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2018-12-21 21:08:43 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

2018-12-21 21:09:06 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

sup nibbas

2018-12-21 21:27:14 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

fuck off chibby display picture

2018-12-21 21:50:25 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-12-21 21:52:15 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Name a date I'll fly up out east to dunk on you

2018-12-21 21:54:23 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

fuck i got nothing funny

2018-12-21 21:54:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-12-23 16:14:14 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Tiktok memes are just an excuse to download videos of underage girls and act like you did it for a joke i.e. ricardo

2018-12-23 16:15:37 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

but any way. Jim Goad is a boomer nihilist Bob dylan faggot. I hate that whole era of dudes that buy their own shit

2018-12-23 16:16:49 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

If he was an art teacher he

2018-12-23 16:16:59 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

he'd date a new student every year

2018-12-23 18:36:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

@PCENGINEDUO one of the perks of not believing in god lol. He looks like a pain and leather guy

2018-12-24 03:28:01 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

hahah yes pruane

2018-12-24 03:28:16 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

Pioneer incel

2018-12-24 03:43:40 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

Where are your boy friends?

2018-12-24 03:45:10 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

Not gunna lie the matching names is kinda cute. Not sure which one I wanna fuck first

2018-12-24 03:47:12 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  


2018-12-24 04:01:35 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

Man I've been on occult discords, art discords, conspiracy discords. It's all the same. A bunch of lonely retards spamming brain dead shit back and forth.

2018-12-24 04:01:50 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

You guys must notice this too

2018-12-24 04:03:45 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  


2018-12-28 01:13:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-03 03:51:05 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i wonder if they're really this hot or they doctor the image results so we're sympathetic


2019-01-03 03:52:36 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

allah a fucking lukbar god dam


2019-01-03 03:55:30 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

She reminds me a girl that complained about her ex boyfriends abs after we fucked

2019-01-03 03:56:32 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

she was "artsy" so muscles were yucky

2019-01-03 04:07:49 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

how do you guys feel about sex dolls? I dont wanna trad down yet and Im sick of selling my soul for thot pussy

2019-01-03 04:08:18 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i guess its just gay and sodomy

2019-01-03 04:12:56 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

u guys have any comfy playlist like this ?

2019-01-03 04:13:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i need some anime shit to draw to

2019-01-03 04:14:07 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

word what games

2019-01-03 04:15:18 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-03 04:16:25 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i fuck with the animal crossing osts alot

2019-01-03 04:18:21 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

oh sick these are all good

2019-01-03 04:19:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I gotta tap the death metal so many artists are into it . I gotta get out of the soft and fuzzy

2019-01-03 04:20:33 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

this is the heaviest shit i know

2019-01-03 04:23:54 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-04 21:56:27 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

her face can catch my nut for atleast another 8 years

2019-01-04 22:02:08 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

speaking of nuts

2019-01-04 22:02:14 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-04 22:02:16 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-04 22:02:50 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

smh i know right

2019-01-04 22:15:10 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

im new to the twitter rap game

2019-01-05 00:11:28 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

utopian concepts vst

2019-01-05 01:31:59 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

yeah gay artists love that pose

2019-01-05 01:49:56 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I got a gift card for the theatres is there anything to see?

2019-01-05 01:50:51 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i saw spiderman 2 when I was high on the homosexualizing weed and it was amazing (first spiderman 2)

2019-01-05 04:55:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Only someone who don't talk to women would think this


2019-01-05 04:58:33 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-05 05:01:11 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i love this one so much for some reason

2019-01-05 05:01:18 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-05 05:02:20 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i guess cause its interactive

2019-01-05 05:02:45 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

man stop looking at 15 year olds on pinterest

2019-01-05 05:03:01 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-05 05:07:36 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

imagine raising your daughter just to have her become a demon that masterbates in her room all day and isn't going anywhere, ever


2019-01-05 19:32:31 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

whats that argument for all women are pedos ? Is it the teachers fucking students phenomenon?

2019-01-05 19:38:57 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-05 23:56:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Im def not a fed

2019-01-06 00:07:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

im in a thread with some demons sexualizing kids

2019-01-06 00:08:16 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

im "your dad was right"

2019-01-06 00:09:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

thats who im in a fight with

2019-01-06 00:09:56 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

toss a nigga some support

2019-01-06 00:15:55 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

they keep trying to bait me into saying something anti semetic

2019-01-06 00:32:47 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

wtf do you wanna play on psp

2019-01-06 00:34:41 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

actually peacewalker was good

2019-01-06 00:40:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

my 2nd cousin got gay married. it lasted like 3 months

2019-01-06 00:40:52 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

it was just white girls whiting

2019-01-06 00:42:17 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-06 00:45:14 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

2 old gay dudes live on my street. they don't come outside anymore and they look like they have aids

2019-01-06 23:23:48 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-06 23:28:12 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-07 00:04:59 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-07 01:49:22 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

and they expect bitcoin to take off in the 3rd world jfc

2019-01-07 01:50:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

mpd is my gen dont you zoomers have the push

2019-01-07 01:51:41 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-07 01:52:39 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

im not a fed look at my name

2019-01-07 02:09:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

>death grips
and yall think IM a fed

2019-01-07 03:20:00 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

mand Dave Rubin sure has some neat things to say. You guys should check him out

2019-01-07 05:39:17 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  



2019-01-07 05:50:08 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

god i hope my life goes to shit so I have no other choice but to buy one of these


2019-01-08 01:28:10 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Hey zoomers can I get your social security number amirite?

2019-01-08 05:14:03 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-08 05:42:11 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

being a whore definitely speeds it up

2019-01-08 05:42:25 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

girls get free drugs too though

2019-01-08 05:43:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I secretly love it. watching the girls i knew develop horrible skin

2019-01-08 05:45:13 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

yup and you cant even begin to explain how hard they're fucking up

2019-01-08 05:45:37 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I tried once and they just said "omg you sound like my dad"

2019-01-08 05:46:16 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

women are a bad idea

2019-01-08 05:47:30 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-08 05:48:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Chink sex robots are the only future

2019-01-08 05:50:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

lol I always walk by the tv and say "watching the hom - a- sexials again eh?"

2019-01-08 05:51:40 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the crime shows drive me nuts. Just an endless hell scape blasting in the house all night. Shitty fake commerical inbetween

2019-01-08 23:26:31 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-08 23:29:12 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2019-01-08 23:30:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

this is why whites have no place in the future

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