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2019-08-04 21:30:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what is this

2019-08-04 21:30:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

who invited me

2019-08-04 21:31:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

is this server mostly liberal

2019-08-04 21:31:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

can someone answer

2019-08-04 21:31:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

if this place is liberal

2019-08-04 21:32:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

right ok

2019-08-08 16:58:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

she licks donuts

2019-08-08 16:58:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

are you serious

2019-08-08 16:59:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

imagine hating the country that gave you all this fame, wealth, and success

2019-08-08 16:59:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

ive noticed her brand is kinda baby ish

2019-08-08 17:00:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

she wears long shirts like she is some kid but with thigh highs and a ton of makeup

2019-08-08 17:01:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

like she wears just a shirt like its a dress

2019-08-08 17:14:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

thats bad

2019-08-08 17:14:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

homosexuality is a sin

2019-08-08 17:15:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

just letting you know

2019-08-08 17:16:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

all you do is repeat yourself sadgirl

2019-08-08 17:16:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Trans is a mental illness

2019-08-08 17:16:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why do you think 40% of trans people try to commit suicide

2019-08-08 17:16:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

pride is a sin

2019-08-08 17:17:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

xy and xx chromosomes

2019-08-08 17:17:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

do we have a bible bot?

2019-08-08 17:19:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

genesis 1:27

2019-08-08 17:19:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@SadGirl God created man and woman. not agender non binary trans beings and such

2019-08-08 17:20:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God did not create gays

2019-08-08 17:20:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gays are a result of environmental factors

2019-08-08 17:20:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Most gays were sexually assaulted as children

2019-08-08 17:21:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

genesis 1:28

2019-08-08 17:21:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Be fruitful and multiply

2019-08-08 17:21:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gays cannot multiply

2019-08-08 17:21:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I am not scared of gay people

2019-08-08 17:22:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

The fact thats gays cannot multiply is proof by itself that it is not Gods creation

2019-08-08 17:23:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Anthonys You can. with a woman

2019-08-08 17:23:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@SadGirl I love every human

2019-08-08 17:23:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I do not hate anyone

2019-08-08 17:23:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

You dont believe me?

2019-08-08 17:24:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I love all of you so much, I want to see you go to heaven

2019-08-08 17:24:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

In hell there is eternal hellfire and suffering

2019-08-08 17:25:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Not something you want

2019-08-08 17:25:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

sorry what? im straight

2019-08-08 17:26:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

People who take the bible out of context

2019-08-08 17:26:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

am i supposed to be like, disgusted? haha

2019-08-08 17:26:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i dont care

2019-08-08 17:26:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you just assumed my gender

2019-08-08 17:27:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why are you assuming my gender

2019-08-08 17:27:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

im agender

2019-08-08 17:27:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i identify as no gender

2019-08-08 17:27:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

also my pronouns are they/then

2019-08-08 17:27:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-08-08 17:27:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

love you too

2019-08-08 17:28:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

im not gay though

2019-08-08 17:28:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

im in a happy straight relationship

2019-08-08 17:29:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I dont have those desires

2019-08-08 17:29:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

we are all born sinners

2019-08-08 17:29:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i dont have them, sorry

2019-08-08 17:29:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Babies are a gift from God yes

2019-08-08 17:29:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

but all humans are sinners

2019-08-08 17:30:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the only one who is perfect is God

2019-08-08 17:32:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the internet is so scary guys

2019-08-08 17:33:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

try going to prison. i guarantee its scarier than the internet

2019-08-08 17:34:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

time to ban all knifes

2019-08-08 17:34:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-08-08 17:34:46 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@SadGirl satan? yes

2019-08-08 17:36:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

james 4:7

2019-08-08 17:36:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he is the one who sends out demons

2019-08-08 17:36:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he deceives and lies

2019-08-08 17:36:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

probably not

2019-08-08 17:36:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God does not murder

2019-08-08 17:37:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God punished the people of sodom and gomorrah

2019-08-08 17:37:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Taihei satan does not help anyone

2019-08-08 17:37:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

satan deceives

2019-08-08 17:37:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he lies and tries to lure you to sin

2019-08-08 17:37:46 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  
2019-08-08 17:37:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

wait you mean God? or satan?

2019-08-08 17:38:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-08-08 17:38:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its boring to you because your reading comprehension level is not high

2019-08-08 17:39:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

are you possessed?

