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grubby fucking jew 2017-04-30 07:14:16 [4th Reich #anime]

praise guacman

If ur one of them globalists

^ when your hedge fund manager is really slick

guys its not real socialism so it didnt work

I did kek

macron is a fucking shil

If kek has one\

Good job kek

no way

I think its right?

Also this


working at chick fil a here

cuck central

Its pretty much mcdonalds but a tad nicer


When business regulate governments


maybe irish?

i mean they are a tiny island

thats why i dont work at mcd's

she violating the NAP

Where i live i only see beaners

no negros


Ive only banged latino chicks

thats it



i love daddy mike gas the gays pence 😂

thx bby

he would be like truman was for japan

i need a pinochet

guys its not real socialism


i love these fucking memes

go work for some shekels you socialist fags

remember when vapor wave was a thing

is it?

kek that was totally last year

close enough

its all about the j cole and drake lolol

We need a thread were we rate thots tbh


tell that thot ass hoe to fuck off

send us her nudes

Australia is full fuck off foreigner

Alex Jones is the reason why trump won 💯 👌 😂 🅱 <:redpill:309839101543186443>


You cant just throw people out of helicopters


lolol bitch got rekt

she didnt use the NAP accordingly

I find this great


why cant muslims keep their car on the road?

thas rite 🅱

we wuz kangs

please dont

if anything you should be shorting verizon and at&t

I love some good marching songs

nigger music




It got started by jews?


grubby fucking jew 2017-07-09 07:00:38 [4th Reich #anime]


spam nigger gore pls


154 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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