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Daldoren 2017-04-03 18:55:18 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Go stop by the KBI Meme Department for memes

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:20:41 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

There's also a Le Pen campaign tomorrow

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:21:52 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

I'll get the time conversions

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:27:47 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

France/Netherlands: 7 PM
UK: 6 PM
CDT: 12 PM
MDT: 11 AM
PDT: 10 AM
Please note: all times are for tomorrow - Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:28:21 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Voice of Europe on Twitter will reveal the hashtag tomorrow before the raid

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:28:38 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

@Statist Tear Receptacle Big pro Le Pen campaign on Twitter tomorrow

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:30:12 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

@everyone it's 7 PM in Paris/Netherlands for the raid

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:30:22 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

I listed a bunch of time zones there

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:30:25 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

So find yours

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:31:22 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

If I didn't list your timezone please use this @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:34:01 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Go to the KBI Department of Meme Warfare server if you need any memes or more info

Daldoren 2017-04-03 19:40:29 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Dump of 160 Le Pen memes, courtesy of @Shlooish @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:08:33 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

@everyone HASHTAG IS OUT #MarinePrΓ©sidente IS THE HASTAG

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:10:10 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]


Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:17:20 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Use #LeGrandDebat too @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:34:53 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Holy shit I can't believe we managed to pull this together

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:35:07 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

It obviously would've done well with just Voice of Europe

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:35:18 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

But with the legions of Kekistan backing it up

Daldoren 2017-04-04 17:35:26 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

This is going fantastic

Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:29:12 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

@everyone Raid this shit

Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:39:41 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

If you gorepost you'll get banned from it

Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:40:41 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]


Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:41:59 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

That's clever

Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:42:09 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Made it so we can't gorepost

Daldoren 2017-04-07 17:42:22 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

I guess just go there and spam slurs or something

Mein fΓΌhrer #HappyBirthdayUncle @everyone

Yeah I saw that

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:35:24 [4th Reich #general]

Walked into my French class today and two girls were doing a Roman salute (one of them a 10/10 Aryan) and wishing Hitler a happy birthday

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:35:35 [4th Reich #general]

The future is bright

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:37:52 [4th Reich #general]

>has an iFunny watermark

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:38:18 [4th Reich #general]

It was the first one that popped up so I used it

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:46:42 [4th Reich #general]

Capitalize on Paris now

Daldoren 2017-04-20 21:46:48 [4th Reich #general]

It's #1 trend

Daldoren 2017-04-20 23:59:23 [4th Reich #general]

@everyone Goyim, there will be another Le Pen campaign on Saturday. We're organizing it ourselves (so no Voice of Europe probably) so we need all the help we can get. We're still deciding on a hashtag, ammo drop will be coming soon.

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:00:47 [4th Reich #general]

I have half Jew genetics

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:01:18 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:01:57 [4th Reich #general]

I guess if you breed with Aryans though, that would dilute your genetics over several generations

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:02:24 [4th Reich #general]

Lmao I do

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:02:47 [4th Reich #general]

Big nose, beard, curly hair, giant grin, hands rubbing

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:04:21 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:04:34 [4th Reich #general]

I bet you'd pass the Aryan test

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:04:40 [4th Reich #general]

But I would get instant oven

Daldoren 2017-04-21 00:06:58 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-04-21 16:30:53 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-04-21 16:39:57 [4th Reich #general]

@NiggerLyncher If you could pin that or spread the link when more people get on, that would be great

Daldoren 2017-04-21 16:43:34 [4th Reich #general]

We're still figuring out a time for the raid but I'll get back to you goys when we figure it out

Daldoren 2017-04-21 16:43:46 [4th Reich #general]

It'll be sometime tomorrow

Daldoren 2017-04-21 21:00:35 [4th Reich #general]

The Le Pen raid will be tomorrow at:
7 PM French time
For other times please use: @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-22 00:40:26 [4th Reich #general]

#JeVote is the hashtag @NiggerLyncher @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-22 00:43:54 [4th Reich #general]

Some people are already tweeting

Daldoren 2017-04-22 00:43:59 [4th Reich #general]

So deploy now if you want

Daldoren 2017-04-22 00:47:26 [4th Reich #general]

@NiggerLyncher We may add other hashtags depending on what's trending in France tomorrow

Daldoren 2017-04-22 00:47:30 [4th Reich #general]

I'll keep you updated

Daldoren 2017-04-22 16:22:46 [4th Reich #general]

