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2019-11-22 12:57:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

jews are the smartest group of white people there is...

2019-11-22 12:58:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Jews are the best whites so why care that some whites have more power then others?

2020-03-11 19:20:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

discord just this hour shut down my discord account without reason. they said they sent me an email but noting was sent?

2020-03-11 19:20:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

what the fuck

2020-03-11 19:20:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

how do i get my acc back

2020-03-11 19:20:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

the dark one

2020-03-11 19:21:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:21:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:21:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:21:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

so banjod also lost hes acc?

2020-03-11 19:21:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u dident lose yours?

2020-03-11 19:22:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

hm could i get my old role back on this new acc?

2020-03-11 19:22:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

oh lol thx

2020-03-11 19:22:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but i lost like a ton of private servers as well

2020-03-11 19:22:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

with real life cotacts

2020-03-11 19:22:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:23:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:23:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

did someting happen in virtues discord?

2020-03-11 19:23:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

or was it just general problems with the terms

2020-03-11 19:24:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ik rly wierd it got shut down so fast

2020-03-11 19:27:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i went from 50 servers to 1

2020-03-11 19:27:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:28:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

virtue suld have been more carefull with the rules i guess

2020-03-11 19:28:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

the guy who claimed he was gona report the server prob did

2020-03-11 19:29:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:29:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

idk hes name but he left the server after a few h of being part of it

2020-03-11 19:29:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

he had no conection to jfgs server from whats showing so idk how she/he know about it

2020-03-11 19:30:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

no sorry

2020-03-11 19:30:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but you could ask the pt guy

2020-03-11 19:30:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

he saw it as well

2020-03-11 19:31:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:31:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

anyone have contact with virtue after the shut down?

2020-03-11 19:35:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

why are they demonetizing people for it. the gov seem to want to spread information about it

2020-03-11 19:38:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

yea i guess.. @DarthSammich

2020-03-11 19:39:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:39:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

did u draw that?

2020-03-11 19:40:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

looks like a pre concept of a game

2020-03-11 19:42:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

my family have to low iq to understand the risks of corona so they are just like ''it be fine don't worry''

2020-03-11 19:42:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:46:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@fuguer plz check dms

2020-03-11 19:54:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 19:54:31 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

stop being a loser

2020-03-11 19:55:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im not trying to be helpful tho :/

2020-03-11 20:29:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u need to swolow that black pill man but remember to shit that right out ur as when ur done u gona feel a lot better

2020-03-11 20:31:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

good thing i study at distance no ching cong virus for me

2020-03-11 20:49:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

when is the real banjod coming back?

2020-03-11 21:04:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 21:04:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

plz check dm

2020-03-11 21:10:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u get 2x ur money if trumps wins on beting sites?

2020-03-11 21:10:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 21:10:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

free cash

2020-03-11 21:10:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-11 21:11:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i bet 8000$ lol

2020-03-11 21:12:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

you do realize they would go broke if they scamed people right?

2020-03-11 21:13:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

no idea

2020-03-11 21:13:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i usualy dont bet

2020-03-11 21:13:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

oh u mean the site?

2020-03-11 21:13:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

betsson been around for decades

2020-03-11 21:14:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@DarthSammich <:blackpill:565703068478341151> simp

2020-03-11 21:16:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

wimd all the way fuck simp

2020-03-11 21:23:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

if they change the odds do you still have the same odds as when u did the bet?

2020-03-11 21:23:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

idk i never bet before

2020-03-11 21:30:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

how many guns does it take for a <:virgin:396572545610022914> to take out a <:chad:396569198404435969> ?

2020-03-11 21:30:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

low iq pornstars are better then high iq tbh

2020-03-12 00:41:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqhJmsZC_a4 Fellow nazi paul made a video about the virus

2020-03-12 02:14:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u got corona for real fug?

2020-03-12 02:14:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

spread that shit as much as u can!

2020-03-12 02:14:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

no for real th

2020-03-12 02:14:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

how did u get it

2020-03-12 02:15:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

don't worry lol

2020-03-12 02:15:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

with fugs genes theres 1 in a million at worst he dies

2020-03-12 02:17:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

how do you ''lose'' it

2020-03-12 02:17:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

op imune system?

2020-03-12 02:21:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

not all men are created equal, just look at simps

2020-03-12 02:22:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

oil have crashed

2020-03-12 02:23:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

''My parents are gonna pay for my college tho'' <:virgin:396572545610022914>

2020-03-12 02:23:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

why don't you then

2020-03-12 02:23:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 02:24:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ofc saying yes is the wrong thing to do

2020-03-12 02:24:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u learn noting from that

2020-03-12 02:24:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

whats your iq?

