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Hey all,
I wanted to get something out to you all and let you know we are going to try and grow this discord as a good place to organize and coordinate with the official campaign as we have at least one mod now working with Patrick Little.
We have setup a permanent invite for the discord so if you would please spread it around and try and get some more people in here so we can really coordinate some work for Patrick. That said don't be a sperg ask admins of other discords unless they are totally cool with people throwing invites around.
We expect some things that will need to be spread later today and as well we already have some things that they asked us to do so I will be setting up a channel for that stuff.

If you would like to join the official campaign email [email protected]

2018-08-07 19:59:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Need to go make dinner, dropping out. ttyl

2018-10-02 16:31:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

lots of them don't, i know the new awakening does but they are focused on getting people into the pnw and starting families and well you need girls for that

2018-10-02 23:32:22 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

wtf you tube....I can't even click on the user that posted that video

what was the "local" paper cus I want it to be true but know its not

2018-10-05 01:03:05 UTC [Patrick Little Central #pats-videos]  

@S_420 this does not look relevant to pat....

2018-10-05 01:04:46 UTC [Patrick Little Central #pats-videos]  

less then a min in the server and posting some random stream thats not relevant to pat in a pat specific channel...

2018-10-06 00:47:11 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

nope have not seen it posted before

2018-10-06 20:29:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

pretty sure he does not name them...if he did he would never have been confirmed

2018-10-06 22:53:05 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-10-06 22:54:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2018-10-07 01:39:21 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

adamwaffle's first skull mask

2018-10-07 01:41:22 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

that said yes, women do not have a culture....they just parrot what ever the strongest influence around them is.

2018-10-07 01:42:08 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

or skull masks

2018-10-07 02:09:30 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

ww3 will happen and then we will get our white ethnostate in africa.

2018-10-07 02:09:56 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Take the Siener pill

2018-10-07 02:29:04 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

some where around min 25 on that they talk about siener predicting trump

2018-10-07 02:31:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

a black boy would take over in America and lead it in a direction they don't like and then a "man with hair like a wig" would take power and look favorably on the Boer to paraphrase the prophecy

2018-10-07 02:32:46 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

unless you can read Afrikaans or German here is an English book on him.

2018-10-07 02:33:31 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

first half is a biography and the second half are some of his predictions

2018-10-07 02:34:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

enough siener posting from me though if anyone is interested feel free to DM me

2018-10-07 03:39:11 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2018-10-07 03:39:18 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i don't pay attention

2018-10-07 03:43:18 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

That said most of my profile pics are related to the Reich Labour Service

2018-10-07 18:14:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i heard it was shit compared to the first and second...but never watched any of them....I fully expected it to turn into shit sooner or later...

2018-10-12 19:49:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

@S_420 I see you post your live streams again in the wrong channel I am going to kick you from the server. We have a video and podcast channel use it.

2018-10-14 21:55:21 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-10-14 21:58:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its been a long time since I saw it and their are some interesting aspects but at its core is a "redemption" story where the guy stops being a skinhead because he meets a based black guy and the prison skins are not up to what his standards of what a skin should have been.

2018-10-14 22:25:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

by I said they were not up to his standards

2018-10-14 22:34:39 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2018-10-15 17:37:43 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Mary Phagan

I got time yet, score

2018-10-17 23:03:47 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

Ive been listening to DJ Himmler all day

2018-10-17 23:53:25 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

sauce please lol

2018-10-19 16:28:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

yea I would call him

I must point out that the average American has more native admixture then her

2018-10-19 18:18:16 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

πŸ‘Œ ❀

2018-10-21 21:48:51 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Nice, if they are ok with it I could ask Pat if he wanted to join as well. When were they looking to do it?

2018-10-23 21:52:37 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

email sent

2018-10-24 14:47:04 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

@maddenjohn40 siegefags think some one is bad cus they are wearing a suit

2018-10-24 15:06:51 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

don't you know that its not the 1900s anymore? we just need to lonewolf and kill people goy

2018-10-27 20:55:55 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

maybe he archived it himself....but yea weird

because the system of indoctrination needs to be protected

2018-10-28 03:58:22 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

if I see him post an alternative in the official server while gab is down ill post it here

2018-10-29 04:28:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

went back to the start of the stream...I did that audio editing πŸ˜„

2018-10-31 16:59:58 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

if your moms jewish that means you are as well.

2018-10-31 17:00:15 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

weak bait

2018-10-31 17:02:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

then welcome to the discord, you should tell your loved ones about the USS liberty and that they should go live in israel. Please go with them when they move.

