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"I've seen parts that are bad so I just assume it is all bad" <:NPC:690282782651318313>

He cant breath you not humans!


he said "be shit"

i put a warning cry babies

Its funny?


shit post

the post is shit

i fail to see your argument

just the 1000th youtube pedo allegation

Im not there because my grandpa is a crazy liberal


That has got to be the dumbest shit....


Makes him based you see.

How much longer are we going to let this go on.

Parlor just deleted 30K worth in posts

When I checked her that hashtag earlier today it was 30K.


I cannot believe I just did that

Ive been on a pb discord when it got nuked

Its always been happening.

@Clown Dog You should have known when you saw the Stuart little pfp.

Its typical for flies to be around shit.

And if am not mistaken fly's are the sign of the Devil.

The sooner the better.


@mbarcy ⬆️


What a waste.

No wonder your indoctrinated.

no shit

We also have the most polarized country in the world. @mbarcy

By putting this in shitpost are you saying cats are shit?


dont do that.

I want to put "Italy affidavit" in the ball.

For the first time

I wonder how easy it is for someone to change a random person's contact to Mom.

And then just have them write out everything you say




"Fuck white people business though...that's racist."


Because inclusivity shouldn't exist.

It should have always been you're either in it or you're not.

But no man everyone's got to get a tiny little participation trophy instead of The one person who won getting a massive trophy.

theres a spy creepin round' here.

<a:peepoRidechicken:757105888040321104> <:Fake:690282442782933264> <a:peepoRidechicken:757105888040321104>

theres a BenG cartoon that sums it up perfectly

Pence looks like Captain Murphy* from sealab


Yes apparently a Minecraft troll earrape video is an excuse for posting degenerate hentai.

I still think it's worth a ban

I'm not playing that



thats the stuff

start a garden over that shit

tik tok but not trash for some reason

With Reagan being a goat? yeah.


he left <:pepeha:707721739945377832>


DISCORD DELETED MY GIFS <:ree:689862398169186458>

When you want to be productive and passively watch videos and apply for jobs on the couch, but your laptop flips you off.


I'd be paranoid too if I knew everything I was doing was pure evil.

Shit geode


Anyone who says "The far right has gone to far" and then completely disregards the lefts push for pedophilia is 100% a fed.

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