2020-03-12 02:25:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

it determins if you shuld go or not

2020-03-12 02:25:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

def not good enough u be average at best

2020-03-12 02:25:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

100 is not average in collage

2020-03-12 02:26:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

tbh 110 is fine for some fields but not others

2020-03-12 02:26:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u wan't to get a job from ur education right

2020-03-12 02:27:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i have no idea what to say about ''buessnies'' in general it depends but yea 110 are fine for some jobs there i supose

2020-03-12 02:28:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADDrSvNyqEY this is a 110 iq person in a nutshell

2020-03-12 02:29:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

1 dead in sweden

2020-03-12 02:29:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

to bad its not stefan

2020-03-12 02:30:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

france genes are trash? or is it thier health care

2020-03-12 02:31:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

dr jew, nice nick

2020-03-12 02:32:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

whats worth more? gun rights or human rights?

2020-03-12 02:32:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

correct answer

2020-03-12 02:35:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

only music worth listening to is two steps from hell

2020-03-12 02:36:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

that sentance sure have 2 meanings

2020-03-12 02:37:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

cam whores lol

2020-03-12 02:38:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

using that body for someting else then breeding? what a waste 😒

2020-03-12 02:39:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 02:39:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

chess u mean?

2020-03-12 02:39:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 02:40:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

click the link

2020-03-12 02:58:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u wooped me when i let you win? what a joke

2020-03-12 02:59:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

retard lol

2020-03-12 02:59:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i won 2-1

2020-03-12 02:59:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 02:59:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 02:59:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

what a joke

2020-03-12 02:59:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

fucking retard

2020-03-12 03:00:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:00:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:00:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ur fucking retarded for real

2020-03-12 03:00:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ur other acc?

2020-03-12 03:00:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

tf u on about

2020-03-12 03:00:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ur not mar

2020-03-12 03:00:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

mar is way better

2020-03-12 03:00:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:00:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:01:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

well then u goten shit

2020-03-12 03:01:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:01:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

braging about wining a game when i misclick opening

2020-03-12 03:01:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:02:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i obs meant the horse to e7

2020-03-12 03:02:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

not the last game

2020-03-12 03:03:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

it was a misclick u idiot

2020-03-12 03:03:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:03:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:04:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i did

2020-03-12 03:04:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and u gave me it

2020-03-12 03:04:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:04:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

gold fish memory?

2020-03-12 03:04:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im not

2020-03-12 03:04:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

crying when i win 2-1

2020-03-12 03:04:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:04:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

bring it on then noob

2020-03-12 03:05:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

cus u said u stopmed me when u lost one game due to skill even who i gave u like 2 extra min

2020-03-12 03:05:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

<:retard:641879583662014504> 🀣

2020-03-12 03:06:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i know you are

2020-03-12 03:06:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i just overvalued u first time

2020-03-12 03:06:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:06:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

cus i played like shit that day

2020-03-12 03:07:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

now thank daddy for the spanking

2020-03-12 03:07:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

damn i feel sorry for you

2020-03-12 03:08:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u ser belive 2-1 is a score to brag about

2020-03-12 03:08:31 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

chess is my past time as well

2020-03-12 03:08:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

don't rly say much

2020-03-12 03:08:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u think my job is to play chess?

2020-03-12 03:09:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:10:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

maybe u shuld work on ur social skills or u gona get in truble when ur older, 200 iq wont save you

2020-03-12 03:10:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u think ur iq is 348? ....

2020-03-12 03:11:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

thats just sad

2020-03-12 03:11:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:11:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

being autistic dosent mean i have no social skills u simp

2020-03-12 03:11:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:12:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

at least im not a psycopath like you

2020-03-12 03:12:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i mean its pretty wird using autist as an insult here but ok

2020-03-12 03:13:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

who is this guy

2020-03-12 03:13:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

never seen im befor

2020-03-12 03:13:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i don't worship satan u idiot

2020-03-12 03:13:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and u call me autist

2020-03-12 03:13:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:14:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

oh the irony is strong in this one

2020-03-12 03:14:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im agnostic

2020-03-12 03:14:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but more towards atheism yes

2020-03-12 03:14:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i can but as an autist its verry hard

