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Can I get party member and Fremont please?

Great! You will be key to our Fremont revolution.

@Deleted User We got a new member to role.


I'd go for it.

But I wouldn't be opposed to changing the anthem.

Likely story until you post the evidence of it not being a bribe.

That doesn't even make sense.

Don't even start about coups and abolishing congress.

The president sees this chat, do you want to be slapped with treason?

McCartney and Lennon, or is there some other Paul and John I don't know?

Am I Atlasia's resident middle ground could kind of fit anywhere person?

I don't really think the Feds would be a green conservative party and really it's mostly a center-center right party. We aren't extreme conservative and already pretty green I think.

Tax breaks for green infrastructure would probably work good.

It's hard to tell where Atlasia stands on carbon tax.

Considering the a "left winger" in Fremont cut carbon taxes it's a confusing issue.

That sounds like more of an environmental policy wonk thing.

I'm not really that much of a wonk on that. I'm a transport/communication wonk, as evidenced by bills like the You Can Broadcast Here act and my working with @Deleted User on the bill which raised speed limits in Lincoln and stuff.

Yeah that one.

That was a good act.

Go to the Atlasia wiki for info.

Liberty is good but I think I'm too centrist for the caucus.

My score was E-3 when I joined.

Now it's +0.4

My soc score doesn't move too much, staying around -7 to -8

Are all of our Reps in main street now?

It was made like 3 times.

Yeah I'm slightly to the econ right @Deleted User

You have to register in the "New Register Thread"

45 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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