truth
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics?I want to learn more about God,I've been in politics for 3 years
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?Liberals must be perpetually owned for worshipping Baal
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?it should have dark age morals and it should reject modernity at all costs even if it means complete stagnation in the scientific sector
10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why? It's satanic
11. What is your religion? Orthodox CI
12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
It's cringe and Jewish
Thanks for reading and accepting our verification. Hope you have a great time in our server!

2019-11-18 12:45:47 UTC


2019-11-18 12:45:58 UTC

Vet me JoJo guy

2019-11-20 23:16:13 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
From @DUCE

2. How old are you?

3. What is your nationality?
American (yuck).

4. How do you think about Siege?
Haven’t read it, heard it was a joke.

5. What is your opinion on equality, what is your ideology and how do you define it? Equality as some groups put it seems like wishful thinking, but I do think that we should strive for a better and more opportunistic society. I haven’t really thought about my own ideology, as I have just begun to learn about new ideas and ideologies.

6. Is Fascism alt-right and explain why? Define Fascism.
Back in 2016-17 I absorbed a lot of popular “alt-right” content, and just recently I have talked with people who actually describe themselves as fascist. They aren’t anything like the “alt-right” shills that I used to follow. I’m not exactly a fascist, so I don’t know how to define the term properly. Still, I’d say that fascists usually are family oriented, conservative, and religious/spiritual.

2019-11-20 23:16:28 UTC

7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn, how long have you been with politics? I’m up for learning about anything honestly. I have only been taught the Americanized version of history, and learning about history from another lens is just really neat. I have been involved with politics just by being on the internet since I was about 13, but I mostly view politics from afar. I rarely debate over politics; I don’t think I know enough for that.

8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
I would let either party get his/her point across first. I don’t know how I’d treat them after that honestly.

9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
Anything is better than whatever is going on now. Seriously though, the situation now seems pretty hopeless. I’d like a society that puts community before materialistic things. Things were better back in the day *sip*.

10. How do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
I think it’s a complete joke. I really despise technology and mainstream media in general.

11. What is your religion?
Non-religious, but I live in a town that is almost completely Protestant.

12. What is your opinion on marxs and Marxism?
He had some interesting takes, but not a lot of it can be applied to modern society.

2019-11-20 23:28:03 UTC

Okay you're good what roles u want @piss sandwich

2019-11-20 23:28:31 UTC


2019-11-20 23:28:44 UTC

What choices are there?

2019-11-20 23:29:13 UTC

Your religion and political ideology

2019-11-20 23:29:24 UTC

We pretty much have everything

2019-11-21 00:50:27 UTC

@Deleted User if you want in your gonna have to answer the questions

2019-11-21 19:16:04 UTC

1. Cercle Proudhon

2. 21

3. United States

4. Edgy book for natsoc dummies

5. Equality should be viewed as a social desire insofar as a person is connected to a nation as both a worker and as a member of said nation. It is the duty of a nation to provide for and take care of it's people, and to ensure those that are willing and capable to work are ensured the right to.

6. No, Fascism is a movement all unto itself, In essence fascism can be defined as a complete unitary structure of statehood, where the state is both the embodiement of a people's will, and the mechanism for which that will is carried out. A total rejection of liberalism in both the economic and social aspects of life.

7. Been into politics for at least 6 years now in a serious manner. I don't really know anything I'm dying to learn about but I'm always open to learning new things.

8. While I'm not a fascist I'll say I have a much higher level of respect for them than I ever could for a weak limpwristed liberal. Liberalism is political apathy, and apathy is death.

9. As a national bolshevik my ideal world rests on the principle that man must be both free from the bondage of capital and exploitation, and entitled to his nation as his home and dwelling. That the world capitalist machine with it's cosmopolitan mechanisms of nationless, psychotic export of capital must be abolished from the world as a whole. Through a nationalist brand of class warfare we must abolish our current productive mode and bring the world into a rebirth of proletarian nationalism and true freedom through socialism.

10. The great satan of hollywood must be crushed into dust.

11. Orthodox Christianity

12. I'm a former leninist so clearly I still have a great respect for Marx and his works but I am no dogmatist and he was wrong on many things. (the abolition of statehood particularly)

Apologies I've been working constantly for the past few days and forgot I even joined this server.

