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2018-01-12 00:36:49 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


either way the president of the fucking united states shouldnt be using such labels to describe other countries imo

Speaking of nukes

What does everyone think of North Korea at the moment

Think they’re gonna start the first nuclear exchange?

I’m new so I don’t really know others opinions on here lol

I’m centrist af

A bit left leaning though

For instance I believe those with outie belly buttons should be purged from the gene pool

That is my stance and I do not apologize

There’s just a controversial coincidence that Jews are a vast part of da won pahcent

I get the memes though

It’s a meme you dip

2018-01-12 15:23:31 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

We need that in the US lol

2018-01-12 15:24:47 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2018-01-12 15:40:00 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Thoughts about the new flu strain?

2018-01-12 15:54:15 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


Mark legit reposted that btw

My gf’s parents might get deported as her father isn’t a US citizen

The fuck do I say to her

I’ve been doxxed by this shitbag

2018-01-12 20:00:35 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

I wanna die

Children can’t consent and this is brainwashing

His mother is responsible for this

Liberalism doesn’t have to involve everything

This is just a moral outrage

In my opinion at least

The sjws love this kid

Just look at this Facebook post

The child has been brainwashed into thinking this is okay

“This is so angering to me. I'm seeing people say it's "his" choice. When you are a kid, don't know if you remember this, but you were literally an attachment of whatever beliefs and values and thoughts and opinions they had. This has the liberal agenda written all over it. Kids at that age don't have the capacity to know what they want apart from what their parents want. I remember as a kid just saying yes and agreeing to whatever my mom said because I just wanted to do and say things she would like. I'm not an agreeable person. That's just kids! They don't know who they are and don't have the full capacity to delve into that yet so they latch onto whatever the parent feeds them. It's clear that these parents are fueling this. It's also clear that he's mimicking whatever he's seeing on TV. They aren't raising a child, they are raising someone under the name of a political agenda who will spend their life very confused. The fact that the Mom is using feminine pronouns. It's like does she want a transgender child? Boys can like girly things without ever being fed the notion that they must be girls just as girls can like boyish things without ever being fed the notion that they must be boys. The ironic thing is that the entire thing is supposed to be "gender is fluid." If gender is fluid then why on earth whenever a child displays something not typically female or male THEY MUST be the opposite gender? Clearly gender isn't fluid and if a child doesn't act fully male and plays with dolls then he must fully fit into the female category. Or vice versa.”

But instead it’s a 8 year old boy crossdressing giving lap dances to old men

You don’t have to align with everything liberal

Yes. I suppose that is the liberal way but we aren’t right on everything

I suck at guns. Where should I start?

I hate shad tbh xD

Self defense preferably. I wanna get good at aiming and such which judging by my experience at firing ranges I suck at. Can’t even hit a target with a shotgun.

2018-01-13 16:42:23 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-01-13 16:42:40 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Protestors destroy an H&M over a sweater

2018-01-13 16:42:44 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Welcome to 2018 everybody

2018-01-13 16:49:35 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


Ah, /r9k/.


I have a mental illness

It’s a guilty pleasure.


I’m part of the galactic hub. Once you find other players to interact with it’s quite fun.

Sadly it’s not worth the 60$ <:pepe_eyes:378719408362881024>

It’s a man

He’s doxxed me before

He’s the author of assigned male

For more info watch this lol

2018-01-14 00:04:55 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  


2018-01-14 00:04:58 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

It’s brainwashing

Sophie labelle is a fucking scumbag

Got me fired from my first job

Which isn’t a big deal it was an after school shift as a Starbucks employee

Managed to find my manager and DM him about how I’m a neo-nazi or some shit. I don’t know the full story but i was pulled out for “hate speech”

I left an edgy comment on one of his comics yes

It was a parody comic lol

There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to this shit

It’s deep in my phone but there are plenty like it in r/AssignedMale

I sexually identify as an innie belly button


Wanna see some horrid abominations from Sophie labelle

She’s made two of these

And yes

They’re real

Oh they are

She makes 40,000 ish a month off of Patreon

You wanna see the definition of AIDS though

Look no further than her FB page and her bootlickers

Also here

Nowhere else will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Atm yes

She’s on tour

But she refuses to go to the US

Which is a damn good thing


She’s defending that one drag kid

I blame the hormones she’s on


I don’t respect him nor his pronouns

2018-01-14 03:54:48 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]

2018-01-14 03:54:54 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

Actual physical state of google

Anyone else here have red alert 3?