2020-03-12 03:15:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

mar if you end upp as a drug adict ur iq wont stay at the same levels u know

2020-03-12 03:15:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

not a good path

2020-03-12 03:17:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im not stupid

2020-03-12 03:17:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

objectively wrong

2020-03-12 03:17:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u guys know each other irl

2020-03-12 03:18:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:21:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ur not even in collage yet

2020-03-12 03:21:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:25:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

imagen saying u don't do drugs and then saying ''shut up coward you probably dont even do crack'' <:retard:641879583662014504>

2020-03-12 03:29:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

lol this is a fatastic time to buy stocks

2020-03-12 03:29:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u shuld have been buying

2020-03-12 03:29:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:31:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

cv is used to artificaly speed up a market corection yes but its about time tbh

2020-03-12 03:33:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Zatoichi the legit lose of brain cells in ur shoulder ball stuns me

2020-03-12 03:34:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

''Children, lol, I haven't fucked in 9 years''

2020-03-12 03:34:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u can't say that

2020-03-12 03:34:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

no u don't get what im saying

2020-03-12 03:34:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

reed the sentence again

2020-03-12 03:34:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

do u relice how it sounds?

2020-03-12 03:35:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

bye bye

2020-03-12 03:36:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

autism is not an argument

2020-03-12 03:36:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

if anyting it makes me se gramatical errors easier

2020-03-12 03:36:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

you legit made it sound like ur a pedo dude

2020-03-12 03:37:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

virtue is that u?

2020-03-12 03:37:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:37:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:38:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

LGBTQHIVP+ comunity is the gay forwarid if u isk me

2020-03-12 03:39:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i have adhd and autism

2020-03-12 03:39:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

also my brain function fluxuate between 85 and 145 iq mayny times a day and im pretty low rn

2020-03-12 03:40:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

virtues discord way to far right

2020-03-12 03:40:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

so discord just removed all accs linked to it

2020-03-12 03:41:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i put my entire fortune in tesla

2020-03-12 03:41:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

hope it works out lols

2020-03-12 03:43:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

invest in bitcoun

2020-03-12 03:43:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im joking

2020-03-12 03:44:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

bitcoin is prob fine to have like 2% in or smth tho just in case it takes over the world eco

2020-03-12 03:44:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

mining bitcoun is hard af to set upp in an efficent way for private people rn

2020-03-12 03:45:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:45:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:45:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ur that wealthy? holy shit

2020-03-12 03:46:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:46:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:46:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

could also be 0

2020-03-12 03:46:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:46:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im not gay

2020-03-12 03:46:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:47:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i get pussy as it is thanks anyway

2020-03-12 03:47:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u can't even quote right

2020-03-12 03:47:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:47:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:48:01 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i said that exept the for your children part

2020-03-12 03:48:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

f u got that from?

2020-03-12 03:48:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

rody did

2020-03-12 03:48:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

also u need to get laid

2020-03-12 03:48:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

if u havent had sex in 9 years

2020-03-12 03:48:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

its bad for your health

2020-03-12 03:49:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

maybe lower ur standards then

2020-03-12 03:49:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

or improve urself

2020-03-12 03:49:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:50:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

34 is perfect age for men to get in a long term relationship. also taking advice on girls from this 14 year old is questionable at best

2020-03-12 03:51:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

are u even of age where u live

2020-03-12 03:51:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:51:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

its actually unealthy to have sex at that young of an age

2020-03-12 03:52:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:52:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

thats good

2020-03-12 03:52:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

sounds like a sign of decent genes to me

2020-03-12 03:53:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

at 15 i looked like 20 people in my line of decent have generaly looked older when young and younger when old

2020-03-12 03:53:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

verry lucky

2020-03-12 03:53:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

u guys into old women or is this just fed posting

2020-03-12 03:54:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

it haven't stoped or started

2020-03-12 03:54:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 03:54:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

18 year old pussy is the shit

2020-03-12 03:54:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

altho im only 19

2020-03-12 03:56:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

always is a better time to buy stocks then never

2020-03-12 03:56:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

what did u own?

2020-03-12 03:57:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

:/ <:hyperbrainlet:641878745631817738>

2020-03-12 03:57:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i mean what sector did u focus on

2020-03-12 04:00:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

mar ur not even allowed to buy stocks tf u on about

2020-03-12 04:00:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 04:00:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

gold is an easy 3%

2020-03-12 04:00:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but come on thats the best u got

2020-03-12 04:00:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2020-03-12 04:01:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

im sorry for you man

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