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c-c-c-ombo breaker

@owlhunter are you for real, that was found out months ago

nah it was sure

opinion on /r/the donald

or how people can believe in the shit on there

@Goldberg nah, had a discussion with a friend on various topics and he kept trying to push me into the T_D corner. wanted to know why people actually believe the shit on there

thats what i said 😛

Was an interesting discussion though, mostly about me not wanting to apoligise for slavery and him denying the armenian genocide. Fun stuf

Ran out of books, any suggestions?

ill go check it out

got a writer for me?

thanks, which way western men gave quite a list 😛

Already read der untergang des abendsland for german classes

Well the list of authors was also fine

anyone read ''for my legionaries'' yet?


go do something about it instead of asking for attention here

Nah, disagree.

Praised that wrongly, you need tog et vetted on here before anyone will help you out. I personally find it lazy to ask for help without having done anything yourself yet

20 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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