2019-08-08 17:39:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you speak like you are being controlled

2019-08-08 17:40:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you know nothing friend

2019-08-08 17:40:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Lot’s daughters drugged him to the point in which he didnt know what reality was

2019-08-08 17:41:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Moses law does not apply

2019-08-08 17:41:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you guys dont know much about the context of the bible

2019-08-08 17:42:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

your memes are weak

2019-08-08 17:42:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

im bored

2019-08-08 17:42:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

top text bottom text

2019-08-08 17:42:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ok centrist

2019-08-08 17:43:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

help us from someone with a different opinion

2019-08-08 17:43:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

idk how to get along with others

2019-08-08 17:43:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

nice dox

2019-08-08 17:44:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why would you do that to yourself

2019-08-08 23:59:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

who was the idiot who made it so you can tag everyone

2019-08-08 23:59:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that was cancer

2019-08-08 23:59:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its always the libertarians isnt it

2019-08-09 00:01:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i do not have the income or random men wanting to give me nitro

2019-08-09 00:04:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what is the green one

2019-08-09 00:06:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i do not like cats

2019-08-09 00:06:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i am also allergic

2020-01-05 08:24:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

anyone here play bass guitar

2020-01-05 08:24:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  
2020-01-05 08:24:52 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

play bass

2020-01-05 08:27:42 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess if you are christian and in a relationship why would you show your tits in your pfp

2020-01-05 08:30:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess if you are christian you would know the bible says lust is adultery of the heart, and that you shouldnt sexually tempt men with your body. the fact that you have a boyfriend makes it worse. how would he feel if he knew?

2020-01-05 08:30:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i look at everyones profile

2020-01-05 08:30:52 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Matthew 5:27-28

2020-01-05 08:32:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess the main focus of any person is to live your life for God. the fact that you are some protestants daughter makes no difference to me. what upsets me is to hear you brag about adultery. Jesus loves you no matter what but he also says to repent or likewise perish.

2020-01-05 08:33:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i love you and therefore i must tell you what you are doing is wrong because i want you to go to heaven

2020-01-05 08:33:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

have you repented though?

2020-01-05 08:33:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i have made similar mistakes, but i always repent

2020-01-05 08:34:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@simosas if you need a friend i can be a friend to you

2020-01-05 08:34:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

youre not funny

2020-01-05 08:34:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its sad

2020-01-05 08:35:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

repent or likewise perish, please.

2020-01-05 08:35:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

if you need help i am here

2020-01-05 08:35:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

life is tough but with God anything is possible

2020-01-05 08:36:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i was depressed for years and i was born again

2020-01-05 08:36:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i used to take prozac

2020-01-05 08:36:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you have to live your life for God

2020-01-05 08:36:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Anthonys you definitely do

2020-01-05 08:37:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

your body belongs to God

2020-01-05 08:37:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

before you were formed in the womb, He knew you

2020-01-05 08:37:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Jeremiah 1:5

2020-01-05 08:38:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

js i know you are trying to brag on the internet but inside you are hurting

2020-01-05 08:38:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i used to be like you

2020-01-05 08:38:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i had premarital sex

2020-01-05 08:38:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

it scarred me

2020-01-05 08:38:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i can feel her pain

2020-01-05 08:38:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

notice how you all defy God

2020-01-05 08:39:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you laugh at him

2020-01-05 08:39:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

because you hate God

2020-01-05 08:39:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

anythony i know you are literally gay

2020-01-05 08:39:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess dont listen to the church then, listen to the bible

2020-01-05 08:39:42 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i was on prozac

2020-01-05 08:39:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

not now

2020-01-05 08:39:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that was atleast 2 years ago

2020-01-05 08:40:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2020-01-05 08:40:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2020-01-05 08:40:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

so much hate

2020-01-05 08:40:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

addiction is sin

2020-01-05 08:40:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2020-01-05 08:40:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

and you

2020-01-05 08:41:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

we are all sinners but thats why we try our best

2020-01-05 08:41:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Anthonys i was 16 when i saw a therapist and thought medication could cure my depression, but it never helped. only God could

2020-01-05 08:42:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you could never hurt me, its okay.

