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Zucc can eat shit

I think it's time for a lawsuit

It doesn't say "No conservatism" in the ToS

No one said it isn't worth fighting for

@Tom - GET Official Can I DM you on FB for an invite?

Plural of Goy is goyim FYI

This is what they fear

High learning curve but a better place

I prefer using the German words to describe Untermenschen

I'm surprised I didn't catch a Zucc for this

Someone needs to make this an emote


@Tom - GET Official you should really call and talk to Alex Jones. Being on Milo and Bigly is one thing, but talking to the man fighting censorship by telling him what's going on will help our case

@Tom I'm not talking about another article. I'm talking about calling in one day when he's taking calls and taking to the man himself.

Any coders in the group?

@Major Kay. you're either on /pol/ or you're thrown in the camp

How are things in Chile though @Anon Anonson

Pinochet is the best.

Reddit? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Occupy /pol/ and don't be afraid of the JQ

I use Twitter to follow Trump and AJ

How long until he blocks Captain Kirk?

Sell to both sides, like we used to do

We won't sell you nukes, but you can build MOABs to drop on each other

I thought that was /pol/

I think the old man needs another lesson

I know the book of Revelations says something about the Third Temple being the end times. Is this it?

None. That's the point

You're right @Mf1399 Trump Tower Israel would be that

Alpha Power. That's how

AJ should have been Press Secretary. Prove me wrong

Tom's pings are allowed

After three Zucc's GET is the only reason that I still had FB

We need Kanye or Candice

60 minutes is having Anderson Cooper speak on the benefits of Electo-Shock Therapy

I'd be triggered if the (((orchestrator))) wasn't a πŸ‘ƒπŸ½.

Annex the Holy Land, rustle ALL the jimmies

Trump doesn't care about Assad, that's the major point everyone is missing. He's not interested in regime change, only stability.

Cryin' Chuck? WTF?

We can begin again under a different name. Keep a new group every month, switching it up with something plebs would not suspect

We need to adopt subversion

Must be getting the Black Carapace

Sisters of Battle and all that

A new bastion rises

AJ is not a Zionist. Whoever is feeding you that nonsense is a jew

Used to go out with a leaf. She was okay

Free Heil? I can get behind that

I met Dinesh. He's a very intelligent and great person. If you get the chance, go and see him

He broke the left down to a nutshell.

The south had a planned integration and education system that it was beginning to implement

Slavery is a Semetic practice

It existed there before it did in Rome

It's counter economic

Damn it now I want to play Skyrim again

I just don't want to invest the time right now.

Been too busy using the MP-40 and NCR Ranger mods in Fallout

Never modded Skyrim

Over 7 days worth

Modded New Vegas for quality of life mods, like Night Vision Goggles

New Vegas can be great if you know what you're doing.

I still prefer 3 for the exploration aspect

Europe fears a strong and united Germany.

That said, donated $50

We should have our own convention, like with a rally and everything

It means Werner Von Braun is dead, and now that Soros owns Tesla, Elon Musk is about to be no more, and our dreams of tomorrow will be smashed

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