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2018-01-07 00:13:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

2018-01-07 00:24:11 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

You know a story is fake when Tim loses it on the intro

2018-01-07 00:24:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 00:25:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Surprised there isn't more people on this server

2018-01-07 00:26:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 00:26:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

True true

2018-01-07 00:27:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 00:27:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The roles are messed up a bit

2018-01-07 00:27:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Because one can change it to where you can see people when they are offline

2018-01-07 01:31:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Well don't all humans like mindless entertainment

2018-01-07 01:32:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's the reason why sports like MMA and American Football are so popular

2018-01-07 01:32:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

True true

2018-01-07 01:32:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

But the question is?

2018-01-07 01:33:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Who do you blame

2018-01-07 01:33:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The consumer or the producer?

2018-01-07 01:33:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Damn Russian bots

2018-01-07 01:33:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They made the Paul brothers popular

2018-01-07 01:35:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 01:37:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm talking watching it

2018-01-07 01:38:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Watching someone get the shit beat out of them is mindless (but fun mind you) entertainment

2018-01-07 04:04:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It is

2018-01-07 04:05:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I will admit being someone who has played lineman it's an art.

2018-01-07 04:12:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

But I'm just talking generally speaking

2018-01-07 05:06:20 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

*sees Anon*

2018-01-07 05:06:50 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Let me post the pics here right quick

2018-01-07 05:15:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

His horseshoe theroy is right and they hate it

2018-01-07 05:15:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Just replace the Jews with the white man and rich

2018-01-07 05:16:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

And you got the perfect SJW narrative

2018-01-07 05:17:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah the alt right hasn't really been that big of a target mostly due to the whole "enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing.

2018-01-07 05:17:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@Howler4695 not far right at least not in the American sense

2018-01-07 05:17:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I see far right as Ancaps

2018-01-07 05:18:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I mean the fact that the American right is very small government

2018-01-07 05:18:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Now the most extreme of that is Anarcho Capitalism

2018-01-07 05:19:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The alt-right is honestly more left than right

2018-01-07 05:21:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Hence why NatSocs are so popular in the alt-right even though they are just socialist more focused on building up their own country and race than actually spreading the revolution

2018-01-07 05:22:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Though really the actual like "kill all blacks the holohoax is a lie" people in the alt-right is a small minority

2018-01-07 05:23:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The way the alt-right gets you is the you believe in x then you are y just like feminist and the SJWs

2018-01-07 05:24:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 05:24:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Try being a Baptist

2018-01-07 05:25:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 05:27:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Most Baptist are just socially libertarian

2018-01-07 05:27:52 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They generally don't care what you do in the bedroom we just don't want to hear it and it shouldn't be forced upon us

2018-01-07 05:31:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We only care about three things especially at this time

2018-01-07 05:31:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

God Guns and Football

2018-01-07 05:32:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's hard to reason with someone who got into their ideology without reason

2018-01-07 05:33:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don't know to be honest

2018-01-07 05:36:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 05:37:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

~~To be honest though I'm more of an ass guy myself~~

2018-01-07 05:38:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 05:38:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What does Neo Conservative mean?

2018-01-07 05:39:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I always seen it used by more pro-Trump people are attacked by people on their own side as an insult.

2018-01-07 14:47:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@SmallPrice yeah remember grenades just randomly go off with no one pulling the pin.

2018-01-07 14:50:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It was sarcasm

2018-01-07 19:41:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The algorithm also favors putting "clickbait arrows" in your videos.

2018-01-07 19:44:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

So @Timcast do you plan to go to Iran due to the protest or are the laws there going to make it difficult to get something out?

2018-01-07 20:12:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think because it's a LIC

2018-01-07 20:12:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Low Intensity Conflict

2018-01-07 20:42:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 20:43:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I have to give the Russians credit

2018-01-07 20:43:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They know how to play their cards

2018-01-07 20:45:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah it is

2018-01-07 20:46:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He saw weakness and he took it

2018-01-07 20:46:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's also a marvel about how quiet it has been besides it's a stalemate

2018-01-07 20:47:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Is Ukraine in danger?
Are they in imminent danger?

2018-01-07 20:47:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Currently it's a stalemate

2018-01-07 20:48:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

No side has made any major advances

2018-01-07 20:48:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I have studied military history for a long time and the War in Donbass is in a stalemate

2018-01-07 20:49:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's not boring

2018-01-07 20:49:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Speaking of the body count

2018-01-07 20:50:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

For the Spanish Civil War 2.0 you seem to be talking about the number of dead is only around 10,000

2018-01-07 20:50:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

In military numbers that's low

2018-01-07 20:51:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 20:51:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm just stating facts

2018-01-07 20:51:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The death count is low

2018-01-07 20:53:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

In the battle of the Somme offensive of 1916 22,000 men died in the span of just the first day alone

2018-01-07 20:54:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The reason why the Ukranians are getting all the old WW2 weapons is because their military is not in great shape.