2018-10-31 17:06:11 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

keep trying, sooner or later you might wake them up.

2018-10-31 17:16:30 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

we appreciate that, thats why you should leave.

2018-10-31 17:23:17 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

no idea what lindy is but you should go make israel great on its own with out the american aid.

2018-10-31 17:24:55 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

😐 please don't DM me

2018-10-31 17:29:40 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

I read his statment as he was going to DM me fat assed women pictures and asked that he not DM me.

2018-10-31 17:31:21 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

oy vey i have been found out!

2018-10-31 17:32:38 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

yea but she is jewish

2018-10-31 17:34:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

so what you meant with "My mom is jewish and so is my gf" is that your jewish mom is your GF? thats pretty sick dude.

2018-11-03 03:18:54 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its getting to the point that the person is willing to see it when pointed out thats the hard part

2018-11-03 03:19:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

slowly yea

2018-11-03 03:29:09 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its hard for sure because you know in the future they are going make up new lies to try and tell your great grandchildren

2018-11-03 03:36:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

they are also genetically predisposed to having mental issues as well

2018-11-03 03:36:18 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

so that does not help

2018-11-03 04:03:22 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

bump this please

2018-11-03 04:10:49 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

well a kike bumped it at least

2018-11-03 04:15:04 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

making a post will bump it

2018-11-03 04:17:45 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

posting it here does not bump in the thread...unless you were calling me a shill or talking about being pegged....

2018-11-03 04:21:42 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

no worries, at the bottom of the thread is a button to post a reply or hit the post no on the top of an individual post to reply to it

2018-11-06 23:07:43 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

not surprised

2018-11-08 02:50:46 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-11-08 02:52:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

they are going to call us it anyways so just say so what lets get back to the discussion of policy

2018-11-08 03:02:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

you lose when you run away from the mean words rather then standing and fighting

2018-11-08 03:05:47 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

in a crazy world the sane are called crazy, we are revolutionary because we want to return to a sane world

2018-11-08 03:06:36 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its not that they have "better" tactics its just that they use tactics to make most people not realize they are in a fight.

2018-11-08 03:07:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

hitler was a troll IRL

2018-11-08 03:07:25 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

comrade, red, socialist so on and so forth

2018-11-08 03:09:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

hitler used the ability to define the words you use just like the left does and the right has run away from

2018-11-08 03:11:25 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

in MK he litterally talks about getting a kick out of confusing commies by useing comrade

2018-11-08 03:12:05 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

useing red to try and draw in commies to the meetings....he was a troll....not that its bad but its just what he was doing at the start

2018-11-08 03:13:34 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Oh no hitler thought it all out and had good explanations but he was still trolling the commies to start

2018-11-08 03:15:07 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

it probably was tbh

2018-11-08 03:17:03 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

but he was able to come back from it and hell if it had worked who knows how things would have turned out

2018-11-08 03:17:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

@United_Volkssturm sorry, can't vc now

2018-11-08 03:19:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

I mean seriously look at this loser

2018-11-08 03:19:49 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

that said they probably would yell at a couple of them for being out of uniform and then go march

2018-11-08 03:20:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i actually do love that picture lol

2018-11-08 03:21:56 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

yea the tattoos are shitty

2018-11-08 03:34:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

case in point, henry ford put out the international jew and was helping the natsoc

2018-11-08 03:34:33 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

if I recall the american government paid him back for damage to his german factories

2018-11-08 03:54:10 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

what a foul man tim wise is.

2018-11-08 23:22:47 UTC [Patrick Little Central #discords]  

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2018-11-09 03:00:41 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

yea I don't think their will be any incidents with military and you know the "thefts" are shit being sold or scrounged. Border patrol however might take issue over something stupid but meh.

2018-11-09 03:16:16 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

thanks for shareing that

2018-11-09 03:59:15 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-11-09 22:05:42 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

@β™‡ΰΈ¨ΰ½¦ΖΆΰ½›ΰ½ž email pat little and he will get you in touch with anyone thats reached out to him in philadelphia

2018-11-09 22:05:59 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i think he did mention he has some people in that area interested but could be wrong

2018-11-16 03:35:16 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  


2018-11-17 01:21:09 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-11-17 01:44:37 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

I don't agree with it and told him he should go democrat for maximum trolling.

