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Hi all

Hi. Is this Willem Peltzers political site this?

All this sounds to me like a bunch of SJW’s

Hi Jub

Justt asking.... trying to figure out the posts.

Did someone offend you, or some very childish posts.


But youre ack


Whats the link?

Thank you

Yes. But let me first go and read this other site. Sound like the poor child was abused by someone

R u speaking about


There is a lot onrenaldo gouws site... busy readingit

Yes, im reading some of it now, and its does look like sjws

So i see all the people that posted there is now here. U telling this is now the sjw site?

I do not understand half of what you said now.

It does look different from what im reading.... but then you did say they removed some stuff.

yes. It does not sound right to me

I would like to hear the whole thing... but itoo much deleted

I do not belief in total free speak

I see a conspiracy on both sides... but still trying to figure out more

I just read a post where someone called skapie ask why his name was changed to free jub

But in another post it does not look like skapie likes jub a lot

Now i read skapie saying jub is his leader

Ok. I cant decide. Was not part of it.
Ban jub
Free jub

Bye everyone. Have to get up early

30 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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