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Hey fggts

Oh yeah the fat dot heat injun with the red white n blue tie-dye shirt and plate carrier

Yes, unlike a certain little bitch from Columbus

I can't do the torch march my tummy hurts

There was a recent "white privilege" seminar at Ohio State

@everyone check the BBS. Anglin is trying to reach out to bookclubs to disseminate information

The Funhouse.

Hey yall

Opportunity to protest and name the jew


Everyone is a jew but me




There's this boomer cuck church celebrating isreal shit. I wanted to get as many people together as possible and stage a protest

Also my North East Ohio group is going to that shelbyville thing so maybe I'll see y'all down there

Any yall went to charlottesville?

😢 80 hours a week of wagecucking :(

Nah C-Ville was my first thing


I'm a bitch ass nigga apparently

They got payback because earlier those same 2 niggers pegged me with a rock so I soaked them in pepper gel, so they got me when I wasn't paying attention

I reckon that camera guy was in on it, acted as a diversion

Anyway, if you guys want to, I'm trying to set up a thing at that church. We're still arguing on whether we should go full 88 and name the jew, or keep it normie friendly and just talk about how much money we give to israel, wars for Israel, USS liberty, etc.

So I'm thinking quotes from the bible about Jews, Jews being behind all manner of degeneracy, anti gun groups, etc. An "America First" message


I'm up. North east

Lol "you're not supposed to see this shit"

Too late. Already sceenshotted everything and sent it directly to George Soros!!!!!!

Regarding TWP: %100 loyalty to Anglin and Cantwell. Everyone else is a jew lol



36 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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