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Tf is poz

2017-12-21 20:29:32 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

@Seatoast holy shit

2017-12-21 20:29:43 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

That rifle/pdw/whatever that was

2017-12-21 20:30:35 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

Is that a Sig Sauer mpx styled upper with a special charging handle and a ppsh/ppd stock?

2017-12-21 20:30:59 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

Actually nvm looks more like a hunting rifle stock almost

2017-12-21 20:31:26 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

Also looks like it has a 5.56 caliber magazine, correct?

2017-12-23 19:55:18 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #gaming]  


Not real socialism*

Venezuela has "fake socialism"

Nyc has a lot of security I hope everyone is going to stay safe

Just proving they're the same tweet

2018-01-10 03:49:10 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #gaming]  


Shut up nerd


Orwell is a nazifur

Yes he is

Raiders is fuckin lit

Furry raiders

Look up foxler


Idk if they even know that

How am I a furry?

Y'all lie

This place is probably gonna get taken down if leftists find it I'm afraid

I managed to get into furry raiders and alt furry and both were shut down

I'm here to enjoy it while it's up though

That's what they did with altfur

I haven't joined the new one yet

They take a while

But altfur has a TON of enemies

It should

But you know if tariq finds this lmfao

We literally have that a few msgs up lmfao

Deadass I think foxler got banned from discord

Every time I see lux I think

That guy

@Willem Petzer are you actually from South Africa?

What do I say? Good luck?

"REEE kill the boer (we niggaz)"

Alright thanks

My (liberal) English teacher has a saying on her whiteboard, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

We should put American troops in South Africa to protect the boer. No one needs to be hurt anymore just for their race

Discord thought I was a bot

It did it again


Not even photoshopped it's one picture

I have

It's strong

Killed my head and throat for half an hour for the first time but other than that it's p good

Jon Witt

What an idiot

Isn't the govt perpetrating some of the murders?

Wasn't Mandela a good person?

I didn't think he supported violence against white

My global teacher told me the Afrikaners are white nationalists

Denies the white genocide there

She told me I had white privilege so...

Maybe in a bit

My teacher would probably report me for some bullshit if I showed her

New York

Upstate too, idk why there are so many lefties at my school

I have family in Mars but they used to live in Pittsburgh

I'm in 10th

I'm currently in the most liberal class ever

The classmates tried to say ban all semi autos

Chill out there bud

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