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What a surprise; rioting in Paris.

Can Europe even be saved at this point?

British Brainwashing Corporation

Different ethnic groups just stay in their enclaves

Manchester, Birmingham and London are the greenest regions

Is it just me or are Pakistanis really nationalistic?

That is a heatmap of Asian-British population

So you can see what I mean by enclaves

I don't know; it's always been "Asian"

The white bits on that map is mainly the city centre.

Large scale immigration

The inner areas are where the London riots took place in 2011, allegedly over the fatal shooting of a black man. We also have our own BLM movement despite the fact we don't really shoot people.

White British fell from 59% in 2011 to 44% in 2011.

I'd imagine it's much lower now; we won't know until the 2021 cencus.

Why do they fly their own countries flags in France?

I wouldn't dream of going to say, the U.S, and flying a British flag.

That's just disrespectful.

I hate to say it; but I don't think there is a real solution.

I legitimately worry about ethnic conflict getting bigger and bigger over the years

I don't know what will happen.

This isn't sustainable though.

Do you guys know of Derovolk?

He does national anthems on Youtube

What the heck is that?

Why does that hive of degeneracy exist?


Jordan Peterson says to sort yourself out

Did you hear how supposedly 3 aircraft carriers have been moved to Korea?

She had a bottle

Oh definitely.

I'm just posting this so people realise she wasn't innocent in the slightest

There is a bottle

Let me get you the Reuters article

I don't understand why people defend her?

Is it white knighting?

It's disgusting

Not only her, but the people who will defend this senseless violence.

Why are they not labelled as domestic terrorists?

They pretty much are at this point

We only have to look at my country to see the failure of welfare programs.

Our NHS is in shambles.

Our taxes continue to rise



The UK is declining rapidly


We're too soft as a species.

It really has.

I want to jump off this sinking ship

Whilst our Government fails us

It failed the moment it allowed thousands of uneducated third worlders with backward beliefs to move freely

It isn't sustainable.

I don't see a future for me in my own country or Europe

I've posted this a lot but I'll do it again.




They can't even vet them properly.

I agree. If I voiced that publicly, I'd be a racist bigot


It's a privilige

Anyway, I've got to sleep

It's 2:23 here! ^^



Snap elections

ENTP fam

INTJs are emotionless kissless virgins

There you go; there's your definition

ENTPs are edgy contrarians wallowing in self induced misery.

Tory supermajority bois. 😦

It's just some news about the Korean peninsula.


I doxxed myself


We have to save Tea Girl though

California has been culturally enriched.

I know the shooting is real

short time later, a police officer spotted the suspect, who "literally dove onto the ground" as soon as he spotted the officer. While being taken into custody, the man - identified as 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad - shouted "Allahu Akbar."

It was not immediately clear whether Tuesday's shooting spree was an act of terrorism, but Chief Dyer said Muhammad's Facebook account indicated that he "does not like white people." He also expressed anti-government sentiments.

Muhammad was already wanted in connection with the murder of a security guard at a motel in Fresno.

As a result of the shootings, all Fresno County government offices and a number of businesses in the area were put on lockdown.

I wished to live in Europe one day

On the continent.

I don't think it's realistic now

Is it okay?

Do you think my hope to settle in Europe is ruined now?

Realistically; how long do you think until Europe goes under?

Not the Union, but the continent itself.

Do you think it can be prevented then?

Is Western Europe going to go under?

Which is unlikely.

So how long are we giving Western Europe until it goes under?

Do you think that infographic is realistic?

That map was before the migrant crisis.

They don't have many Muslims.

I don't believe so anyway.

North Korea invasion when?

Guys, I'm a shill.

3 Aircraft carriers will arrive on the 25


To coincide with a military drill




It was obviously a test.

North Korea has many tunnels under the country

Maybe it was a message to North Korea or maybe a test to see if they could take them down.

NK claims they can get 30000 troops into South Korea through tunnels

They're always being found

The South Korean military finds them all the time


progressed 435 metres (1,427 feet) under the south side of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

They crafty fam

There is no better target than a North Korean tunnel with a MOAB hurtling towards it.

Whatever happened to Daesh?

It's just IS now

I know

But we used to always say Daesh

Now we've reverted to just saying IS>

Or as the BBC do: "The So-called Islamtic state"

This is a tad spoopy

Heard of Gotham Shield?

It's happening on the 25th in New Jersey

"Simulating" an EMP

A few months ago an emergency radio channel was opened

What does it sound like to you?

It sounds like April 26th and will go 26th right?


I'll get it reversed.

Skip to 1:14

What does it sound like it's saying, if at all?

@Rotmistrz What did you hear reversed?

It's so weird

You can hear different things if you think differently

For want of a better description

Right, try trying to hear "Let them forget not"

Do you hear that?

Its not that there's anything there

It's how interesting it is

It's seemingly just babble but you can make sentences out of nowhere from it

I think it's a psychological thing

Optimus Priming is the term

Just listen to it

I'm not saying there is anything subliminal in there.

I'm saying that it's weird because when you know what to try and hear; you can make it out very clearly

It's a psychological effect

Try listening to it

Then try and hear "Baked beans for christmas'

"Let them forget not"

"That means world war"

You can hear all three if you focus


It's psychological

And cool

"That's not good enough"

Can you hear them?

"Don't think you're so smart"

I wonder what causes it?

Is it because it's distorted?


Or something like that

"Let him progress much"


Still cool

Is it not?

Hello new mod Killer Kowalski

You're spamming Twitter with memes?

What the heck is with this headline:

It makes it look like right-wingers fought among themselves

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