2020-01-05 08:42:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i rebuke you

2020-01-05 08:43:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God help you anthony

2020-01-05 08:43:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i pray youll see the light

2020-01-05 08:43:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

no its not that

2020-01-05 08:44:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

this man has issues within himself

2020-01-05 08:44:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he can heal though

2020-01-05 08:44:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i feel your pain

2020-01-05 08:44:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i am here for you anthony if you need guidance

2020-01-05 08:45:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God can heal you

2020-01-05 08:45:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

anthony just threatened to run me over with his car

2020-01-05 08:45:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why are you so violent

2020-01-05 08:46:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

people who recoil at the words of God have been seriously influenced by demons

2020-01-05 08:47:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what did i say

2020-01-05 08:47:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i want everyone to see the wonders of God

2020-01-05 08:47:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess what happens to someone when they reject God?

2020-01-05 08:48:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you like pans

2020-01-05 08:48:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@jsprincess it doesnt matter what happens after we die?

2020-01-05 08:48:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

no christian should EVER say "cut the jesus stuff"

2020-01-05 08:49:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

how can you be christian and not know what happens after death? where is your faith?

2020-01-05 08:49:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@roretan im not familiar with the term

2020-01-05 08:50:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i want to pray for you

2020-01-05 08:51:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i have a boyfriend

2020-01-05 08:51:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i am a christian woman and i have a boyfriend

2020-01-05 08:51:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what am i pushing

2020-01-05 08:52:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i am preaching

2020-01-05 08:52:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

as christians we have the same beliefs

2020-01-05 08:52:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

we both read the same book

2020-01-05 08:52:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

if we are different, it is because you dont obey the bible

2020-01-05 08:53:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the bible does not "vary"

2020-01-05 08:53:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

it is absolute

2020-01-05 08:53:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gods word is the objective truth

2020-01-05 08:53:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@we_got_bugs_fellas i am just a christian

2020-01-05 08:54:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that is called assault and it is both illegal and immoral

2020-01-05 08:55:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i think you use twitter too often

2020-01-05 08:55:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that stuff will rot your brain

2020-01-05 08:56:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

james 1:13-18

2020-01-05 08:57:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what is discord roleplay

2020-01-05 08:58:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Fuck politics why are you an anarcist but have a ussr profile picture

2020-01-05 08:59:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i love God

2020-01-05 09:00:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@roretan i believe we all have free will to make choices for good or bad, but no matter what we do, God knows our plan and how our life will be. this is because he is all knowing.

2020-01-05 09:01:31 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Fuck politics so you feel a need to act outrageous and over the top?

2020-01-05 09:02:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@simosas i have never seen this person before so i wouldnt know

2020-01-05 09:02:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he could just be very autistic

2020-01-05 09:04:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

my ancestors

2020-01-05 09:06:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:07:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

if you were born 2001 you are an adult now

2020-01-05 09:08:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:09:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i met the producer of the california raisins

2020-01-05 09:09:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

he used to live in my state before he died

2020-01-05 09:10:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i went to this dudes house

2020-01-05 09:10:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

mobile users be like

2020-01-05 09:11:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:13:18 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

God is technically a man because Jesus is God

2020-01-05 09:14:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:15:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:15:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:15:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:16:46 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:17:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:17:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you played skyrim wrong then

2020-01-05 09:17:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2020-01-05 09:19:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:19:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

ifunny 😳

2020-01-05 09:19:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

mlady i have sent you the link to your monthly nitro

2020-01-05 09:20:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:20:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:22:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:23:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that guys run was totally spliced though

2020-01-05 09:23:46 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

honestly ive seen runs i prefer much more that were more technical

2020-01-05 09:26:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:27:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:27:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 09:28:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

pic of me at e3

2020-01-05 09:29:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2020-01-05 09:29:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that is a gamer tail

2020-01-05 09:29:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what game is he playing

2020-01-05 09:29:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

my bets on osu

2020-01-05 10:43:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 10:44:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2020-01-05 13:47:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

only making beats is hard

2020-05-28 13:23:31 UTC [The Right Server #news]  

that moment when looters loot another looters store

2020-07-03 03:40:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

does anyone want to play overwatch

2020-09-03 18:01:51 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

me but mod

2020-09-10 06:01:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:44 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:44 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:01:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:04:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]

2020-09-10 06:28:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

we love women

2020-09-10 06:28:36 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:28:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

trans rights

2020-09-10 06:31:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:31:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 06:32:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

goldfish in a bowl noooooo

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