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2017-05-12 20:02:08 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-12 20:03:08 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-12 20:04:13 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  



2017-05-12 20:12:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm gonna go find my copy of that card and permanent marker it

2017-05-12 20:12:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if i can find it

2017-05-12 20:13:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've got about 16000 cards i think

2017-05-12 20:18:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's the worst type of human being @Meme Noble

2017-05-12 20:20:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

@Meme Noble If you can even call them humans

2017-05-12 20:24:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:26:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Imagine the shit Disney would have rain down on them for making all the shitskin niglets face that white supremacy

2017-05-12 20:32:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:33:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:34:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:34:47 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:39:51 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  

What is the opinion on british pepes?

2017-05-12 20:40:47 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  


2017-05-12 20:40:50 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  

no america without brits

2017-05-12 20:42:48 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  


2017-05-12 20:45:27 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  


2017-05-12 20:49:40 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:51:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:51:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:52:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:55:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

there was that nigger on game of thrones who led the slave army

2017-05-12 20:55:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

we can use him

2017-05-12 20:56:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that's the shitskin

2017-05-12 20:58:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

So, your boss is a poo in loo @JarJarBinx

2017-05-12 20:58:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 20:59:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if you praise kek enough, you might get a real boss

2017-05-12 20:59:41 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

at least they acknowledge the slave labour in china

2017-05-12 21:01:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

bye jarjar

2017-05-12 21:01:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

praise kek

2017-05-12 21:05:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

you mean like Mein Kampf?

2017-05-12 21:33:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

t!ratewaifu Brittany Venti

2017-05-12 21:34:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

a cock that's fucking massive

2017-05-12 21:35:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

vomit over scat

2017-05-12 21:36:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 21:36:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

people are fucked up

2017-05-12 21:36:42 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-12 21:36:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i must leave

2017-05-12 21:38:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'll leave you with the upper limit of kikedom


2017-05-13 11:09:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I haven't seen it yet

2017-05-13 11:09:41 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

mightdo soon

2017-05-13 11:11:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-13 11:31:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Just got a contract through to spend the day hacking shitskins <:thumbsupdtrmp:299785481460121600>

2017-05-13 11:37:02 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

so l33t

2017-05-13 11:38:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

so many call centers going offline today

2017-05-13 11:39:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-13 11:39:35 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  


2017-05-13 12:21:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

From what I've seen of wannacry, it was pajeet tier or worse

2017-05-13 12:23:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and yet, the NHS couldn't handle it

2017-05-13 12:24:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Teaches them to exclusively employ shitskins

2017-05-13 12:45:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

only if they aren't your niggers

2017-05-13 13:08:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

There's a fucking camp full of them in franceistan

2017-05-13 13:09:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

@killer kowalski Do theyexist?

2017-05-13 13:10:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I could 3d print one

2017-05-13 13:10:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've got some red and some black filament here somewhere

2017-05-13 13:11:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I replaced the Iwo Jima flag on a statue someone got me with a swastika

2017-05-13 13:12:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'd have to order some bearings in

2017-05-13 13:12:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've got nothing

2017-05-13 13:12:33 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

actually, i might have some abec 7 bearings from an old skateboard

2017-05-13 13:13:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Why aren't all bearings good enough? They all reduce the friction needed to spin something

2017-05-13 13:14:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

But, if you made it hollow, you could fill it with sand or something

2017-05-13 13:15:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Maybe. Never tried

2017-05-13 13:15:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it sounds like a rasonable assumption

2017-05-13 13:15:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that could work

2017-05-13 14:19:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

did she go to the kikehouse?

2017-05-13 14:29:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the Anne Frank Museum

2017-05-13 21:32:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Are you guys referring to WannaCry?

2017-05-13 21:32:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yeah, as long as you are running windows 10, you're safe

2017-05-13 21:34:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Nah, it used to be an NSA backdoor before they got leaked

2017-05-13 21:34:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I should know, I've been dumping it on shitskin call centers all day

2017-05-13 21:35:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Β£2000 contract to fuck up some pajet call centers yo

2017-05-13 21:36:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Nah, but there are no cyber laws in india so you can hack shitskins all day with no repercussions

2017-05-13 21:37:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yeah, I;ve got a terabyte of lists like that

2017-05-13 21:38:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's good money being a professional l33t

2017-05-13 21:38:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-13 21:38:40 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

no, but the people who don't want the shitskins have money

2017-05-13 21:39:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

you aren't anonym00se?

2017-05-13 21:40:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

they are

2017-05-13 21:42:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

not a lot in the real world.

