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2016-10-23 16:29:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 16:29:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wtf headphones do i buy

2016-10-23 16:29:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i want the ones in the ear with the little thing that goes around your ear to hold them on

2016-10-23 16:29:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and i want them to be cheap like chink shit

2016-10-23 16:31:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how do i tell if the chink shit reviews are astroturfed or not

2016-10-23 16:34:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so should i post on the thread then?

2016-10-23 16:35:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thx boys

2016-10-23 16:51:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

nobody's reesponding to meeeEEE

2016-10-23 16:54:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

theres only one other person asked about headphones in that htread

2016-10-23 16:54:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and nobody responded to them either

2016-10-23 16:54:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

r u chinkin me boys

2016-10-23 17:01:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yeah ive looked at the wiki

2016-10-23 17:01:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it doesnt cover the type of headphone i want

2016-10-23 17:01:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

qq more boys

2016-10-23 17:08:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

is everbuying a scam

2016-10-23 17:12:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Package Included:

1 x KZ ZS3 Hifi 3.5mm In-ear Earphone
3 x Earbuds (S/M/L)

2016-10-23 17:12:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wtf does that mean

2016-10-23 17:13:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why would one pair of earbuds come with 4? earbuds

2016-10-23 17:13:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but one of one kind and 3 of another?

2016-10-23 17:13:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

this feels sketchier than the $1.20 earbuds

2016-10-23 17:15:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

no like i said i havent bought them in years, but mine just broke

2016-10-23 17:15:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i dont want just earbuds though, i want the kind that wrap around the ear and have earbuds

2016-10-23 17:15:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so idk if this is going to be like only 1 earbud or some shit

2016-10-23 17:16:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it looks like the ZS3 arent what i want

2016-10-23 17:16:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:18:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

couri i'll look for the kz-ate, i'd spend 10 bucks tbh

2016-10-23 17:19:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yeah i wanna know that too, how long have you had them @couri

2016-10-23 17:20:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:26:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

o b e s i t y

2016-10-23 17:28:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

"I'm not fat"

2016-10-23 17:28:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yeah ok

2016-10-23 17:28:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:28:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>covered in makeup

2016-10-23 17:28:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>nose piercing

2016-10-23 17:28:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>too big to fit on a roller coaster

2016-10-23 17:28:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>not fat

2016-10-23 17:30:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:30:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the white rollercoaster staff were probably already bowing down to show their respect and privilege

2016-10-23 17:32:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:32:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-10-23 17:32:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

happy fappin gay boy

2016-10-23 17:33:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ps im a grill

2016-10-23 18:07:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dumb cat bitch bot

2016-10-23 18:13:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ps eyem a grill

2016-10-23 18:13:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also bakemonosuck is shit

2016-10-23 18:36:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

2 shallow 4 me

2016-10-23 18:36:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>10 eps fan service 3 eps plot

2016-10-23 18:37:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>the plot is "supernatural" and has no good explanation, meaning its just there to give some basic amount of substance to the fanservice

2016-10-23 18:38:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i stoped watching when they decided they werent going to finish s1 for months

2016-10-23 18:39:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

im honestly surprised theyre milking it so well

2016-10-23 18:39:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cause its a shit show from the get go

2016-10-23 18:39:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but sex sells i guess

2016-10-23 19:06:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

because it isnt real

2016-10-23 19:20:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

u ever take some oil and pour it out on the sidewalk on a sunny day and just watch it shine for a while

2016-10-24 01:37:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>buying chink anime figs

2016-10-24 01:38:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

do you even care about your waifu?

