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I'm here

Any plans going here??

We are all ears.

I guess Vic we have to look at what we discussed earlier and see who we can get onboard?

I'm currently connected to an Auz. official and she says they are working hard behind the scenes to help any way they can. But only farmers at this stage. There is millions at stake and violence is getting out of control. Burning SA and looting is now ordinary daily.

We are beyond planning and talking. We need actionable defence mechanisms in place to protect the majority as we are up against allot of heat.

We need to be realistic. We won't be able to do anything heroic just yet without the basics needed to survive in case of having to run to a safer spot.

So preppers in the US is really a community we need to approach and try and see if they are willing to help us with donations as we do need funds to do anything worth while.

Basic bug out bags a great start. Spread them under the veill of 'poverty' assistance. Then spread the plan through that medium. Gather Intel on current community security groups and see what they have set up. Get people educated to know where to go and take stand. Atleast in numbers there is hope. So each one of us is valuable and needs atleast some direction. I'm working on foreign aid.

But politically that is something that needs to happen very covertly due to lots of parties watching the situation and being aware but not able to intervene due to laws and treaties. Their thought I'd let Africa sort out Africa. And once the hit hits it will take months to get here via red tape and laws. We are a soverougb country with a 'Democracy' so we need to help ourselves in the ground for now.

So for now we need to focus on actionable plans. A framework to help those in need and get that set up. Therefrom the details will come and fall in place. I'm willing to take lead in this.

I'm working on this as we speak and will keep you posted.

Your teacher must understand the term nationalist as there is clearly no evidence of that appart from people fighting for their basic human rights. Liberalists will never acknowledge anything related to the agenda that is forceful integration.

They are very eager to be on the moral high ground but nowhere to be seen when the fight is happening.

There is more than enough public evidence that there is a genocide happening and even the current head of Intl Genocide Watch confirms this. He is in his 60s and holds a very high and experienced position. Would you like a link to His statement?

White Privilege is another way to hide evil doings and offer a political stance towards oppression. Hitler did the same in justify ing the killing of humans by making them monsters. It's a psychological thing to gain mass support.

True she would report you as a supremast not at likely. That is the ordinance of politically brainwashed sheep.

My son is your age.

Let's start at the beginning. We are not advocating hate or violence. We are standing up as a voice for those in need of it. SA is a very complex situation with lots of history. The reason it's important is firstly. Human beings. Secondly that if SA should Collapse allot of African countries would and cause worldwide chaos due to masses fleeing violence and poverty to Europe and Middle east who are already under severe strain. Society will globally change for the worse.

And currently these things are not being spoken about due to the fact that there is little profit for the world in SA appart from resources. Which at the moment is mostly owned by the Chinese and Russia. They will never unfortunately come to our side due to their culture and thinking this should be the norm. Let African sort out Africa. That is their standpoint and in the meanwhile people are being raped murdered and tortured.

Raising awareness is about as pointless as trying to quench your thirst with lava.

Hoarded of normal people, just like you and I have been victims of political nonsense. As we should not be in this position in the first place was it not for corruption. We are a proud, strong nation who sought peace after apartheid as we did not agree as a country to the wrong doings of that government and the way they did things. Now we are savagly being attacked by non whites and threatened with genocide simply for existing. We pay the majority of taxes and run the majority of the mechanics on the ground level for this country and yet this is their plan to thank us and repay us. There is no justification in that. Less than 200 people died during apartheid. It was used as a measure to keep those who did not want to comply with society at bay. This is fact otherwise Mandela and other politicians would not be educated and hold degrees as they do. They were not denied anything appart form plundering and violence. Which can be seen now. The true colours if a racist black culture that are Savage and have no discipline or desire for peace and prosperity. They just want to take everything and burn or destroy it as the majority of them take pleasure in suffering of those who 'oppress' them. They have had democracy for more than 20 years yet still blame whites for everything. So where in that lies the actual point appart from simply hating and being evil?

So next time book your teacher a plane ticket and let me show him/her what little weight an opinion like that carries towards helping humanity in any conceivable way. People like them are the problem yet too ignorant and blind to see due to their 'white' privilege...

Willie. Nice vid. I have the original documents to prove we were here first btw if you are interested hit me up at [email protected] thanks buddy. Keep up the work.

Stuur my n epos na address bo en ek reply. H

@Willem Petzer have you managed to send a mail? Drop me your email then and I will get in touch. We need to talk.

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