2017-05-13 21:42:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

they are good at ddos but not much else

2017-05-13 21:42:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and people can easily counter ddos on their scale now

2017-05-13 21:44:43 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

a little maybe

2017-05-13 21:46:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the more Pajeets get paid to develop real projects, like at microsoft, the worse state we will get in

2017-05-13 21:47:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

pajeets for currycode and lower

2017-05-13 21:48:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Seems a bit low of a number

2017-05-13 21:48:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

1 in 5

2017-05-13 21:50:05 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

But why should it be on the rich countries to provide for those so fucking stupid that they can't run a country succesfully

2017-05-13 21:50:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I guess

2017-05-13 21:51:02 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

They need to be vetted immigrants then

2017-05-13 21:51:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Near eastern europeans

2017-05-13 21:51:34 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Estonians and poles are about the only adequate immigrants

2017-05-13 21:53:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

you need to keep some scum for cleaning our shit

2017-05-13 21:56:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-14 13:17:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

good morning @killer kowalski

2017-05-14 13:23:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I got my contract money this morning

2017-05-14 13:23:43 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Bought a shit load of beer

2017-05-14 13:23:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

got a fridge full of beer now

2017-05-14 13:25:47 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i did have to buy the beer from a curry nigger though


2017-05-14 16:30:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  
2017-05-14 16:31:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Have you watched Designated Survivor?

2017-05-14 16:33:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

First 2 episodes there's quite a lot of mud slime beating

2017-05-14 16:33:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and racial profiling

2017-05-14 16:35:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

To be fair, they do stop it

2017-05-14 16:35:08 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Which is bullshit

2017-05-14 16:35:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

although they specifically mention a terrorist dying

2017-05-14 16:37:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

a teenage muhammed gets beaten to death by the cops and it's videoed




2017-05-15 20:53:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

@killer kowalski It's pissing it down here so bad that my laptop got soaked and won't turn on

2017-05-15 21:05:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've already got the mobo out and cleaned. It's in as many pieces as I can get it

2017-05-15 21:05:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's a 10 year old thinkpad so as long as the SSD is alright, i'll just stick it in another box

2017-05-15 21:07:08 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

yeah, it's not so bad but it still is completely broken. I might just trash it anyway. I'm looking for a new one so I might use this as an

2017-05-15 21:07:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

excuse to buy one

2017-05-15 21:08:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Louis Rossmann style?

2017-05-15 21:08:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

You've already got the right political view

2017-05-15 21:08:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:09:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

he does employ some sand niggers and slanty eyed fucks

2017-05-15 21:09:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:09:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

maybe i'll see you in chat one day

2017-05-15 21:10:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i've got hack th planet logo

2017-05-15 21:10:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

favourite video recently

2017-05-15 21:11:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the only problem is, nitrocaster is a plebbit

2017-05-15 21:12:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:13:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I have been working on arduinos recently

2017-05-15 21:13:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:13:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

electrical semen

2017-05-15 21:14:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I bought his hot air station

2017-05-15 21:14:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I had to do some microsoldering for my FRID cloner

2017-05-15 21:14:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:15:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've got a hakko but i don't have a microscope

2017-05-15 21:15:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm probably going to get one when I start building my DAC

2017-05-15 21:15:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

haven't decided yet

2017-05-15 21:16:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'll ley tou know

2017-05-15 21:16:34 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

for machine learning you mena?

2017-05-15 21:16:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

like an AI?

2017-05-15 21:17:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-15 21:17:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

not a clue

2017-05-15 21:19:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yeah, just looking at the wiki page

2017-05-15 21:19:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

looks cool

2017-05-15 21:19:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Also, I'm looking at an opendac

2017-05-15 21:19:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

arduino duo version

2017-05-15 21:19:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i really enjoy arduinos

2017-05-15 21:21:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

yeah, but i like the arduino path

2017-05-15 21:21:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's a platform I'm very comfortable with

2017-05-15 21:22:08 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

oh? last time i looked you couldn't

2017-05-15 21:22:40 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

THE oled and rotary decoder looks like a cool add on

2017-05-15 21:24:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm using my computer and some Sennheiser HD 598 headphones

2017-05-15 21:26:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Schiit Lyr 2

2017-05-15 21:29:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yeah, i guess

2017-05-15 21:29:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm bringing in those shekels

2017-05-16 13:22:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

goyims, keep me stimulated from this eternal struggle to revise

2017-05-16 14:29:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 11:27:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