2018-01-16 15:44:21 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

s c i e n c e

Check out my sick beat

Virginwatch vs Chad Fortress

Overwatch: “Hurt feelings are illegal”
TF2: “We will literally reward you for ruining someone’s day”

The rich celebrities state of the union

Rip thought I was on to something

Trump supporter it is

There was also a different guy wearing a communist shirt

Was already confirmed to be a different guy anyways

Also twitter and Facebook is a fucking goldmine

I have a new favorite character

2018-04-01 19:27:53 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-04-01 19:27:54 UTC [Sparta #general]  

It came

2018-04-08 18:29:43 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Since when did daddy Peterson have a beard

2018-04-08 18:39:11 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

I’m ready daddy trump

2018-04-08 18:39:16 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-04-14 05:10:16 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-04-14 05:12:13 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-04-14 05:12:25 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-14 05:20:49 UTC [Sparta #general]  

All I ask is that he fucking doesn’t go nuclear

2018-04-14 05:21:12 UTC [Sparta #general]  

So much unneeded death and destruction.

2018-04-14 05:22:06 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-14 05:22:26 UTC [Sparta #general]  

A coup to stop the war or go forward with it

2018-04-14 05:22:44 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Cuz I’m sure Russia is going through with it alright

2018-04-14 05:34:27 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-04-14 05:34:33 UTC [Sparta #general]  

My brother in law just got deployed

2018-04-14 05:34:37 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Just now

2018-04-14 05:35:28 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Spain apparently

2018-04-14 05:35:33 UTC [Sparta #general]  

He’s a mechanic for planes

2018-04-14 05:35:38 UTC [Sparta #general]  

So uh

2018-04-14 05:35:40 UTC [Sparta #general]  

That’s something

2018-04-22 19:38:36 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-04-22 19:38:42 UTC [Sparta #general]  

First edition copy of animal farm

2018-04-24 16:39:40 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]

2018-04-24 16:40:00 UTC [Sparta #voice-general]  


2018-05-29 13:29:15 UTC [Sparta #general]  

danks vids are in my recommended feed again

2018-05-29 13:29:17 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Feels good man

2018-06-01 15:09:58 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-03 22:15:16 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-03 22:15:18 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-03 22:15:23 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Humanity was a mistake

2018-06-03 22:15:49 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-03 22:15:55 UTC [Sparta #general]  

It’s a fukken kids movie

2018-06-03 22:17:19 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Only good dreamworks movies besides megamind

2018-06-03 22:19:04 UTC [Sparta #general]  

I just want my old comic books back

2018-06-07 03:36:43 UTC [Sparta #general]  


setup thread

ill start

2018-06-20 16:15:10 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-20 16:16:03 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-20 16:16:39 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-20 16:16:57 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-20 16:17:03 UTC [Sparta #general]

2018-06-20 21:51:12 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-06-20 21:51:19 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Everyone is losing their shit

2018-06-20 21:54:55 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-06-20 21:55:05 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

The tolerant left everyone

2018-06-20 21:55:32 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-06-20 21:55:38 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

This thread is a salt mine

2018-06-20 21:57:29 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-06-20 21:57:31 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]

2018-06-20 21:59:22 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2018-06-20 21:59:25 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

The pure salt

2018-06-20 22:00:27 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Kinda just shows what we’ve all been predicting

2018-06-20 22:01:56 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

pic #3 tho lmao

2018-06-20 22:02:26 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Barely even black

2018-06-20 22:03:36 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

But still

2018-06-20 22:03:37 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

The pure

2018-06-20 22:03:38 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2018-06-20 22:03:43 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2018-06-20 22:03:44 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2018-06-20 22:08:00 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Twitter is a salt mine atm

2018-06-20 22:08:39 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Just go to #executiveorder and go to recent

2018-06-25 16:39:17 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Let’s see how long i last without getting banned

2018-08-08 02:26:51 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

I’d be fine with it if we expose antifags with them

2018-12-11 00:37:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I was told there was AIDS here

2019-01-02 23:47:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2019-01-04 14:54:13 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Morning homos

2019-01-24 04:30:14 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fuck off nigger

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