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2018-01-14 11:25:04 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

2018-01-15 06:07:50 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

its the new update

2018-01-15 06:07:58 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

they reworked key locks

2018-01-15 06:08:07 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

check the patch notes

2018-01-15 06:08:32 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

nope only if you wanna give one to a friend

2018-01-15 06:08:50 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2018-01-15 07:25:14 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

You guys still playing rust

2018-01-15 07:25:54 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Can I join?

2018-01-15 15:59:53 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Hey I might jump on right now

2018-01-15 16:01:34 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Sounds good

2018-01-15 16:02:14 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

also sounds good lol

2018-01-18 10:17:26 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

whats the status of the rust game?

2018-01-18 20:42:23 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Let me know when it wipes if we have a few on in the beginning we'll be able to get a good start

2018-01-18 22:30:55 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

yo is corrosion back?

2018-01-18 22:47:00 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

will do

2018-01-19 16:34:34 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

probably be on later

2018-01-20 17:02:54 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Hey Ill be on later this evening

2018-01-20 17:03:09 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

but remember AZ time

2018-01-22 20:48:08 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Anyone in Rust atm?

2018-01-23 01:21:21 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Welcome back

2018-01-23 01:21:47 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

btw Justin i saw several people around your guys base

2018-01-23 01:22:51 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

well not into the base but they were looking in the window

2018-01-23 01:23:07 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Its an easy way to get in

2018-01-23 01:25:18 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2018-01-23 01:25:32 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

well seems like no one goes on anymore

2018-01-23 01:25:55 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

I was talking to Stride earlier they have a shop now

2018-01-23 01:27:03 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

If any of you guys are going to be on ill join i have a lot of excess stone i can give/trade to you guys

2018-01-23 01:28:25 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Okay well let me know

2018-01-23 10:22:15 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2018-01-23 10:22:31 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

someone defaced your base

2018-01-23 20:22:33 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

They used the paintings

2018-02-02 14:06:02 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Anyone on here play PUBG?

2018-02-02 14:45:05 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


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