2016-10-24 03:09:37 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

~chink sluts

2016-10-24 03:09:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

~hentai chink sluts

2016-10-24 03:09:50 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

~hentai chink

2016-10-24 03:09:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

~hentai sluts

2016-10-24 03:10:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

πŸ† meme

2016-10-24 03:10:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

πŸ‡² πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡² πŸ‡ͺ

2016-10-24 03:44:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>water filter from china

2016-10-24 03:44:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i bought a lifestraw off amazon, but it was a chink

2016-10-24 03:44:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

never tried it cause i didnt want lead poisoning

2016-10-25 15:33:20 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

~hentai popotan

2016-10-26 23:18:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

sup chinks

2016-10-27 13:12:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

pls no chinky

2016-11-06 23:16:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yo chinks recommend me a shaker bottle + whisk ball

2016-11-06 23:20:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they all come from chinkland anyway

2016-11-06 23:20:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i dont wanna pay some stupid amount for that bull crap

2016-11-06 23:20:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

xenoestrogens pls

2016-11-06 23:20:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

engorge my titties

2016-11-06 23:23:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-11-06 23:23:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what mi shaker cup

2016-11-08 19:15:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

trump 2016

2016-11-08 19:16:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

πŸ¦… πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸŽ†

2016-11-08 19:50:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

peace through strength. strength through unity. unity through trump. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2016-11-08 19:53:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

hillary is ddosing the internet to keep the truth secret

2016-12-07 22:25:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

best chink bbc dild?

2016-12-07 23:03:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

im gettig non-chink headphones for xmas

2017-03-21 12:49:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

those look chink as fuark

2017-03-21 13:05:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how much grass did they yield?

2017-03-22 01:36:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

with e-packet, how long after I get a tracking number before i'm "allowed" to track it

2017-03-22 01:36:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-24 16:33:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-25 18:23:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yo chinks

2017-03-25 18:23:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why does EMS say "Not allowed to track item" for all my chink shit

2017-03-27 04:33:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

when are my chinkshit pantsu going to get here!

2017-03-27 10:47:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

is it /g/ to post pix of my ass in chinkshit pantsu

2017-03-27 10:50:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i'll do it when they fuckin arrive

2017-03-30 00:00:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

if my package says it's headed to SFO, how long until it actually gets here

2017-03-30 21:40:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

when is my chink shit goig to get here?!?! reeeeee!!!!!

2017-03-30 21:41:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-30 21:41:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

m-muh hello kitty panties...

2017-03-30 21:51:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Furfag dont worry my ass is hairless

2017-03-30 21:56:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

then buy some hemp seeds wholesale with it

2017-03-30 21:58:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

did u get turned on by thinking of my hairless ass in hello kitty panties 🐸

2017-03-30 21:59:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

convincing? πŸ€”

2017-03-30 22:05:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya im a grill

2017-03-30 22:05:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thicc grill

2017-03-31 03:33:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

havent received an update on my chink pantsu for 6 days, is this normal

2017-03-31 03:34:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

am i being chinkied

2017-03-31 03:54:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i mena, im going to dispute it if its not here by the time limit on ali

2017-03-31 03:54:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but ty i guess

2017-03-31 04:29:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@c04x why dont dispute it? the money was taken from my bank the day i placed the orders

2017-03-31 04:30:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

if i paid for faster shipping id expect it to get here on time... if not they can refund the difference and get a bit longer... if its still not here i better get a full refund or i'll go to my bank and say i was defrauded

2017-03-31 15:14:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@myn nah they will give me a refund lol... im FDIC insured to 250k

2017-03-31 15:40:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

oh my lord i cant believe these chinks are selling Pokemon COCK Version

2017-03-31 15:47:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>too fat to chase money blowing in the wind

2017-04-01 14:32:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they gave me a different tracking number on one of my orders, neither of them ever got updated on the tracking. am i beng chinked?

2017-04-01 14:34:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

chinks!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🐸

2017-04-01 21:00:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-05 00:21:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

chinks: one of my packages is in the continental US being processed by USPS

2017-04-05 00:21:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

did I make it?