KEK that shitty flute is cancer

2017-05-17 11:27:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

but the good kind of cancer

2017-05-17 11:29:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I opened my laptop in a lecture theater this morning and shadilay started blaring out

2017-05-17 11:33:43 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]  


2017-05-17 14:44:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I have returned

2017-05-17 14:44:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I now know all the things

2017-05-17 15:37:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

this is no keking matter @Renaar

2017-05-17 15:37:34 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I have been to university once in the past month

2017-05-17 15:37:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I now know all the things in the universe

2017-05-17 15:40:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I have exams this week, i thought i ought to bother for once

2017-05-17 15:41:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Uni of good opsec

2017-05-17 15:41:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Aren't all american unis

2017-05-17 15:41:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 15:42:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

also, as you are american, I'm in the UK

2017-05-17 15:42:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that's as much as I'll give

2017-05-17 15:42:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I googled

2017-05-17 15:43:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I only just heard this morning that NYT was shilling for Comey against the one true leader

2017-05-17 15:44:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 15:44:40 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm more surprised it wasn't the Washington Post first

2017-05-17 15:44:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 15:46:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It was bezos' shilling that pissed off donald wasn't it? <:donald:293121891567140864>

2017-05-17 15:46:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

cos bezos own's the post

2017-05-17 15:47:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Did you hear that donald allegedly asked Department of Prisons to clear out cells for diplomatic witnesses, including shillary?

2017-05-17 15:48:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm looking

2017-05-17 15:53:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

as much as it pains me to say it, the washillton post's story on WannaCry is one of the best i've seen, best outside a technical blog

2017-05-17 16:20:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

no official sources yet, but who knows

2017-05-17 16:21:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

hopefully the real doc will leak soon and we can all read it ourselves

2017-05-17 16:21:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and then we can laugh at the abomination the WaPo and the NYT will write on it

2017-05-17 16:21:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and any other libtard publication

2017-05-17 16:22:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

yeah, i heard that

2017-05-17 16:22:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it was my understnading that an impeachment led to another election

2017-05-17 16:22:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

but I'm british

2017-05-17 16:22:41 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

maybe it does.

2017-05-17 16:22:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's not my country

2017-05-17 16:22:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i don't know the procedures

2017-05-17 16:25:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

how the almighty fuck do you feel marginalised by a quiet building?

2017-05-17 16:25:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

how do they go to libraries at university to do work?

2017-05-17 16:26:00 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

libtards need to die

2017-05-17 16:26:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

all of them

2017-05-17 16:26:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

every libtard

2017-05-17 16:26:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and absence of noise

2017-05-17 16:26:51 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

probably just because the jungle is so noisy

2017-05-17 16:27:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

apes aren't used to being quiet

2017-05-17 16:28:33 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I think they should have a nigger library which has slayer blaring 24/7 and a human library which is a normal library

2017-05-17 16:28:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

kek at that professor.

2017-05-17 16:28:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Imagine replacing whites with niggers

2017-05-17 16:29:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

imagine the shitstorm

2017-05-17 16:30:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if someone suggested niggerdeathfest 2017, they'd be killed but suggest white deaths and it's fine

2017-05-17 16:31:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 16:31:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's like M60 saying that 3 billion people died in 9/11

2017-05-17 16:31:53 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

and raging when someone told him it was 3000

2017-05-17 16:32:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


t!danbooru yaoi

2017-05-17 16:34:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 16:35:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

inb4 jews are people too

2017-05-17 16:36:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

jews are shekel magnets

2017-05-17 16:36:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-17 16:37:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

but i wouldn't say it has the rights of a human

2017-05-17 16:38:02 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


t!danbooru nigger

t!danbooru trump

t!reddit shilary






t!anime psychopass


t!psychopass @mAri

t!psychopass @L33T HITLER




don't know rose


t!ratewaifu Donald Trump

t!ratewaifu Shillary

fuck off nigger bot

it's broken

2017-05-17 17:12:51 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

b b but i'm a t!hackerman

2017-05-17 17:13:02 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  


2017-05-17 17:16:22 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

!play alestorm 1741

2017-05-17 17:17:12 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

udp don't fail me now

2017-05-17 17:17:27 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  


2017-05-17 17:17:54 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

!play alestorm drink

2017-05-17 17:18:14 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

udp stop being a bitch

2017-05-17 17:18:44 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

!play eluveitie call of the mountains

2017-05-17 17:19:59 UTC [4th Reich #musicbot]  

@Hitler Shekelsallgone Yeah, they are fucking brilliant

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