2018-01-07 20:54:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm not saying that

2018-01-07 20:55:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Talking with emotion in the case of war is a dangerous thing

2018-01-07 20:55:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There is a stalemate

2018-01-07 20:57:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Wars are only interesting in the eyes of the general public if there are massive movements and grand offensives why do you think WW2 is a more popular topic to talk about than the first?

2018-01-07 20:58:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Oh dear god no

2018-01-07 20:58:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It was like if the Austrians and Italians fought in the middle east

2018-01-07 20:59:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The EU won't do shit

2018-01-07 21:00:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

In other news the sky is blue

2018-01-07 21:02:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 21:02:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ukraines hate Poles and vice versa

2018-01-07 21:03:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Besides most of eastern europe has some Russian influence

2018-01-07 21:03:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The Pro Russians would never let something like that happen.

2018-01-07 21:05:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm not saying it's not important

2018-01-07 21:06:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What I'm saying is that stalemates are not news worthy

2018-01-07 21:07:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Now when this grand Ukraine offensive happens like you are saying is going to happen then it will be news

2018-01-07 21:08:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

April at the earliest

2018-01-07 21:08:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There is still the spring melts

2018-01-07 21:08:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Mud is an ass to transport through

2018-01-07 21:09:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-07 21:09:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

A good example is WW1 where the mud hindered any sort of offensives

2018-01-07 21:10:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There is also logistics

2018-01-07 21:10:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Also fair weather for aircraft

2018-01-07 21:12:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

AA can only do so much when dealing with army on army fighting

2018-01-07 21:13:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

ISIS is learning that the hard way

2018-01-07 21:15:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Living there and being a general observing a battlefield is two different things

2018-01-07 21:16:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm not

2018-01-07 21:16:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

But one has to see the bigger picture

2018-01-07 21:17:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The bigger picture is that stalemates are not fun or newsworthy it doesn't catch eyes

2018-01-07 21:17:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Now when Spring rolls around like @Jihadtangle said we might see some stuff

2018-01-07 22:36:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-08 03:59:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I mean they arnt wrong

2018-01-08 04:00:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The minute it went popular servers are filled with preteens thinking their in on it and try to do the voice and they fail

2018-01-08 04:00:29 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-08 04:00:50 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

When a meme hits Twitter

2018-01-08 04:01:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That and now VRchat is going to be filled with even more cancer

2018-01-08 04:01:54 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

There was a sense of accepted cancer with a bunch of traps running around

2018-01-08 04:01:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Pre Uganda

2018-01-08 04:02:03 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-08 04:02:12 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That's my gripe with it

2018-01-08 04:04:54 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-08 04:05:02 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

You are going to harp on that?

2018-01-08 14:54:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think a filter system to where new members are blocked from all of the channels except for the welcome chat and the mods can then just filter people in that way.

2018-01-08 15:14:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Possible trolls and scumbags

2018-01-08 15:40:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

At least she is having to pay 11 grand due to the false restraining orders

2018-01-09 11:49:57 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-10 20:24:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

All these new people

2018-01-14 23:37:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I see so much heresy in this

2018-01-14 23:38:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

On the scale of degeneracy

2018-01-14 23:38:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Anime inspired

2018-01-14 23:39:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Yes yes

2018-01-14 23:39:15 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Let the hate flow through you

2018-01-14 23:39:22 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  
2018-01-14 23:39:35 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The animation style takes a good while to get used to

2018-01-14 23:40:44 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

True true

2018-01-14 23:40:48 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

If it exist

2018-01-14 23:40:52 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Someone hates it

2018-01-14 23:41:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@JadenFrostwolf I am just going to steal that right quick

2018-01-14 23:43:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Is the memorial private or goverment?

2018-01-14 23:43:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-14 23:50:04 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Of course it was on Deviant

2018-01-14 23:50:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Welk what is a majority of?

2018-01-14 23:54:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If it's private they should be able to do whatever the hell it wants to do

2018-01-14 23:55:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's why I said if

2018-01-15 04:55:27 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-16 15:01:33 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Is it necrophillia to fuck a ghost?

2018-01-16 15:01:41 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-16 15:24:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

~~what have I done~~

2018-01-16 15:27:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Did I just hear

2018-01-16 15:27:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-16 19:17:29 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-16 22:01:00 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

How does that even work?

2018-01-16 22:01:19 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Like was he trying to make coffee and fucked up?

