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allah akbar

join us kuffar[0]=68.ARByQUjxG1MUwJspA_I7GX9tGd3gdqPvd1m7f_UE1EYN8RnJa9MNSGIjDxTjfQF_2RI3fd__HC3UnK5Y7Hv5cbMZ-IrhLOQv0RMEOdJc8GDRiTE22AJthz3M0xJkoFjEOZCwK2hFu9aksxB3yNMEX9YWrtfjPvO-4sXjpMT3fX9TrQc0AUSe4rJNY1JjlmAD80EMXC7kjRJ3XZ08GSO7S5f_pUE58uhDdBNhcELG&__tn__=H-R



potion seller

I want your strongest potion

Potion seller

Enough of these games

Im telling you right now. I'm going into battle and need your strongest potions


Stop being a modernist aire

Tells me he is not a modernist

Uses expressionns like ''lmfao''

You are just proving my point

Return to the traditional ways of your ancestors, Aire. Become a Christian

Christianity built europe. Secularism destroyed it

Sure they were, like 1500 years ago when they buttraped eachother and sold their women as slaves to arabs

Since the Gutenberg press came first in the 16th century the Bible couldn't become available for all.

My country, Sweden, was once pagan. And that's nice since we now have (or at least had) Christian tradition mixed with some pagan lore. And that's quite cool.

But I can never support paganism or become pagan because it wasn't good for Sweden. When we were pagans we fought among eachother like never before. We were raping, destroying and selling our women to other. There were no wider traditions, they were different from village to village thus it was chaotic.

When Sweden became Christian we became strong. We got traditions. We united. We built a real civilization. Only know when we became secular and full of pagan larpers we have grown weak. The churches are empty and the country is falling apart.

only now*

They sure do!

But they're not consistent.

And they're not even close to the Christian traditions. Just a fraction.

Aire, since you're pagan I believe you must know about the Codex Regius and the Poetic Edda? Since those books are the source for pretty much all of the nordic paganism. Without them we would know nothing about paganism or heathenism.

Do you know who wrote them down? Who compiled them? Who saved them? Catholic monks and priests on Iceland. Without Catholicism you would know nothing about your ''paganism''.

Your forefathers gave up their pagan ways and accepted Christ. What makes you think you know better than your forefathers who practiced paganism for real?

You are spitting on them

And don't tell me it was forced on them. Because it wasn't

<:rubbetirub:492691976081375242> muh paganism <:rubbetirub:492691976081375242>

Is there any way to talk in this channel?

I see only chat options

Question to Catholics, is it okay to go to communion if you are planning to go to confession afterwards but dont have time to go before mass?

;;play scream

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