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[*takes deep breath*]

Ahh. A new server, a new place to shill my music.

Evening gents.

Where is the place I can shamelessly shill my music at?



No. I don’t want special treatment if that’s the case.

I don’t like lolis so it’s all good here.

Oh. That was fast.

Oh. Sweet.

Right. Well, class was cancelled so I gotta walk back to my dorm now.

Oh yes. I am a meme underling.

You will not be disappointed.


Ok. Brb. Hands are freezing now.

I'm back

Dang Belverk. Even in here you're red.

Wait. @Belverk You program?


@Belverk Hmmmm.....

Seems good enough to me

Well, my friends and I are making a game, and we still need a few programmers.

Would you perhaps be interested?

@VenomousHawk86 Turn based RPG



*Das a lot of money*

Ink invented by octopuses

.... hold on

Ok. I was right


Every time I look at hermit's logo I keep thinking it's GradeAUnderA

@shadowlessnexus *psst. Hey buddy, Make the "upcoming streams" channel read only"*

Good good

Freelancing for a career is a bit risky in my opinion.

Waifu for laifu


Server's pet potato?

I see

Ah. I see.

Ah. I see, even more.

I'm too young to drink


*Go for it!*

*Do it!*





Way to keep him hidden

Yep. I knew it

I knew he was there, I wasn't gonna bother him, anf then BAM. You opened your big mouth.

<:omegalul:452465159034765313> HeY gUyS! TfM iS iN tHe VoiCe cHanNeL!

I was just trying to keep TFM at peace.


*But* people saw.

And thus they flocked.



Ze soundboard chat.....


Guess I'll hop into the vc and see what's up.

Nice to know that TFM uses the superior internet service.

I dunno

@shadowlessnexus So.... can I shill my music in the shitpost channel? <:HMMM:513070140389326859>


That name....

I love that

Hey! I said I liked the name.



No... **I** like it more!

Is good, ya?



Yeah. I'm looking for a little validation.

Mainly cause this is gonna end up in a game soon and I don't want shit music in it.



@Zazikiman Yes. It will.

Gonna have to wait a while for it though.

Our "boss" is currently on hiatus because of exams and I'm second in command.

Things are going well except there are major points that require our "boss" to be there.


No 3D thots allowed



Ah. A man of class I see.


There is.


@Belverk I was told shilling can happen in the shitposting channel for the time being.


She's a cutie





You gonna get pegged in the ass by it?

Then why does you role say "gay-4-traps"? <:HMMM:513070140389326859> @legendpinnen

I see

I'd like to note that I will not participate in any trap talk.

Damn. I wanna cinnamon bun now


*It's gonna be Huuuuuuuge!*

I don't know where I can take this, but I like the way is sounds.



Thank you

Why yes. I am.

It's in the shitposting channel.


*I no have permission to do that*

Anyways, I think everyone's referring to "Galaxy 2 Boss". @Roundabout Lout



Yeah. I honestly think it's one of my top 3 battle themes that I've made so far.

Oh. I didn't even notice the shill zone.


@Roundabout Lout I was approached by a friend in my freshman year of HS who asked is I wanted to help him and some of his friends make a game.

They didn't have anyone making music so I volunteered to do that.

(this game was cancelled but I was picked up by another group of friends and thus I continue to make music)

I feel like I'm getting special treatment.

But I'm not gonna complain.


Heh. Well thank you.

I love how my music channel has TFM as a related channel.

Welp, I literally had almost no formal training in music theory what so ever.

Closest thing I had was playing violin in 2nd grade, and the recorder in 4th.

I think it's just the fact that I have autism that really helped me out there.
I guess I just had a knack for music.





Wait what?

I learned I was autistic in back in April (in my SENIOR year of HS)

And all this time, I thought i was just a "weird kid".

[*backs away slowly*]

@CappyK Thank you.

That isn't weird to me, Shadow.

I know I'd hella smash Ahri given the chance.

I draw the line after zombie girls.

H-hey now.... I-I was just making a statement.....

Nothing to get too worked up over.....

*uh oh...*

Me or cappy?




Wait what?

*Don't you loop me in with this!*

***I do not consent!***



👌 😩

I just got promoted. Don't want to be demoted already. 😂


This is an absolute shit show and I love it.

Hi hermit.

Welcome to the shit storm



These name changes are killing me!


Stop! No more!

My face hurts now. <:LOOOOOL2:508743052828082197>

This server just made me need an advanced laughing emoji

That is a first.

Ok. Breathing returned to normal.


Angry Yellow Bird in the flesh

Which message?



<:OOF:520712853271871510> <:oof:413025778347933717> <:oof:516458979250012160>

My 3 oof emojis



So...... Kanye admitted to shoving a "dildo" in his ass.


On his own free will.......


I should seriously get to sleep now.

Exam tomorrow.

Goodnight fellas.


Oh. Ok.

Mornin’ gents.

Nothing much.


Hey I



Exam begins now.

Let he’ll commence.


New song. Coming soon.



Doing pretty well.

Holy shit

2018-12-13 01:21:14 UTC [Hermit Hangout #shillzone]
In the meantime, I'll post this.

That face when you have a better ass than some girls do.


I look at food like this.



Outsanding ~~move~~ meme.

I never played the myster dungeon games

My first Pokemon was Emerald.

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