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2016-11-09 21:55:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Yahir, draw a mommi balancing on a beach ball while it juggles various important objects

2016-11-09 21:55:24 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

and give it a good hat

2016-11-09 23:48:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #anniemay-tv]  

it's not bad

2016-11-09 23:48:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #anniemay-tv]  

It's a different kind of story

2016-11-09 23:52:31 UTC [Everything Is Space #anniemay-tv]  

Johnathan was my favorite tbh

2016-11-10 00:04:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

battlefield 1 is so so

2016-11-10 00:15:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

Yep. I can't aim worth shit, I was always a console player so I'm used to controllers for FPSs

2016-11-10 00:16:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

The warbonds take me forever to get

2016-11-10 00:17:12 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

Only time I get a positive kill to death is when I get a fucking special kit and spam request medics

2016-11-10 00:28:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

honestly the guns just make me want WW2 guns again. The first gun you get for assault is a fucking recoil nightmare

2016-11-10 00:29:52 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

and everytime I am german my character is black and it feels awkward. Squad of black german soldiers

2016-11-10 00:49:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

me on alt right

2016-11-10 02:52:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

I'd punch Hime, fricken making an arcade when I wanted to make an arcade

2016-11-10 02:55:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

dead space 2 was good

2016-11-10 02:56:45 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

πŸ˜” πŸ”ͺ πŸ’¦

2016-11-10 03:00:00 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

heard some bad shit went down.... we are the only survivors....

2016-11-10 03:00:06 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  


2016-11-10 03:01:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  


2016-11-10 03:01:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

That's angie all right

2016-11-10 03:07:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

RIP angie

2016-11-11 04:58:27 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

goddamn, Goon feels like an almost completely different then ss13 sometimes

2016-11-11 05:00:31 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 05:00:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I just join

2016-11-11 05:00:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 05:00:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

fart and flip

2016-11-11 05:07:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

nice bald cap

2016-11-11 05:07:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

what are you, Freeza but Human?

2016-11-11 05:24:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

heros don't wear helmets

2016-11-11 06:35:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

@Dizor hey, I was doing my best.

2016-11-11 06:35:52 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

I didn't know lings sucked out brains

2016-11-11 06:36:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 06:36:17 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

It said there was nothing inside

2016-11-11 06:36:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 06:36:32 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 06:36:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

I thought you choose with hemostat

2016-11-11 06:37:04 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

Saw is more Kurt's style anyways

2016-11-11 06:37:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

I was going against the clock

2016-11-11 06:37:57 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

and if they didn't shorten for whatever fucking reason we'd be fine

2016-11-11 06:38:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

>when you are cloning someone the take a picture and SEE THEIR FRICKEN GHOST

2016-11-11 06:38:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

Oh shit!

2016-11-11 06:39:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 06:39:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

thank god that chaplain died

2016-11-11 06:39:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 06:40:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  


2016-11-11 07:01:43 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

waifu radar

2016-11-11 07:02:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

Doesn't take a genius to see a bunch 2 dead bodies in sec, one being the detective to realize something is up

2016-11-11 07:03:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #ick]  

perma is the best place to succ and dump because it's used once in a blue moon

2016-11-12 10:09:13 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

draw me with big fat tiddies and smoking weeds and riding a motorcycle

2016-11-12 19:52:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko niiiiiiiice

2016-11-13 22:59:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Goon is doing a special lazytown event

2016-11-13 23:02:53 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

They replaced like

2016-11-13 23:03:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

a bunch of sprites with lazy town images

2016-11-13 23:03:11 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and a special robbie sprite

2016-11-13 23:03:13 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

it was great

2016-11-14 10:04:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko draw Nevill and Sportacus, Yahir as Stephanie, and Kurt as Robbie

sprite a mommi that is just a brain in a red wagon

2016-11-14 11:02:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko okay

2016-11-14 11:05:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

in 2 or 3 days

2016-11-14 11:07:27 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

not a fan of cats but puppers are cute

2016-11-14 23:38:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

πŸ˜’ thanks western capcom

2016-11-14 23:41:32 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

I'd rather have a dead rising closer to dark souls then this

2016-11-14 23:45:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

Man, wish they had kept the picture aspect in all of them

2016-11-14 23:45:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

It was fun, and actually compelling in some moments

2016-11-14 23:45:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

Oh I could help x, but let me take some pictures first!

2016-11-15 01:00:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

who has battelfield 1

2016-11-16 00:17:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

what was that?

2016-11-16 00:17:26 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Draw a space :loser:?

2016-11-16 00:30:06 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

5 Annies stacked on top of each other, got it.

2016-11-16 00:46:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

I'm sorry

2016-11-16 01:54:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Ramona is sorta a failure....

2016-11-16 01:55:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

not often

2016-11-16 21:32:07 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko draw the thing I said

2016-11-16 21:59:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko You said to remind you! 😠

2016-11-16 22:00:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

I'll remind you again friday

2016-11-16 22:47:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

😳 πŸ™‹πŸ» ➑ πŸ˜” ➑ 😎 ➑ πŸ‘©πŸ» πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ 😎 πŸ™†πŸΎ 🀦🏿 ➑ 🀰🏻 ➑ 😎 πŸ”«

2016-11-17 01:27:52 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

I spy hamburger your diamond sister

2016-11-17 01:28:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  


2016-11-17 01:30:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #anniemay-tv]  

nutshack was a stupid meme that people are not trying to tack onto this

2016-11-17 10:03:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  


2016-11-17 10:04:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

I just don't get why they have to up play it so much, it just feels so silly.

2016-11-17 10:59:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

uuuuum uuuuuuuuuum because it is? You know how many hours they put into that?

2016-11-18 04:11:17 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

I like it

2016-11-18 21:14:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

@Yucko draw the thing

2016-11-18 23:05:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Me with a big smile while riding a motorcycle and dressed like a punk while holding up my middle finger to Annie who is dressed like a witch on a broomstick with yahir perched on her should like an owl

2016-11-18 23:05:39 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

And I would be saying

2016-11-18 23:05:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Frick you!

2016-11-19 02:20:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  


2016-11-19 02:31:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Now reverse it.

2016-11-19 02:31:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Annie and Yahir on the bike

2016-11-19 02:31:57 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

And Kurt on the broom

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