2019-11-21 19:18:45 UTC

@Deleted User your good

2019-11-21 19:19:10 UTC

I'll let you in

2019-11-21 19:19:16 UTC


2019-11-24 19:13:18 UTC

@Deleted User @MiguelangelCR @GhostOfGod if you guys want in your gonna have to answer the vetting questions

2019-11-24 19:13:35 UTC

Yes I will soon

2019-11-24 19:13:45 UTC

Yes. Me too

2019-11-25 14:49:47 UTC

1. Kingdom of Christ.
2. I am 19 years old.
3. Hispanic from Venezuela.
4. I don't know what that is.
5. Equality is from the devil, a false idol. In the heaven the high creatures have a hierarchy, in the last circle of hell the demons have a democracy.
6. The alt right commonly includes attitudes or political opinions like conservative or libtards, Fascism not, the alt right is a pop-word without a real significant. Fascism (including of course, the variants) is a third position, the nation and culture is our priority, is a spiritually political revolution.
7. I want learn more about third position, monarchy, revolutionary fascism. I've been in politics for 6 years, in my country I lead a clandestine movement against communist dictadorship of Venezuela and Cuba (guevarism).
8. Libtards sucks they're slaves of materialism.
9. I'm not have utopian wishes, the ideal world is the real world because only the present crisis of modernity can give us the possibility of fight and conquer our liberty, decadence of western and eastern is necessary to revitalize the spirit of fight. Anyway I prefer a new dark age against the modern world.
10. Means two things: first. Cowardly attitude because the real warriors and strong cultures prefer stay in their land until die, is prefer than run away (example "refugees"). Second. It's an evil social agenda to destroy other cultures.
11. I'm catholic.
12. Marxism sucks, some ideas can be destructive but the marxism is the root for another ideas of modernism and liberalism plastic Era.

2019-11-25 15:12:29 UTC

Okay you're good

2019-11-27 19:36:47 UTC

<@&595489244999581697> if you want in your gonna have to answer the questions

2019-11-27 23:00:25 UTC


2019-11-27 23:00:56 UTC

Ok, ¿Where are the questions? (Ignore the "¿", i'm Hispanic)

2019-11-27 23:02:13 UTC

@Deleted User ¿In this same chat?

2019-11-27 23:04:30 UTC

It’s in <#595480547011330056>

2019-11-27 23:04:30 UTC

Nevermind, i just se "Vetting-questions", give me a moment

2019-11-27 23:20:40 UTC

Greetings, here are the answers to your inquiries.

1. I was invited by the owner.
2. 25
3. American
4. I am unfamiliar with his work.
5. Equality does not exist.
6. I am a reactionary Catholic Integralist: it is a far right, paleoconservative ideology.
7. I’d like to learn more about conservatism and traditionalism; I’ve had an interest in politics for about 8 years.
8. I disagree with liberals and often find common ground with fascists. Both deserve a platform in the debate of ideas, preferably so the best idea may win.
9. The ideal world is one where the family is protected, cherished and upheld.
10. Today’s popular culture is pernicious because it is materialist and devoid of any higher metaphysical purpose or orientation.
11. Catholic.
12. Marxism is a cognitive disease.
13. I am a nationalist with sympathies to both the civic and ethnic sides of the argument.
14. Imperialism is typically unfavorable to the nation on the receiving end, but it can also have benefits for them as well. Usually, it is an inadmissible transgression of another nation’s sovereignty—with some notable exceptions.
15. Absolutely, in fact it’s necessary.

2019-11-27 23:23:18 UTC

Alright I’ll let you in

2019-11-28 00:12:49 UTC

1. Where did you find us?
r/monarchism discord
2. How old are you? (We need to know your real age to treat you as the way it fits your biological brain work).
3. What is your nationality? (The country you live in).
United States
4. How do you think about Siege by James Mason ?
Have yet to read it.
5. What is your opinion on equality?
The weak preach equality
6. What is your ideology? Is it socially conservative and economically leftist or center? (Make it Detailed)
SocCon Monarchist with Center to center right economic opinions
7. What ideology/worldview do you want to learn and how long have you been with politics?
I’ve known politics since 2015 when the election started picking up attention. And I would like to learn about economical left positions
8. How do you treat a liberal and a fascist, why would you treat them like that?
Liberal like a normie, and a fascist like a brother, because that is what they are
9. What is the ideal world of yours and why?
White Christian world
10. What do you think about nowadays's popular culture and why?
Where did it all go wrong? Shits fucked these days, you got cucks, whores, nogs, jews. This culture sucks
11. What is your religion?
12. What is your opinion on marx and Marxism?
Idk he seems kinda fucking gay imo
13. What’s your thoughts on race? Would you call yourself a civic, cultural, or ethnic nationalist?
Ethnic Nationalist
14. What’s your opinion on imperialism?
It varies, I can say I have a solid position on it yet
15. Are you willing to work with people that are different from you ideologically?
Depends on how much our ideologies have in common.

2019-11-28 00:13:39 UTC

Alright your good

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