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2018-05-12 03:37:49 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

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2018-12-25 01:39:03 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

@aura i'm Hispanic and I believe the fascist deserve more of a platform then you far lefties

2018-12-25 01:39:41 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I believe they are high

2018-12-25 01:41:20 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

@aura you're not a real man

2018-12-25 01:43:56 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

The real fascist is you @aura

2018-12-25 01:45:08 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I'm just more creeped out by the far left

2018-12-25 01:45:42 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

Y'all believe in more than 72 genders

2018-12-25 01:45:48 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

There's only two genders

2018-12-25 01:45:58 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

Yet you're fighting a war for 72 and more genders

2018-12-25 01:46:08 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

You already lost me there

2018-12-25 01:48:07 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

@aura you're also trying to fight for the rights of pedophiles

2018-12-25 01:48:20 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

You support pedophilia

2018-12-25 01:48:46 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I know there are only two genders

2018-12-25 01:49:00 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I just don't understand why people will fight for more than 2

2018-12-25 01:49:06 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I find them crazy

2018-12-25 01:49:33 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

You're completely messed up you know

2018-12-25 01:49:48 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

Leave children out of everything

2018-12-25 01:52:23 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

I'm center right that holds both liberal and conservative views

2018-12-25 09:43:54 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

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2019-01-01 03:23:27 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

@Deleted User what did the commies do?

2019-01-01 03:24:00 UTC [Rhetoric™ #general]  

Why did they killed the server

2019-01-01 06:49:41 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

@Alexandros can you send it to me I couldn't read it

2019-01-01 06:50:09 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

What disappeared about fascism

2019-01-01 06:50:50 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

The problem with Communists is that they don't like women

2019-01-01 06:51:58 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

Race is not the bases of society

2019-01-01 06:52:05 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

Money is

2019-01-01 06:52:49 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

Well Brazil is getting better they have a new president who's a nationalist and he's a cool guy

2019-01-01 06:53:00 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

So nationalism is coming up in a bunch of countries good

2019-01-01 06:53:31 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

A distraction for the guy to privatize the Amazon?

2019-01-01 06:54:39 UTC [Rhetoric™ #voice-related]  

Dude your icon looks like Peter petrelli from heroes @Alexandros

2019-08-17 20:23:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

@Maksim America,Japan,and UK would be my top three but we would need there to be more of conservative right wing push for that to happen

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