2017-04-05 17:21:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tfw your first two pairs of chinkshit pantsu arrive

2017-04-05 17:27:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ill post some pics on /g/ when more of them arrive

2017-04-05 17:27:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cause right now i just got one package with two different colors of the same design

2017-04-05 20:02:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

theyre not jeans theyre underpants...

2017-04-05 22:11:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

you need to bundle chink controller with any chink tablet products or they will hidden chink u

2017-04-05 22:11:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

trust me my uncle is a chink

2017-04-05 22:17:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

just kill yourself. i dont care

2017-04-09 07:35:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

can i buy a cat off aliexpress

2017-04-09 07:35:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

can i buy chink spam off aliexpress

2017-04-09 07:36:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

is chink spam made of cats

2017-04-09 17:43:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

any recommend for a 64-128gb usb flash drive?

2017-04-09 17:50:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dang u are right

2017-04-11 16:47:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ima post pix of my chinkshit pantsus later today

2017-04-11 17:32:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why do u ask

2017-04-11 17:32:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i guess it is weird for girls to be on the neckbeard board

2017-04-11 17:32:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

no im a girl

2017-04-11 17:47:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

its posted boys

2017-04-11 18:39:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

sry mao im US West

2017-04-11 18:48:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Phatique link me it

2017-04-11 18:48:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Kilbur i have a gf sry babe

2017-04-11 18:50:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

not if its a gf

2017-04-11 18:52:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>Male anons from /csg/ have begun to invade these threads. Do not give them or their dicks any attention

2017-04-11 18:52:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-11 18:52:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why dont u post it there, u have the img already

2017-04-11 19:21:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tfw ur gf fucks u with the strapon πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

2017-04-11 19:27:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

πŸ‘ πŸ€›πŸ½

2017-04-12 00:23:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

promod isnt chink son

2017-04-12 00:26:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

prove it

2017-04-12 02:18:49 UTC [/csg/ #hot-deals]  

but different values

2017-04-12 21:32:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-14 14:59:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

if china gets nuked will chinkshit get more expensive

2017-04-14 14:59:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-18 01:02:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it just spins around u motherfuckers

2017-04-18 06:29:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

am i going to get lead poisoning if i buy chinky chocos

2017-05-02 14:23:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

am i gonna die if i buy a chink teapot?

2017-05-02 14:34:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ty @transience any recommend? i want one i can steep the tea in

2017-06-29 05:59:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

can i buy donuts off chinkyland

2017-06-30 04:37:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

is there a chinky chan action figure on aliexpress?

2017-07-04 13:13:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

would you eat something baked in a silicon mould off aliexpress

2017-07-04 13:13:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-07-04 13:14:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thinking about buying a silicone baking mat, and silicone cupcake liners

2017-07-06 18:31:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

would you eat cookies baked on a chink food-grade silicone mat?

2017-07-18 11:55:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how long until my makeup applicators and silicone baking tools show up

2017-07-28 06:52:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tfw got chinked on my silicone baking mat

2017-07-28 06:52:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tfw cant report it as never showed up until 22nd august

2017-08-16 17:44:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how much is 1kg meth off aliexpress

2017-08-16 17:44:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that is a dolan deal

2017-09-18 23:02:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

JIANPING HUAN: Dear [redacted],
Thank you very much for your order and support .
We have sent the package to you,hope you can receive it soon .
If you have any problem, please don't open a dispute .
You could contact us ,
We will try our best to solve the problem for you .
We are honest seller ,Please believe us .
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Best regards ! Love you ^-^

2017-09-18 23:02:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>love you ^-^

2017-09-18 23:02:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-09-18 23:10:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

a hair scrunchy

2017-09-18 23:34:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-09-23 15:56:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-09-23 15:56:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

stinky chinky

2017-10-04 14:09:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my hair scrunchy is in istanbul last i checked

2017-10-04 14:27:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

its a cute hair accessory

2017-10-04 17:50:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@HEKTIK @BoggyBuntu i am a girl