@everyone #JeVote is the hashtag. Raid begins in about half an hour

Daldoren 2017-04-22 16:24:21 [4th Reich #general]

It's trending now so you can start now if you want

Daldoren 2017-04-22 16:24:32 [4th Reich #general]

But official deployment is at 1 PM EDT

Daldoren 2017-04-22 17:00:09 [4th Reich #general]

DEPLOY! #JeVote @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-22 21:42:55 [4th Reich #general]

You did a good job today goys

Daldoren 2017-04-25 20:32:29 [4th Reich #general]

We are raiding the #Elysee2017 hashtag with French election memes. Deploy now if you can @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-26 20:53:13 [4th Reich #general]

So Le Pen is a nationalist

Daldoren 2017-04-26 20:53:23 [4th Reich #general]

And a socialist on some parts

Daldoren 2017-04-26 20:53:30 [4th Reich #general]

You know what that means?

Daldoren 2017-04-26 20:53:44 [4th Reich #general]

*His* spirit is with us once more

Daldoren 2017-04-27 00:05:54 [4th Reich #general]

My history teacher called Hitler a coward today

Daldoren 2017-04-27 00:06:58 [4th Reich #general]

Good goy

>20 hours

@NiggerLyncher Take some of your drugs and trip out while listening to that

Daldoren 2017-04-28 01:14:58 [4th Reich #general]

Any Polish people here?

Daldoren 2017-04-28 01:17:41 [4th Reich #general]

I've got something that'll rile you up

Daldoren 2017-04-29 15:29:28 [4th Reich #general]

We're raiding Twitter for Le Pen in about half an hour

Daldoren 2017-04-29 15:29:42 [4th Reich #general]

I'll let you guys know the hashtag shortly before

Daldoren 2017-04-29 15:30:06 [4th Reich #general]

Make sure to spread Assclown's latest video

Daldoren 2017-04-29 15:56:40 [4th Reich #general]

@RussianHacker I can't @everyone

Daldoren 2017-04-29 16:01:07 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-04-29 19:20:36 [4th Reich #general]

Good work today guys

Daldoren 2017-04-29 19:21:09 [4th Reich #general]

There's a debate on Wednesday at 3 PM EDT so that's when our next raid is

Daldoren 2017-04-29 19:21:18 [4th Reich #general]

We're going all out on May 6 (next Saturday) as well

Daldoren 2017-04-29 19:21:35 [4th Reich #general]

For Wednesday we'll probably just ride behind Voice of Europe cause they'll probably do something

Daldoren 2017-05-01 15:32:07 [4th Reich #general]

Sieg heil!

We had to watch that in history @Europa

I actually sympathized with him

Daldoren 2017-05-03 19:00:49 [4th Reich #general]

Shitpost for Le Pen! REEEE!

Daldoren 2017-05-03 19:14:01 [4th Reich #general]

We have a guy from France who runs a great analytics program

Daldoren 2017-05-06 15:48:52 [4th Reich #general]

@NiggerLyncher Raid in about 10 minutes

Daldoren 2017-05-06 15:48:59 [4th Reich #general]

Daldoren 2017-05-06 16:00:31 [4th Reich #general]

DEPLOY! Raid for Le Pen!

Daldoren 2017-05-06 16:18:41 [4th Reich #general]
Daldoren 2017-05-06 16:18:52 [4th Reich #general]

I'll have to look for it

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:27:34 [4th Reich #general]

Or rope?

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:27:39 [4th Reich #general]

Or all three?

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:28:05 [4th Reich #general]

Then bonfire?

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:28:58 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:35:12 [4th Reich #general]

Lots of (((shills))) in the thread I see @NiggerLyncher

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:36:02 [4th Reich #general]

(((They))) are scared

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:39:34 [4th Reich #general]

Someone got dubs 7 as they said they were waiting for it

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:39:37 [4th Reich #general]

Kek has spoken

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:39:42 [4th Reich #general]

The digits align

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:40:16 [4th Reich #general]

Someone also got 88

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:41:09 [4th Reich #general]

Triple 5s

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:44:38 [4th Reich #general]

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:44:42 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:54:39 [4th Reich #general]

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:54:40 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:54:44 [4th Reich #general]

It's too much

Daldoren 2017-05-07 02:59:56 [4th Reich #general]

Tomorrow we see if digits are true

Daldoren 2017-05-07 03:00:10 [4th Reich #general]