2018-11-17 01:45:12 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

something about making trump name the jew or something

2018-11-17 23:39:18 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

good march watched it already

2018-11-18 14:47:46 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i watched it last night as well as the march. OY VEY! that women wow. πŸ˜„

2018-11-18 19:04:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

he asked that you not, as trying to keep it on the simple msg

2018-11-18 21:26:10 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

we have done auto calls

2018-11-19 17:06:53 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

most people hang up when they get an auto call

2018-11-19 17:07:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

very few reactions

2018-11-21 21:27:59 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

we could send them to rothschild island.

2018-11-21 21:48:15 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

if the boer ethnostate ever happens I am sure they will guard the place

2018-11-21 21:58:56 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

pretty sure they are mostly bantu so send them back above the equator with all the rest and fuck them.

2018-11-21 23:17:39 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

To be honest some of them do know how to work hard doing labor. the issue is just as the bankers take over in our culture their is a group with in the jewish group that scheme to control the rest.

2018-11-21 23:17:50 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2018-11-22 00:16:33 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

we still has baby sacrificing fucks though so.

2018-11-23 03:13:32 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Nice, what are you going to be working on?

2018-11-23 03:38:44 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2018-11-23 06:23:25 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its what Pat uses for his server

2018-11-26 07:40:54 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

whats more important....democracy or defending your self?

2018-11-27 04:11:02 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

the only thing I can think of is the camera man talking but I don't think it was a big deal and he got told to shut up if I recall. Otherwise props to you guys for doing it.

2018-11-28 18:47:58 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

is ok i read most of it.

2018-11-29 02:11:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2018-11-30 00:47:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

it should be noted, the jews started wearing the star them selves in germany.

2018-11-30 03:42:49 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

yea they wanted to be able to identify each other

2018-12-13 22:41:34 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Yea, he is not running and instead is going to be working to create advocacy groups.

2018-12-14 21:33:29 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

the emphesis was on protecting "freedom" not the culture that created the concept of freedom.

2018-12-15 03:37:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Wars with mexico are always fun. Can we keep mexico city this time?

2018-12-20 02:01:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

oy vey not another gassing!

2018-12-22 01:25:15 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

.....WTF is this....

2018-12-26 01:26:37 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Merry Christmas

2019-01-02 05:58:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

shut up bigot

2019-01-02 17:32:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

the nog just nodding until he says find the douchbag and make his life hell lol.

2019-01-02 17:33:29 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

the left tries to do it to right wingers they should get the same shit thrown at them

2019-01-04 20:32:04 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

this guys great.

2019-01-10 01:52:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

calls others homos and that they should do X then says they are to lazy to do it them selves.

2019-01-10 02:18:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Also read siege goy!

2019-01-11 03:40:26 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

Reported for wanting to join isis. You dam dirty muslim.

2019-01-11 04:35:52 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

I will have you know that I work for the EPA god dam it!

2019-01-12 00:34:40 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  


2019-01-12 01:43:14 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

oy vey i have been found out as a boomer!

holy shit thats a big report

2019-01-12 16:17:10 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-12 16:17:24 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

We can still judge cultures and find them lacking

2019-01-13 17:57:43 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-13 17:58:00 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

not to say you shouldn't be telling people to read COC but....

2019-01-13 22:52:38 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Made a couple of comments my self.

2019-01-14 00:18:18 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

I always wanted to tattoo sid vicious on my ass.

yea i saw that a few days ago. the BP video not that netflix trash. I dropped netflix years ago

2019-01-15 16:18:46 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  


2019-01-15 23:46:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

dont forget the starvation camps that the US ran.

2019-01-15 23:46:20 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

(on the german soldiers)

2019-01-16 19:29:58 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

boomers were a mistake

2019-01-17 05:04:21 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-18 04:55:57 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-18 15:49:41 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i would believe it

2019-01-18 15:56:03 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

in a macabre way yes

oy vey not less growth!

2019-01-18 19:12:04 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

i will have to watch that then, any specific times?

2019-01-18 23:39:50 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

an hour and a half into this is going off....i guess he has started to wake up to the jews.....i remember months ago he was not

i can't tell if the onion is satire anymore

2019-01-19 15:05:34 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

that only applies to christianity you bigot, besides jews are a race.

2019-01-20 01:58:53 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

Thats not michelle, i cant see her cock

2019-01-20 15:51:29 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2019-01-21 05:11:28 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

just looked, very cool

2019-01-22 04:47:20 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

working from home and or homesteading is much more natural kinda lifestyle

2019-01-22 04:49:05 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

content production is self employment to be honest...

