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That farm must have a few olive trees.

You know it.

Ja is true.... But i got called into the principals office last night.... Got a minor scolding but understand why the ban happened.... So.......

Where do i check to see if i have a waring or some shit like that?

They should just nuke us and get it over with

Where do i check if i have warnings?

Bru. Fighting with people who allready made up their mind is dangerous.

Just smile and wave.

Memes will rain down from the heavens...

^my gawd


Why do i think SA is going to be the start of a global race war?

It's at the back of my mind... Scraping at my conscience

Even if you watch all the lies being told on twitter about farmers not being killed.

And people saying that land is not being expropriated. But its in the working..

And when i think about how they made us give up all our weapons... It's like they have been planning this Genocide from day 1.

Bro not everybody has R20k to buy an assault rifle

Just gonna go dig up a weapons cache on an old undisclosed farm when the shit hits the fann

Wies nou liks.. Nai

I know a spot that has 20 ak's about 10 000 7.62 rounds and three RPG's

Reminds me of that scene in Elysuim where the south-african oke tells the president. "No one is going to hang us for treason" because we do the hanging

Atleast we know who wins in the lord of the rings.

I won't mind dying. I just dont want to go down without a fight

If this shit goes down. It's gonna get messy fast

Yes but now they have guns too.

I just hope after all this is done the world will realise that globalism has failed.


this situation is scary AF

29 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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