I saw 2 digits in favor of shills

Daldoren 2017-05-07 03:00:13 [4th Reich #general]

But not enough

Daldoren 2017-05-07 15:31:30 [4th Reich #general]

Tomorrow's VE Day

Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:40:35 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:40:54 [4th Reich #general]

They will never understand memetics

Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:41:05 [4th Reich #general]

Memetics is a complex science

Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:41:20 [4th Reich #general]

The only people who fully understand it is the alt right

Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:41:28 [4th Reich #general]

That's why we win

Daldoren 2017-05-07 17:41:40 [4th Reich #general]

Even the CIA doesn't fully understand it

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:15:36 [4th Reich #general]

Digits were wrong

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:15:39 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:16:18 [4th Reich #general]

They surrender once again

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:16:28 [4th Reich #general]

This time to the muzzie hordes

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:20:47 [4th Reich #general]

Can't wait to experience their multiculturalism when I go there next month

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:49:36 [4th Reich #general]

Even without (((their))) influence she would've lost

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:51:10 [4th Reich #general]

We need him back

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:51:12 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:51:20 [4th Reich #general]

This is our most desperate hour

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:51:32 [4th Reich #general]

We need you to fight (((them))) again

Daldoren 2017-05-07 18:53:33 [4th Reich #general]

We see the light uncle. You were trying to save Europe.

Daldoren 2017-05-07 19:47:31 [4th Reich #general]

What is the Final Solution to the Muslim Question?

Daldoren 2017-05-07 19:49:23 [4th Reich #general]

Open Borders for Israel

Daldoren 2017-05-07 19:50:17 [4th Reich #general]

But the goyim aren't allowed to @Woke Horse

Daldoren 2017-05-07 22:26:20 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu Aryan Goddess Lauren Southern

Daldoren 2017-05-07 22:53:04 [4th Reich #general]

Can boomers die already?

Daldoren 2017-05-08 00:05:12 [4th Reich #general]

Hitler did nothing wrong

Daldoren 2017-05-08 14:18:39 [4th Reich #general]

Le Pen was gonna make national socialism great again

Daldoren 2017-05-08 14:19:27 [4th Reich #general]

Now we have to wait longer for the EU to die and *his* spirit to rise from the grave

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:28:43 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu 6 gorillion dead Jews

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:29:20 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu Total annihilation of world Jewry

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:29:48 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu Jews

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:29:56 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:32:16 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu Israel

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:32:39 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu Auschwitz

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:32:44 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:33:51 [4th Reich #general]

t!Ratewaifu (((Marx)))

Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:34:21 [4th Reich #general]
Daldoren 2017-05-08 18:35:11 [4th Reich #general]

t!ratewaifu traps

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:34:51 [4th Reich #general]

Why would Hitler be in hell?

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:35:02 [4th Reich #general]

He was doing God's will

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:35:15 [4th Reich #general]

To save his people from (((them)))

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:35:34 [4th Reich #general]


Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:38:25 [4th Reich #general]

Well it is a dindu

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:38:36 [4th Reich #general]

So maybe that's why

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:41:34 [4th Reich #general]

Nvm not a dindu

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:41:47 [4th Reich #general]

It was another video I was looking at the same time

Daldoren 2017-05-18 00:41:51 [4th Reich #general]

I'm just retarded

Daldoren 2017-05-19 14:11:52 [4th Reich #general]

Draw Muhammad Day is Saturday

Daldoren 2017-05-19 14:12:10 [4th Reich #general]

We'll be raiding Twitter, more info soon

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:55:58 [4th Reich #general]

I have a job for you all

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:56:26 [4th Reich #general]

CNN is threatening to reveal the identity of the guy who made the meme Trump posted

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:57:18 [4th Reich #general]

We need to push this

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:57:36 [4th Reich #general]

#CNNBlackmail is already being pushed on Twitter

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:59:01 [4th Reich #general]

We need to push it on /pol/

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:59:13 [4th Reich #general]

You guys know how to work /pol/ far better than I

Daldoren 2017-07-05 02:59:41 [4th Reich #general]

@NiggerLyncher If you see this

Daldoren 2017-07-08 02:39:53 [4th Reich #general]

Raid tomorrow if you want to participate.

Daldoren 2017-07-08 16:33:25 [4th Reich #general]

Another half an hour until the raid. Hashtags are #CNNMemeWar and #AutismStorm

Daldoren 2017-07-08 17:05:00 [4th Reich #general]

Yeah hang on

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