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Didn't Drago get knocked out by a 5'3" Italian?

Florida is degenerate as all hell TBH

Stop white knighting for women. If they want to be on here they should be able to handle the bantz or harassment.

THOT! stop asking for special requests and name call back

That's the ticket THOT!!

bad bantz TBH ,but A for effort THOT princess

Jimbo is a traditional name of my PEOPLE . Are you challenging my cultural heritage Princess ?

PPppprincess please. …. First don't call women THOTs and then don't call you princess…. and now I'm get MUH MAN, this is why women bring problems

Matt Forney got put on that new ADL Alt-Right Hate List. I think they did that to make the other people on the list look bad/pathetic TBH

Again !THICC girls need love too and the Alt-Right needs breeders! Suck it up fellas and pump that round white meat

Your premium Chad Fash genetics will be dominate and give them premium chad and betty babies

Chad Fash the Fatties Nationalism WHEN???

It's not a promo code, it's a cheat code for heavenly THICCness

Jeez Guys haven't you heard! Anal the other vaginal experience !

MUH Negger :^

Food metaphors galore Hahaha

I'm telling you they put Forney on the hate list to make all the other people on there look pathetic

Passive aggressive jewish writing

Pro-us normie friendly content about C-ville if you want to share on normie book.

+Lupus Men going to war with hopes to better their children's future in their country . Is it still their country now?

That Guy T
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I'm starting to change my mind. #UniteTheRight was a success. Smoking out the infiltration that's been subverting the right. Worth it.
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KFC will disavow white nationalists to better serve the Black community when?

At least someone actually believes and stands up for free speech. Tech is full cucks and commies

Is that the Boston Antifa on youtube with the huge milkers? I hope she is one of ours.

Good can't let the jews steal all those giant milker genes

SHe doesn't look Jewish at all, she just has big milkers

27 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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