2019-01-22 04:49:16 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

you do need to be on multiple platforms if your doing that

2019-01-22 04:49:28 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

then feed people back to how you get paid

2019-01-22 04:50:52 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

you need to look for income from individuals not from companies looking to advertise

2019-01-22 04:52:01 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

eat rammen for a few months while you work a shit job

2019-01-22 04:54:38 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

usury is usury

2019-01-22 05:20:49 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

trying to remember what the alternative is for patrenon right now

2019-01-22 05:20:59 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

subscribe star i think

2019-01-23 00:29:17 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

If he does not work for our government he works for the kikes

2019-01-23 00:56:31 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

good point.

2019-01-23 05:53:05 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

is all cool but their is an articles and news channel @daisy

2019-01-23 06:07:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

i thought that was joe lol

2019-01-23 18:05:50 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

this....this is fucking demented...

2019-01-23 22:35:14 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  


2019-01-24 15:07:23 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

@PuppyLove I think your somewhat close to whats going to happen in WW3....but if you want to know what i really think is going to go down look at the siener van rensburg prophecies for ww3 and the aftermath

2019-01-24 15:23:52 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2019-01-24 19:30:49 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

and they stole the material from the US as well as caused a radioative site that needs cleaning up if I understand right.

2019-01-24 19:31:11 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

South africa tested and helped get them built as well

2019-01-24 19:44:27 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Nevermind the samson option where they want to nuke their allies if they ever get overrun because you just didnt help the jews enough.

2019-01-25 03:07:58 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]

2019-01-25 17:25:12 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

hmmmm a morning raid with one of the most biased news sources right their to get the shot....

2019-01-25 20:40:36 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-26 19:58:37 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

she has not produced proof of life so....

2019-01-27 22:09:47 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

and now we have her on tape admitting to what they want to do.

2019-01-27 22:10:03 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

anyways, anyone on twitter wants to throw some redpills around.

2019-01-28 05:02:17 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

bump please

they made us sing that song in school....i hated it....

2019-01-31 06:21:21 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  


thats not what cisgendered means

cis means your normal....she is a women....born a women....and probably has enough cock thrust in to her to go to the moon.

2019-01-31 18:29:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

first post only media site ive never heard of...hmmmm

2019-01-31 18:43:19 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]

2019-01-31 18:43:36 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  


2019-01-31 18:48:01 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Signed up with and got no email verifying my sign up....HMMMMMMMM

2019-01-31 18:53:22 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

hope no one gets uncle adolfs password of gasthebikes

he should make them declare war....

2019-02-02 18:35:56 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

gen new ip

2019-02-02 23:45:47 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

first question, does he name the jew

2019-02-03 19:47:09 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

Ford was never draged throgh the mud so can't have him tied to anti semitism

2019-02-05 14:03:06 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

its fine pass them a link

2019-02-06 03:12:09 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

not really a concern for what is done in here

2019-02-06 03:13:48 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

wasn't going to say it but yes online vetting is kinda bullshit.

2019-02-06 05:04:07 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

They got a strike....LAME

2019-02-07 15:32:20 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

you should be able to copy the url from the address bar....

2019-02-07 22:04:09 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

that does not sound videos that are locked out from sharing functions on the site can still have the URL copied....

2019-02-07 22:04:48 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

^ as an example is Jud Suss (Jew Suess) The Restored Version

2019-02-07 22:05:34 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

Interesting that it does not display the same but it should still let you copy the URL

2019-02-08 17:00:27 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]  

bastard faked his own death


2019-02-11 05:56:16 UTC [Patrick Little Central #memes]

oy vey!

2019-02-12 08:17:44 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

lead the opposition and have "civil" wars to confuse the goyim

2019-02-12 08:18:30 UTC [Patrick Little Central #general]  

jews on every side pulling for their particular flavor of the NWO....

40 thousand thinks everyone in gaza is considered a terrorist by this fellow white guy


i am just like you my fellow serfs

the punching right needs to stop, this was one of the subjects on the goy station last night

its trying to virtue signal to the left, jews never do this.

They just do what they think will move the goals forward and if one jew is doing something they think is stupid they don't call it out...they just ignore it

10 min in and he is telling people to stop naming the jew

first time ive heard him actually speak...

if they do anything they do not do it in the open like this.

because it promotes infighting

it gets us arguing among our selves

rather then facing who we should

check it out and listen to what they had to say last night it was a good discussion regarding the punching right

it does disrupt things if your tearing down those that are trying to push the same goals you are

i don't particularly care about spencer but i am not going to attack him.

if he can bring a movement of people together then all the power to him, it takes time to build.

I will call alex jones a pied pipper

alex "every conspiracy but the jews" jones

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