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If we manage to become land based then we would be more powerful than ever. I don't see how we will be able to hold that much land for our currency though given that all land has been claimed.

Oh ok. Nvm I was stupid and didn't read it correctly.

How will we claim this land as Kekistani and not US if it's in the middle of Wyoming?

Is the US really selling it though?

So basically do as the Mormons did in Utah?

What are we shitposting about in that channel?

Anti Muslim or anti Jewish?

This is borderline political correctness

What is this text lol?

All day today for me

Kentucky has bourbon!

Rare hitler memes are what I live for... that and squashing feminists

>be me
>it be TWOkl7
>Nihilism 4 Th3 W1N

I worship Kek for without him all is meaningless

Lol Nihilism is what life is without a God or an afterlife. Without meaning and the eventual destruction of the universe, there are no morals and therefore Nihilism is the true option.

You a accommodationist or 6 day creationist @TheBoat

Nihilism will win

It's a German belief actually

You got me m8

Nihilism will always remain for there will always be scum such as I who are sociopaths that don't give a shit about morals

Nah fam. Nihilism is just doing whatever you want to do including populating the earth

Sub human? We don't believe in a triune God that happens to make 3 = 1

Saying that the Biblical Triune God is pretty fucking sub human

But I have no value, morality, or meaning

Nope I believe it's all survival of the fittest

So there is no right or wrong

We only do what benefits us

I would kill if I benefited from it. Otherwise I would see no need to

No @Sekust it could be a $1

Why have goals when life is meaningless though?

No; we are realists

Because some of us notice that it's not the fun and beneficial

There are laws in place to prevent scum like me to do thing @Sekust

There is no right and wrong

No it boils down to both life and death are meaningless and therefore we should just do whatever we feel like even though there is no reason in anything that you do

@TheBoat fuck off extremist Jew

Because everything is meaningless

@Rose could we make a religious debate section?

I'm a Jewish pawn? I'm not the one basing my life off of a sub religion of Judaism

True but for some reason I believe you said that ironically

@Rose yes I do actually. It's called Kekistan

Wait guys! The real (((question)))... are traps gay? No; To the gas chambers Yes; Saved for another day

>We are normies @Rotmistrz

There is no end game or goal

(It's a real website)

Lol true. Satan is actually better sounding than the Triune God. The only problem is that if you follow the nice guy you finish last

>Be Lucifer
>In Heaven
>Get woke
>No more heaven
>Make humans woke
>Punished and hated by humans and God

Yes I do mean having pride @Renaar

I had Jesus for 16 fucking years and I realized one day that I needed to wake up and smell the burning Jews

But society is useless and meaningless

Jesus was a Jew...

Jews don't have potential

>drink the Atrazine

>ashes ashes they all fall down

More like a Jew?

So the apostles never were Jews? Could've sworn they dere

Sure they can. They're fucking Jews


Kowalski just make memes to make up for it

Kek may or may not bless you with his healing powers

Says so in les biblio

@Norwegian Black Metal Thou shall not have any God other than Kek

OC right there

Meme has been made

No more Pepsi people! Only Keksi!

Leave gore in nigger gore?

@RussianHacker I took French if you ever need help

Je veux des emplois pas l'affaire du voile islamique! @RussianHacker

You know hijab is a type of clothing they wear right?

Just making sure

It's a viel that covers their body

Towel headed monsters

The kind of porn Muslims watch

Where'd the hot women go?

Phew my name is somehow green again. Praise Kek!

I am a stockpile of memes

Happy birthday Hitler... smoke some weed in celebration cause it's 420 too!

@everyone Be sure to pay respects to @armyofkek on twitter. We lost a great soldier today.

His account got suspended for saying something "offensive." Who knows what though. All it takes is a normie to see any poor green colored man and their racist intents pop in and report us

โ€ช Serious Moonman discord; tell them KekRightDeplorable sent you and get through vetting. We waz kangz and sheeeeeiiitโ€ฌ. In case anyone else here needs a touch more of racism in their lives.

Mmm well itโ€™s your loss if you donโ€™t want to join the Moonman Central

Oh really? Shit

Not surprised to be honest.

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