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2018-06-09 04:06:07 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

2018-06-09 04:50:39 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-list]  

2018-09-01 16:26:53 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-list]  

2018-10-08 21:27:36 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

To much sweet

2018-10-08 21:27:39 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Iโ€™d die

2018-10-08 21:28:13 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Where tf is the meat

2018-10-08 21:28:20 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Just slim jims?

2018-10-08 21:29:56 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Like I eat like shit and donโ€™t take care for myself that well but I take better care of myself than that simply because of what my body craves/demands of me

2018-10-08 21:30:40 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

My tongue would be screaming in agony 1/10th of the way through a diet as atrocious as that

2018-10-09 16:20:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:20:30 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:23:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:25:01 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:26:28 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:27:48 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:27:57 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Should have posted this sooner

2018-10-09 16:29:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

>serious debate in a shitpost channel

2018-10-09 16:31:21 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:32:50 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:37:44 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:38:53 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:40:54 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:42:20 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Dear people like me who get excited when shitpost is full because that usually means thereโ€™s lots of memes they can scroll through and enjoy
Iโ€™m sorry

2018-10-09 16:43:59 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-09 16:49:58 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Ok 1389 that legit angers me

2018-10-09 16:50:38 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Just because the opinion doesnโ€™t fit within a predetermined framework doesnโ€™t mean someone canโ€™t value believe and act upon it

2018-10-13 07:47:21 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@Supreme Leader Kim ๐Ÿงง your servitors seem upset
Maybe you should double check that their cortex is fully disabled

2018-10-13 16:34:54 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-13 16:35:18 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Dem โ€˜umies ainโ€™t right

2018-10-26 04:07:02 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

@MI6 uh originally stonecutters invited me but after an account deletion and a new account it was tinker Tom who helped me back in

2018-11-02 04:26:04 UTC [Foxhound #general]  

2018-11-02 04:26:14 UTC [Foxhound #general]  


2018-11-02 04:27:28 UTC [Foxhound #general]  


2018-11-02 04:29:23 UTC [Foxhound #general]  

what happened to old foxhound

2018-11-03 06:11:58 UTC [Foxhound #general]  

I voted yey

2018-12-07 09:55:45 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  


2018-12-17 07:10:04 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  

This is my biggest fear

2018-12-17 07:10:20 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  

I hope Iโ€™m never like that

2019-01-09 06:05:08 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]

I love where I live

Yes I followed a logging road for 6 miles

Ended up near the top of a hill

Thought it looked nice

Washington (state)

2019-03-13 19:12:22 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]

A question, if anyone has an answer?
Soldiers have a responsibility to refuse an unlawful order. Since these red flag laws in Virginia are unconstitutional (and thereby unlawful) does the national guard have a responsibility not to enforce those laws if they're called in to police? Furthermore, could members of the national guard who do enforce the law be subject to arrest?

2019-12-20 21:18:26 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]

2019-12-20 21:18:33 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  

why is this in the memes channel

2019-12-20 21:18:34 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  


2020-01-18 19:20:48 UTC [Outer Heaven #memes]  

everyone knows flying a cropduster while firing a pistol is the superior combat aircraft

2020-09-07 17:10:22 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]

2020-09-07 17:10:45 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

I wish we were catching salmon, but bottom fish are entertaining at least

2020-09-08 03:13:19 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

it is. it's a quality fish though.

2020-09-10 05:48:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

self-defense genocide

2020-09-10 20:29:31 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2020-09-10 20:29:33 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2020-09-10 20:29:43 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Can I get a link to that article

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