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Kekist Crusader reporting for duty


why am i classified as a pleb

some of u actually joined

we make alex jones conspiracy theories

and "news"

how do i join the military?

i have experience slaying goat fucking infidels

i took down some lgbt server with 100+ ppl

i unleashed barrage after barrage of laggy bro gifs

the cuck resistance shattered before me

ill send u invite

ik one

tell them ur lenny's friends

theyll know what they're up against

into the hellhole we go

``` ```

use this

weapon of choice


and /r9k

for coordinating raids

fucking hell

they have nearly 2000 members

islam chat

get on\

and spam


worked for me


this is the server

try to get in

new invite

this might work

join this

im getting a crusade together

im infiltrating first

i am muslim man
excuse for poor english
i face very discrimination

i cant

they only have private

you have to get it thru dis

for their muslim application

i need to tell them my email

are u on pc?

i linked my twitter account to my discord

im fucked

i'll have to raid soon

or the crusade will be a failure

and ill get banned

im ready to spam

u guys get ready



dj is a kool kid




hes just offline

hes still in the server

hes some italian guy

@Djammiafda join the 5th cohort


call of the ree in 3


wait waht?

dont ban him

hes just an italian faggot

join the 5th cohort

urgent message

a messenger from uskekistan told me they're declaring war on the kekistani republic!

all men must mobilize

make one about the great capture the flag game


we need to have like Legio I Kekistani or something

but our region is kekistan

just turn images off

go to

click discord

join the dsicord

you'll get to a discord called sidney's games

you can loook up djammiafda there

originial character


what about [GD]Removal?

hi kevin

ur in now?

join the 5th Cohort lol

best cohort

kevin is a skilled spammer

dm a mod to join the 5th cohort

can i have gasser?

Incase of spam, go to #bunker!

the muslim chat added this after i spammed them

hey cucks

hey cucks


simon is gay fagit


they already knew where it was

a guy just climbed the building

i wonder what season 4 will be

HWNDU season 4: Shia in sub-saharan africa


join 5th cohort

best cohort

we raided 7 servers in 1 day

@(External_Implosions) remember ice arceus?

that guy who spammed in the aidsps?

hes here

5th cohort

he spams a lot

@Melancholia Nonpareil this is ice arceus

hes in 5th cohort

join 5th cohort


@(External_Implosions) you claim to be catholic and orthodox at the same time tho

thats why we have serious chat

where we chat about serious politics

everyone here uses /pol lmao

serious chat

cant impeach trump if he's #notyourpresident 😉

you cannot command pepe

<:5th:294672017981046794> LONG LIVE THE FIFTH MACEDONICA

ik him irl lol

hes a cool kid

shes ur sister irl?

the 5th cohort did 7 raids in 1 day


we've got our own emoji

5th cohort fuck yeah

lelapaloozandrew says he got banned for saying that knife party is good

lol ja

sieg heil

join the 5th cohort

best cohort


wanna jion 5th cohort?

ill let u in

ask stone

or smthing

why did andrew get banned again

tor was made by us marines

prob no viruses

flaming furry is in xD

join the 5th cohort

u too

best cohort


we have our own emoji

i cant remember ur username tho


why did andrew get banned again

im banned

i had a vnguard force go

ive got teh keemstar oficial server

kermit sent it to me

@krishna mera bhai join the 5th cohort

theyre getting destroyed

they tried muting me

but i just leave server

another 20 down

gtg guys

ill ask stone

its kinda a lost cause now

writing battle report

**Battle of KEEMSTAR**
Combatants: 5th Kekist Cohort | KEEMSTAR
8 Crusaders | 2900 retards
Result: Decisive Kekist Victory
Casualties: Kekists: 0
KEEMSTAR: 30 people gone offline

425 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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