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Is everyone ready for the great global depression?

Iโ€™m not panicking, Iโ€™m ANTICIPATING

This makes me so happy

Let it burn

Watching joe debate trumpโ€™s gonna be priceless

Vast majority are male @Redneo and the statistics wonโ€™t back you up on your claim lol

Is that cum?


Suspiciously white and thick water

I donโ€™t get it

I am here and ready to debate any leftist

I want to tonge sargon's asshole and suck all the shit out like a smoothie

Listen, I'm not literate in economics.

What's wrong with stimulating the stock market

conflict interests with whom

mark esper has conflict interests with mary esper?

culture and politics

Why don't we just make the billionaires pay for it

Uh, why not me?

Ok, I have been enlightened on the issue

I don't think you can refute the facts, mersenne

You said them yourself

They will have no where to go once the world has been liberated

Just got banned from callmecarson's server for saying nigga ๐Ÿ˜”

I said, "next time someone makes a big chungus reference to make name i'm killing a nigga" and poof, I'm gone

Tubby you should get a mod to unban me

Tubby just stop what you're doing and get me unbanned

just be like "hey my friend got banned he didnt know he couldnt say nigga could you please unban him"

dming a mod


You know what I don't care anymore


Weest is a libtard isnt he?

its funny because a lot of these bigger youtubers tend to be libertarian, I wonder what causes such a phenomenon

well that sucks

anyways do you want to join a cult @Tubby the Skelly Bones

No, you're not

You want to join

mods = GAY

you havent seen shit till you meet garry's mod admins

Didnt she crack her cat's spine over her knee like bane?

nice what

@Eirshy are you seriously watching porn by yourself?

and her milk

mmmm, milk

ich spreche nicht deutsch

@Cryrosphere You sir have an elevated mind, people are too emotional these days ๐Ÿ™‚

and I respect your philosophy, you don't have to be particularly smart to see the truth in it

death is neigh

No school bois letโ€™s go

All of our toilet paper is pretty much gone

A picture I took:

You guys know you can use other things to wipe your asses with right?


Ear pics?

Iโ€™ll be the judge of that

are my hands femboy

Iโ€™m supposed to have hair on my hands?

Feet ๐Ÿคค

Iโ€™ll look into that


How do you get kicked out of therapy?

Did you mention crime statistics or something?

What you need is a male therapist

We need CHAD tough love therapists

Sam judging by how righteous your making yourself sound in the situation it makes me think you were actually being a piece of shit to the therapists

I watched outbreak with my dad on Netflix

Pretty good movie, I guess itโ€™s at like #9 trending on Netflix in the US

My hands feel unsafe

I fart in crowded hallways because detection is less likely

Do you want to see degenerate behavior cassia


David pee


Based phadreus

Yea why are you lying mate @Edog

@Edog his eyes DONT lie

1,917 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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