2018-01-16 23:34:29 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Whaaaat the government being substandard say it ain't so Grenade say it ain't so

2018-01-17 01:58:57 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 01:59:16 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 04:39:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 05:25:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 16:12:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 16:34:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-17 23:06:27 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@ping damn

2018-01-17 23:06:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Is he a part time inquisitor?

2018-01-18 20:39:15 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-19 00:44:35 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-19 14:14:19 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-19 14:18:32 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-19 14:18:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-19 14:18:47 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Tax collectors

2018-01-19 14:18:51 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-19 16:13:11 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-20 00:33:16 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-20 16:13:27 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-21 01:01:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-21 01:54:42 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-21 01:54:49 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That just isn't it

2018-01-21 01:54:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Read the description

2018-01-21 01:55:03 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

"Breaking barriers"

2018-01-21 01:55:14 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

"Making history"

2018-01-22 02:05:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-22 06:08:01 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-22 18:30:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-22 23:17:13 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-23 04:18:00 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Is that a you're with us or your against us fallacy?

2018-01-23 04:18:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-23 18:43:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-24 18:19:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-27 00:55:31 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Why you gotta censor who wrote it

2018-01-27 00:55:45 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I need to see if it's real

2018-01-28 00:38:22 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  
2018-01-28 00:38:33 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Took them an hour 34 just to say yes

2018-01-28 14:52:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-28 22:40:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That and women are naturally better suited to the care taking of children than men

2018-01-28 22:41:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

but of course once it starts to become a fully functional human being the father needs to become a role model

2018-01-28 22:42:47 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That is totally not sexist

2018-01-28 22:43:04 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-28 22:43:33 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

How does any of this relate to porn?

2018-01-28 22:45:44 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That and more people in the workforce means more economic output

2018-01-28 22:46:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@pukeblood well that depends wholly on the definition of good mom

2018-01-28 22:47:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

My mom comes from redneckianville Alabama where you were expected to pump out five and never leave the house

2018-01-28 22:48:12 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-28 22:48:27 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deller actually there is

2018-01-28 22:48:55 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

You see mothers are naturally more nurturing and kind than say fathers

2018-01-28 22:49:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

My dad had me flipping tires at 8 while my mom was still tucking me in

2018-01-28 22:50:24 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Thats the thing

2018-01-28 22:50:41 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

My father is a great man and one I want to be

2018-01-28 22:50:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

but him taking the mother role would be so

2018-01-28 22:51:00 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-28 22:51:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

It would be ridiculous

2018-01-28 22:52:32 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Thats called taking an outlier and extrapolating it out of proportion

2018-01-28 22:53:03 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Pro-choiceers do this a lot with rapes and the like

2018-01-28 22:54:23 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Asians are good at math seems more positive than negative

2018-01-28 22:57:16 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

but we are going by facts

2018-01-28 22:57:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Females tend to be more geared towards helping the children

2018-01-29 22:28:48 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User these are some good shitpost/s

2018-01-29 22:28:57 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-30 00:40:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Or better yet

2018-01-30 00:40:47 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Post good memes

2018-01-30 00:47:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User post memes

2018-01-30 00:48:15 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I came here for shitposting not articles about Buzzfeed

2018-01-30 00:49:03 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Some people actually have a life outside of politics believe it or not.

2018-01-30 20:46:11 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:27:51 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-31 00:27:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-31 00:28:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

You are just as bad as the SJWs when it comes to this

2018-01-31 00:32:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Not even funny but good progress

2018-01-31 00:39:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User anything with muh and then a word after that is such a cop out now it's not even funny

2018-01-31 00:39:23 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

For example

2018-01-31 00:39:28 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Muh race realism

2018-01-31 00:40:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Muh nationalism

2018-01-31 00:41:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User also it's pretty funny seeing you think that /pol/ is still what it once was

2018-01-31 00:42:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:42:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:42:46 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:43:39 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:44:56 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:45:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:46:21 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:46:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:47:21 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:47:46 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:48:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User I don't think murdering 6 million of them count as "criticized"

2018-01-31 00:49:24 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-31 00:54:13 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

It's almost like a good portion of blacks are poor or something due to the high single motherhood rate

2018-01-31 00:54:54 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@ping wouldn't say that far

2018-01-31 00:55:23 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

In the 60s the single motherhood rate was lower than it is now

2018-01-31 00:56:49 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Petelills so since he has a Dr and won a NPP we should listen to him now?

2018-01-31 00:57:44 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@Deleted User I mean they do there is high black on black crime due to high black poverty

2018-01-31 00:59:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

So if a BLM person says y'all whites are terrible it's fine since she has lived in white society for a long time

2018-01-31 01:00:36 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

@ping just post fancy looking graphs

2018-01-31 01:00:52 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That will totally win the argument

2018-01-31 01:01:00 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  
2018-01-31 01:01:16 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Poverty creates crime

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