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and kotu


garlic bread is pretty gud

wow i'm the pope

I'm not political just racist

"there's no difference between good and bad hurr durr"

socialism = autism

was raised "catholic" but fam didn't give a fuck about going to church luckily

why kill yourself when you can kill commies and reporters

only like islam and mormoms(?) do that poly shit

stop being retarded



green gang

use mixtape.moe dummy

hosting site

no ads, no wait times, direct download

limited to 100mb tho

i can't really lol

i can't read anything from that

the mods you're using?

it may not be compatible with your mc version or whatever, i never tried mod packs

i just said they have no ads

or maybe you mean smth else

yeah seems like optifine is still not updated for MC 1.13

that may be your problem

i shill mixtape cause i know the owner

idk if he has one

@Eris if you want to use optifine you have to use MC 1.12.2 or lower

i hate that shit

it says the mc 1.13.1 version is 90% complete

ie not done

you're playing on your own right?

you can just go to options and make a profile for an old version

well if it's the official client it's supposed to download it for you

also change your passwords and shit before your account gets completely stolen lol

idk how that shit works help her @Deleted User

mc mods

i think you install forge and then optifine?

replace -Xmx1G

with like -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M

that will let the game use 2gb of ram

-Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=16M

idk what that is

the max for that is 32M

idk if it matters

it's 2GB

how much ram do you have

it's 2gb nigga

then you can use like 4096M


i doubt it will crash with that

we did it reddit

Lucas Nipples


8gb oof

may need to download smaller textures lol

you can just kill the sheep for wool you don't have to shear it

it's always one

find a bunch of sheep and murder them to make a bed

but you need to find iron first nibba

yuge fps

yo this nigga found diamonds

damn $$$

keep going in a straight line and you'll find iron eventually


lol she had enough trouble modding the client

plus you gotta pay for a vps or something

how would you make it not square in mc <:ayythink:489012578245279755>

villages are either in plains or deserts iirc

open places

nah nigga i read the wiki

only plains and desert biomes

Villages generate naturally in Plains, Savanna, Taiga, and Desert biomes
villages may also generate in Snowy Tundra and Snowy Taiga biomes

ok a couple more

what texture pack are you using now @Eris

oh i didn't remember the water looking like that

oh that

what ur using

how did you forget, you installed it lol

just buy a screen and replace it, it's easy as shit to open the frame


wym working

maybe you did something wrong

there's roms specifically for that i think

they have to be decrypted

Google drive links so should be fast


"you're very sugoi desu"

you have a phone right? you know you can google translate with your camera now

open the google translate app on android

you can point your camera at something and make google translate it

it's just the google translate app

for me it said "business card / vacant"

if that makes any sense

i guess it detected it wrong on my phone


nothing officer

it's gamer time <:jew:489012922052247552>

trad is a woman with a benis



kick my mom rt

i eat tomatoes with just salt sometimes, good stuff

nah they're only gross if they're ripe

get the greenish ones

i don't like tomatoes when they are close to ripe, it's gross
only the green ones

avocados are trash indeed

looks like puke

my mom likes it with milk and sugar, gross af

first thing being my mom


i mean like a smoothie

but still gross

i love pasta tbh

must be my med genes

potatoes are great cooked in a lot of different ways

oven cooked potato wedges with olive oil and salt

try that shit

it's amazing

you don't need to fry it all at once dummy

it's actually better not to

less chance of burning



that's godly

deep fried chicken

i love fried fish

fried fish with some lemon

it's great

fish is not gross

it's delicious

well ur gay

every fish is so much better with lemon

u nigs making me hungry

isn't lofi just a shitty recording

garage rock is lofi

yeah it is

only two hours

morning is when you wake up

some dogs don't grow a lot tho

wtf is that irc







important detail: said owner of the chat let it happen

I know

it's all fucked

is that the same person

who is the one on the left

traea looks different in every photo

cursed af

glad they're gone



i think we can safely say that wasn't ironic at this point

i could add but slots are full so not gonna mess with that

let eris add it if she wants

the fuck


niggy dabbing

you kids better cut that shit out real fast


not a weeb

the quiet kid warned him

that's a pretty dated meme fren



oh it's the tard pepe

my bad

apu is wholesome



how do you fuck up venom

what the fuck



the bot creator is a homo


hi bored i'm dad


those people are insane


i do coffee erryday




that server was fucking sick tho

we're not part of anything

some tranny from the uk had a grooming server

that was literally grooming

so yeah if i see y'all posting any weird shit again i'm gonna ban you and leave

the guilty parties are literally traea and swiss

they both ran that server and gave the role to minors

so i hope they get fucked up

as much as possible

stay away from those people

traea literally went around inviting people for the purpose of adding them to that cursed chat

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