2017-10-09 00:29:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

when is my fukken hair scrunchy going to arrive

2017-10-09 00:29:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

god damn it chinky chan

2018-09-06 19:16:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-09-06 19:17:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

theyre good though

2018-09-06 19:19:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

or just get a refund and dont destroy the ps2

2018-09-07 23:48:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my chink pantsu arrived

2018-09-08 00:05:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

a faggot girl programmer

2018-09-08 00:16:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

couldnt find any

2018-09-27 20:36:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my chink mouse is DOA

2018-09-27 20:36:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

right mouse button dont work

2018-09-27 20:42:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

was packed in the thinnest cheapest bubble wrap ive seen. it seemed to be some mechanical damage. the left mouse button made a click sound, but the right one didn't.

2018-09-27 20:42:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

refund inc

2018-09-27 20:43:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

friend recommed and t was cheapest inthat dpi range i could find

2018-09-27 20:44:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-09-27 20:44:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i'd just buy another deathadder at that price

2018-09-27 20:53:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lol, no

2018-10-08 15:37:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-10-08 15:38:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-10-08 15:39:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-10-12 09:56:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how to get refund from ali

2018-10-12 09:58:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i did

2018-10-12 09:58:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they closed it because i did not provide video evidence

2018-10-12 09:58:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i appealed

2018-10-12 09:58:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i bet they just close it again

2018-10-12 09:58:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

then i go to my bank

2018-10-12 09:59:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-10-12 09:59:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my bank wants me to print out records of our interactions regarding this

2018-10-12 09:59:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

never shopping on ali again tbh

2018-10-12 10:01:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

chink scalp

2018-10-12 10:02:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

broken mouse

2018-10-12 10:03:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

arrived with right mouse button not working

2018-10-12 10:03:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>giving metadata

2018-10-12 10:03:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also nowhere on ali site does it say you have to provide video evidence before you buy

2018-10-12 10:03:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

a reasonable person wouldn't have that expectation

2018-10-12 10:04:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i'd send it back but they never asked for it

2018-10-12 10:04:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i took it to my bank, i'll take it to court and they can have their lawyer inspect it

2018-10-12 10:05:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>fraud πŸ˜†

2018-10-12 10:06:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

a reasonable person wouldn't meet that demand

2018-10-12 10:07:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they'd be liable for my attorney fees

2018-10-12 10:07:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>farmers internet

2018-10-12 10:07:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>take 48 hours to upload and if net cuts out you have to try again

2018-10-12 10:08:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-10-12 10:08:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>a reasonable person owns a video camera

2018-10-12 10:09:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i'd like my $6.13 back

2018-10-12 10:12:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yeah, i've already decided i'm never doing business with ali again. they defrauded me, why would I

2018-10-12 10:13:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

im not donating 6.13 to some chink cause he wanted a video

2018-10-12 10:13:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that was not the condition under which the item was sold

2018-10-12 10:16:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my bank already told me i jist need to print out our communications and sign a form amd i get my money back.

2018-10-12 10:17:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

this is no length compared to donating to a scammer

2018-10-12 10:17:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

video evidence is an unreasonable expectation. ive never been asked for this before, even at ali

2018-10-12 10:19:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

go to ali buyer protection page. it says you're guaranteed a refund if you receive a defective item. there is no asterisk there saying you must provide video evidence.

2018-10-12 10:19:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@z3rk when they provide me a video camera and a means to return the video it will be a reasonable expectation

2018-10-12 10:20:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

guess we can settle it in court

2018-10-12 10:20:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they shouldn't do business on a website guaranteeing a refund for defective product no strings attached, if they don't like those terms

2018-10-12 10:23:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

though ali customer support literally told me to go find somebody with a video camera so... not shopping there anymore

2018-10-12 22:03:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

do not buy your programming socks off ali

2018-10-12 22:43:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

sockdreams is real nice socks. get the sockdreams brand ones

2018-10-12 22:45:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i love buying american made

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