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how do you do fellow non-spergs?

McCain and Graham are the war lobby

Ryan is the budget and immigration cuckery lobby

Anyone on voice tonight

I can't hear shit maybe I need to refresh

purity_spiral.jpg hey were you still looking for Nimble?

That was in here right?

Was everbody fucking shoahed?

Alright so I downloaded Tor, got rid of the Twitter app, got new email, new burner #,


and I got VPN. Anything else I'll need before signing up again?

lmao maybe we need this

fuck tor is slow

the things we have to do to shitpost

Fuck they really wanted to kill our interview with him

He was coming on the show wednesday

Fuck it says unsupported phone number for the one from Burner App

oh wait maybe i didn't finish the number setup yet

Yeah fuck burner is no good

does google voice still work?

Wait I think I had two digits flipped

I bought PIA for last time

Is connecting to a different region good enough?

What are alternative to PIA then if you have to switch?


Evil fucking website

god damn it i can't get google voice or burner to work

oath what'd you do for a new phone #?

alright fuck it then i'll try with that


Oh wait lol my brother says he has an actual burner phone I could use

Yeah my brother had an actual burner phone so I'm just charging that up and we'll see if it works

God fucking damn it twitter locked me out after too many attempts to send a phone verification earlier

Curse every fucking jew on the face of the earth

What's the response time on that?

The white team won

The fucker even made football great again for a game

Just Gaga being weird degenerate

Back on twitter at @VendettaVimiera

Wow so much black twitter salt I was missing out on

We got Paul Nehlen on the show

Paul was actually very willing to, just a matter of being able to get his attention since he's a busy account. He was in one of my DM groups

Hopefully so

we can't hear you

check and see if it's doing your input/output through the same source

if it's trying to use your headphones as a mic or vice versa

here's the one Angell made

Made fresh Eichenwald content

anyone want to come on for the last hour?

It'll be the goofy media segment

gonna read jewish media skyping it up and laugh at it



im not hearing anybody now?
big effortpost series on alt-right political strategy

whats the last 10?

Anything run by boomers is ripe for infiltration and takeover
jason kessler on to talk about Charlottesville
recording salting the earth. hangout's open

yeah, wolves were their natural predator

99 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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