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So to stay in this Discord people have to post 3 Pepe pictures?

This is some high grade autistic shit. I like it.

The fuck.....

I can tell



Ah shit

It's on

The helicopter has to pull away

That picture pisses me off

Kinda gay

Not full gay, but a little gay

Hey man

I may be a cuck if I like watching, but I'm not gay



Grand Wizard


Here is a list


(((Doesn't understand what kikes are)))))

That list in the picture was made by the Grand Dragon himself. (Ranking from bottom to top of who is the worst.)

The actual fuck is wrong with Japan

First you have to take out the Muslims, THEN you take out the Jews.

Simple as that

If we ally the Jews and the sand niggers go crazy like they always do we then have a reason to bomb the shit out of them

so you are against trump?

15 years max

It depends on how quickly the union falls

Greece will off themselves and Spain will be screeching like an autistic kid

Just waiting for Prussia to reform and form a true German state over all of Europe

England has a fucking Muslim governor



Hey fuck you man I don't go to church but I am a strong follower of Christ

Protestantism is the bomb

@TheBoat I am glad you finally understand

Catholics and Protestants used to be at each others throats too..,.

The calendars and shit are all slightly different so it is kinda hard to tell

@TheBoat They aren't at each others throats like they used to I.e. Killing each other and shit


Israels enemies are Moosloms so it is ok

(((The stronger they get))) they aren't exactly getting stronger rather they are able to maintain their current strength

I have a feeling that the gooks will have their own bomb malfunction and blow up half of their population

Would be some good shit

>NK has many tunnels

How do you know?


Sadly, yes

Should try to find more excuses to bomb Muslims imo

Don't they just go by IS now?

Proxy wars are always relaxing

We don't get any real casualties and we get to bomb the fuck out of people


I want the Middle East to be fucked up, but I don't want boots on ground

@Renaar >Talks about us being autistic but then posts a MLP gif


@Renaar fuck. I'm sorry

I wish I could have a break ((((Bane appears))))

Making me feel old by remembering when Green Day was relevant

I honestly find artists getting into politics fun (that is if they aren't shill fags)

I am an artist. And MS paint is my canvas.

I only like five finger death punch for the metal genre

Actually I find almost all music enjoyable though Country, screamo (and stuff of the sort), dubstep are all taboo

Sabaton is some good shit

I love listening to Sabaton while playing RO2

Which BF?


Trap emoji is a must


Traps are not inherently gay

I did immense research on the subject

They either look like a girl without additional feminine clothing or they are transvestites

Not inherently gay


Beta male level?

Sounds boring as fuck

To play EU4 or do work. Decisions decisions

All this gay shit making me feel like I am gonna throw up

Real men aren't gay though

Real men will only fuck women and traps

Traps aren't gay

We already talked about this

If you don't see the balls it is okay

They gotta tape those things up and out of sight

I honestly don't understand how women get pregnant when they don't want a kid these days. You don't need a condemn when god has already made a hole that is pregnant proof.


I sleep on rocks. Comfy isn't in my vocabulary.



@Renaar don't objectify me like that. I already get sexually harassed by all of the women I know.

I don't understand how women don't take it as a compliment.

I am looking at your body because it looks fine. No reason to get mad.

They wear skimpy clothing basically inviting guys to look then get made when you do.


Smash it

You get hard in public?


Snap a pic when you have a chance

When you use the term glorious I have to see if you are being legit or not.


Face like a 6 at best

I just think proportionally that jaw is wack

@Rose you'd tap anything correct?

@RussianHacker Good Looking =/= hot

I do gotta admit banging a milf is on my bucket list

Depends on the trap and depends on the milf

You can do it

Autism has no bounds

>tfw you still take creepshots

If you get a good creep shot you get mad respect from the chads

Good luck fellow ass man

You are doing gods work

@RussianHacker >mummy's butt

Well I am gonna have to hop off now

See ya tomorrow



You done fucked up

Why don't we just make a channel for the bot porn and another for @Renaar


Oi vey bunch a jews

Not enough action imo

I just helped another fellow white man understand why he is better then other races and women

Showed him the stats

Men being stronger then women and with men having the capability to be genius' more frequently then women

Along with explaining how white civilization far exceeds any other with some biology mixed in

@Renaar Yup. But don't forget that along with the risk of intelligence being good or bad on men no matter what we will always hold the physical strength card.

Fucking hate Eric

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