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Fuck Singapore

UK is greatest nation


America full of fat retards

Obese nation

Rule brittania

We donโ€™t think of them

Cause they irrelevant


Aha every country was under British rule

Thatโ€™s why

Greatest nation

@Trauma where you from


UK was on front lines in every battle. Americans watched

@Send_Noodles?? bungalow cause you have nothing up stairs

Must be thickest cunt in server

Sorry @Send_Noodles?? our army didnโ€™t lose to rice farmers

He bungalow


There we go

English England?

England English?


Bit bent


Your dad shooting schools

Same thing with Americans

Cousin is his dad

@Trauma forgot you love mass shootings


Ur a penis mate

A jeb end

โ€œI forgot yall love Muslimsโ€

You all*

Lol Americans are there own terrorists

Wasnโ€™t it other week a mass shooting went off

By an American

Do they

Ur a bellend

America not have English restaurants?

English breakfast?

U never had one

Thatโ€™s bull shit aha


He has no upstairs


Itโ€™s not medieval England


Canโ€™t remember last time a British citizen did a mass shooting. Or killing

America ? All time

You obviously didnโ€™t count your own doing terror attacks

In America

Dumb cunt

This kid thick af


@Send_Noodles?? how old are you?

Cause you one thick bastard

You know what bastard means

U still can be a bastard and have a father aha


Britain prob

Ruined it

Prob British heritage

U bellend @Send_Noodles?? we both English

He added me


Some gay American lingo

Whatโ€™s a chad

@Deleted User you from Nottingham?


Guy Fawkes?

He dead nigga

You say England too liberal. But most English voted brexit to rid of immigrants

Especially north England

All southerners

Southerners are soft

Labour is led by a traitorous pig cunt

@Trauma you hit your head when you was younger?

@Trauma can you read? Wasnโ€™t me

34,999 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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